Eminem's "Recovery" Gets "Best Rap Album" Grammy Award Category

Rap's superstar takes the Grammy for his top-selling 2010 album, thanking Dr. Dre and others.

The Grammy Awards' Hip Hop category, "Best Rap Album" found a winner in Eminem's Recovery. The Detroit, Michigan emcee/producer was present to receive his second award of the evening. Eminem thanked his label, Interscope Records and its head and co-founder Jimmy Iovine, mentor, Dr. Dre, and manager Paul Rosenberg.

Recovery was nominated, along with The Roots' How I Got Over, Jay-Z's Blueprint III and debut albums from Drake and B.o.B., Thank Me Later and The Adventures of Bobby Ray respectively.

Eminem previously performed "I Need A Doctor" and "Love The Way You Lie, Pt. 2" earlier during the CBS-televised awards.

Producers and guests on Recovery, who will also receive awards, include Dr. Dre, Mobb Deep's Havoc, Lil Wayne, Boi-1da, Just Blaze and DJ Khalil.


  • Typical E-Thug

    Eminem's Recovery is bullshit with all the Rihanna and P!nk singing. Lil Wayne sucks too. Jay-Z is old and should retire. Blueprint 3 was the same shit with lame ass Kid Cudi and Alicia Keys singing pop songs. B.o.B and Drake are one hit wonder rappers who will be gone in a year since they hardly rap in their albums. The real nominations should be: The Roots- How I Got Over Big Boi- Sir Lucious Left Foot Reflection Eternal- Revolutions Per Minute Meth, Ghost, Raekwon- Wu Massacre and the winner should be: Nas/Damien Marley- Distant Relatives Although you should dig out rappers like Jedi Mind Tricks, Lowkey, Celph Titled and Hopsin. Real underground rappers not B.o.B, Drake, Jay-Z or Eminem who need whiny females on their hooks. Fuck that, be a real man.

  • Timothy Gauntt

    In my opinion, Distant Relative's was the best Nas album since Illmatic, if not of all time. Nas finally made a cohesive album that was totally focused as Illmatic. The only problem is that Illmatic was more important to hip hop at the time then D.R's is now.

  • Timothy Gauntt

    lol ppl on here are ignorant as hell. Grammy went to BEST RAP ALBUM. That means if at all you ever press skip then it doesn't apply. It should say RICHEST RAP ALBUM because, Em blew a huge budget on pop production for it that not many artist can afford. After it's all said and done, it was weak.

  • Timothy Gauntt

    And yes! Distant Relatives should have been nominated and won every damn award hands down. Honorable mentions to "Termanolgy & Statik Selectah's 1982".

  • Timothy Gauntt

    First off, I produce, write, mix, master and rap so I know truth when I hear it. I liked Em's album because of the importance it represented. Not just for Em but, for hip hop. He is a man that is def needed in rap right now and I was glad he's back. It was the best 1 he's had in a while but, not his best. It was a pop record and I don't feel that. Hip hop was know where to be found in the production. Even in my fav track "25 to Life" he said he was leaving hip hop for good. This a;bum is proof. I still love Em and his ability to recognize young talent. I said he needed to sign Slaughterhouse and he did. He just needs to sign Saigon and Termanology and the roster is set for another Dynasty!

  • Realness121

    Drake's Thank Me Later should have won Album of the year,Im a fan of Eminem,and Jay-Z,so them winning everything was WACK,but its cool

  • Jesse Bermudez

    Recovery sucked. Distant Relatives should have been nominated..

  • Anonymous

    madd respect dont miss this is funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Truth be told, if I had to pick an album from this past year to be the Best Rap Album, it would be "Blac Sabbath" by Blacastan. But because Blac didn't work with Rihanna or P!nk on his album, it went unnoticed in the eyes of the Grammy Academy. This is why nobody even respects these fucking awards anymore...

  • Anonymous


  • Sooooo

    I can't even take the Grammys seriously when they don't even nominate an album like Teflon Don or Distant Relatives. But prop up obscure talents like ol girl that one for best new artist. And I swear to god I was watching a the country awards last night.

    • Anonymous

      $$ Mike, shut the fuck up with that pretentious bullshit you trying to kick.

    • $$mike

      Esperanza Spalding is an outstanding artist...if you cant respect Jazz you dont know hip hop..fucker

    • G

      Why would they put that fatass up there? Rick Ross had one of the worst albums this year. But I agree with Distant Relatives. Also, Sir Lucious Left Foot was my favorite album this year besides The Roots.

  • Anonymous

    All you cats defending Em's lyricism, GET A FUCKING CLUE! Nobody said the dude can't rap, it's obvious he can. BUT that doesn't mean the dude made a "Grammy" award winning album, let alone the greatest album ever. A classic last forever, is dope forever. The Chronic, BP 1, Doggystyle, Fugees, Illmatic, MMLP, GRODT these are what classics sound like. The Grammy's shitted on ALL those albums when they came out. BP3 and Recovery should fall back.

    • Anonymous

      ^ NERD ALERT! Shady Kid is a joke.



  • Heat357

    LMAO at all these folks saying "How I Got Over" and "Distant Relatives" should've neem nominated... First of all if you can't generate nationationwide attention which neither album could do... And second those albums were weak as f#ck! Ok Nas and Black thoughts are really good at rhyming words but that doesn't mean they make good music. Nas and Marley have 0 black fans, 0 hispanic fans, and few white fans(mostly potheads). Same with the roots. Its not because the world likes pop music better than so called "real hip hop" its because All of your "real hip hop" artists aren't making good music anymore!

    • elias

      0 black fans(Sure)

    • heflys

      Moron, you said HIGO didn't even get nominated, so, again, what fuck are you talking about? Nominated means you are a finalist to receive an award; which would have been Hip-hop/Rap album of the year. I'm glad you feel that folks like Flo-Rida make exceptionally "good" music, and folks like The Roots (who produce nothing even remotely akin to "cypher" music), aren't deserving. Cool. It's your opinion. BTW, WTH is a "scull?"

    • Heat357

      Well if you and a handfull of other numbsculls were the ones in charge then maybe how I got over would've won... But you're not!! This is not the 80's people don't like cypher music anymore... Face it!!

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      So much wrong with this comment... I didn't even like Distant Relatives all that much so I think I can oblige with you there; however, How I Got Over was the better album out of the 5 that were nominated (shit, even the Metacritic scores indicate Recovery was the weakest out of them all, which it was).

    • heflys

      Uhhhhh..."How I got Over" did get nominated. So WTF are you talking about? And are you seriously saying that the Roots doesn't put out good music? Particularly in comparison to Drake and B.o.B.?

  • oofgoof

    wow what a joke....grammys are worth nothing to me, how the fuck does BOB's album get nominated and the roots and distant relatives doesnt? I straight up listened to bobs album and it was shitty as fuck, so poppy...and recovery wins? shitty ass album, Distant relatives was a classic and doesnt even get nominated....oh well, i know that the people who do the nominatios are probably 40 year old white women who just looked at sales....fuck you grammys and fuck you new shouting all the time eminem pill poppin bitch

  • Anonymous

    if your tired of pop rap wiot abc rhymes check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w real lyrics real music

  • Anonymous

    Since grammys take sales as factor of judging which album will win this is a worthy win.

  • heflys

    Fuck the grammys. Really, what respectful hip-hop connoisseur takes that shit seriously. We all know that the only reason Eminem won that award is because his album sold a bajillion copies. He has one two years in a row! Hell, even Flo-Rida was nominated last year! Fuck outta here.

  • G

    congrats em you deserve that. shoulda got album of the year in my opinion.

  • Reason06

    That apollo kids is bangin. I just don't understand why NY won't standup and support GFK I never thought GFK would be the most relevant from the wu 15 years down the line If u haven't heard that apollo kids Its Str8 money



  • Anonymous

    Ghostface "Apollo Kids". Best album of the year. fuck your corny ass radio rappers. This is grown man shit.

  • L-Boogie

    Distant Relatives, Sir Luscious Left Foot, How I Got Over, Revolutions Per Minute etc are way better albums than Recovery. It's funny how everybody just dickrides Eminem when his catalog isn't even all that good. SSLP and MMLP are his only great aalbums the rest are solid to trash!

    • paa

      YOUR opinion. And your wrong anyway. how the fuck is the rest solid trash? Lol fukin idiots make me laugh. U probly never spit or wrote lyrics in ur life

  • L-Boogie

    Recovery is a solid album but I've heard much better albums in 2010. BP3 is one of Jays worst albums but obviously the grammys is based on popularity so Eminem will win.

  • cccccccccc

    Bp3 and recovery were equally as good.. its just eminem ur going up against... Plus his album came out last year BP3 came out in 09..His album is hot right now hes still releasing singles... If bp3 would have been on last years grammy against relapse then it woud have taken it out... But because of stupid as rules bp3 couldnt be in last years grammys... Still tho i would have gave it the roots... Let em take album of the year cuz everyone else sucked

  • real

    Recovery worthy winner. Any1 hatin on the album needs to go back an really listen again cos Em still got that top lyrical skill. He's still one of the best MC's in the game

    • real

      RPM was a big letdown. Wake up was more of a RnB record. Distant relatives isnt as good as it was hyped up to be or some ppl say it is and it was mostly Damien marley anyway who aint really an mc. Yeah Recovery's beats were mostly less hiphop than normal but the lyrics were on point. Ems still a nasty MC who is up there with the best. Recognize

    • Rival X Jordan

      The Roots album was better than Recovery, Distant Relatives, Revolution Per Minute, Roots/John Legend-Wake Up. I can go on.

  • HipHopDx

    If you were stuck in an elevator with Mandy (RNNGM troll), SuperGucciRap (Bricksquad troll), or Rick Ross The Bawse (Maybach Troll), who would it be?

  • Heat357

    People are gonna have different opinions as usual... But that performance by em and everyone else was pretty cool...

  • harris89

    There's like 4 pointless Grammy articles on the front page alone... man I'm starting to get fed up with this site.

  • Shaan Mirchandani

    BP3 was a well done album, so was Recovery. Both are killin the game.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Nigga fuck Eminem. Eminem, Jay-Z, B.o.B, Drake and The Roots are all homosexual rappers who belong to the illuminati. The real hip hop nominations should had been Gucci Mane, Hopsin, Justin Bieber, Vinnie Paz and Insane Clown Posse not those homos were nominated. Eminem is a white boy virgin, Jay-Z is a cock sucking lips boy, Drake is a jewish child actor, B.o.B is a nerd cunt and The Roots are satanic homos. Fuck the Grammys. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonynonynonymous

      Insane Clown Pussies? Really? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    • Sludge

      Yo you forgot to mention Sludge, Skid, and Murpy! We da poopy butt farts! Album droppin this spring!! Soon as we win grammys that's when all the hatin starts But we don't give a fuck cuz we da poopy butt farts! Poopy Butt Farts!! New album "Lyrical Domination" droppin this spring! Get ready! Peace Ya'll

    • Shake

      Gucci didn't get a single nomination because everyone besides idiots on the internet know he's shit.

  • tdot1987

    Everybody knows that the grammys are a joke. Lipsyncing on every performance. But eminem still one of the illest. Not every rapper has to be a gangster rapper. Shit's tired anyways. Let the haters hate. A bunch of fuckin crybabies. Stop idolizing false gods and man up!

  • Anonymous

    He's winning a ton of awards and getting shine all over the place but I still haven't played Recovery in months.

  • str82dapoint

    Em is dope and I got a lot of respect for him but for real The Roots - How I Got Over should have won. Black Thought is the best rapper alive and ?uestlove is an incredible producer. Em had 4 or 5 skip tracks but The Roots killed every track. Em only got the Grammy cuz he sold the most... that's the reason that Lil Wayne has a Grammy... LOL. Whatever sells the most gets the Grammy every year now... shows the people who vote really don't listen to the whole album when they put in their choice.

    • ccccccc

      so why didnt he win best album not best rap album... He sold the most by far in back to back years

    • str82dapoint

      @Anonymous... I was talking about best rap album dumbass. But also Lady Gaga's album has been out for a long time... for the best album the Grammy's only acknowledge that which is very popular at the time. You have to have the best timing to win Album of the Year as you saw with the group that won it. Get over yourself. The Roots deserved it this year. It was the best this year. Wasn't their best but it was the best THIS YEAR. That's what the Grammy's judge people. It was/is sick as hell.

    • jack johnson

      Panacea, 12 Step Program and The Roots - How I Got Over is the only hip hop albums from 2010 that still get played on my ipod. I've heard some say How I Got Over wasn't their best album, idk about that but i know it was better than nearly every other hip hop album i heard from 2010

    • tdot1987

      The roots album was good but not their best, plus everybody knows the grammys are rigged. Just like every award show. Too much politics and money behind the scenes. It's basically like the super bowl for musicians. Best advertisement opportunity of the year. You know there is cash flowin behind the scenes. But the new roots album isn't there best, and eminem earned this one. At least it went to a dope representative

    • Anonymous

      Why didn't Lady Gaga win then genius?

  • I'm The King

    The Grammy's can miss me EVERY YEAR. Hip-hop is still what's poppin in the real world.

  • Its Whateva

    Fuck the Grammy's. All those years when rap MUSIC, hip-hop legends were at their height in the 80's and 90's not even a mention from this organization. Hip-hop changed the world and who do we hear about, some obscure country no names.

  • Loud Ass Music

    Huh?? Why wasnt MBDTWY nominated?? That was a masterpiece

  • Mandy Sandy

    diz iz bullshit. jay-z! shoulda 1 4 blueprint 3. dat album was a classic from start 2 finish niggaz. jay! rappin from da heart, witty wordplay, awesome beatz from kanye and otherz? wut more can u ask 4? makez me 1der how da fuck they passed bp3 and gave it 2 feminem'z album dat sucked huge ballz instead. "venuz vs marz" >>>>>>>>>> recovery from fallin flat on my face twice on renegade. and 2 all u flake fanz dat thought he was gon win any grammyz, u must feel like shit now. he won zero and jay! won three. provez dat jay-z! iz still king of da rap game. RNGMB BITCH!

  • shone jones

    Congrats to Em and Jay. They stay winning.

  • Sriram Durvasula


  • Anonymous

    Here come the crybabies, lol Congrats to him I guess, Dont really give a fuck about the grammies tho

  • da1

    COngrats to Eminem and Jay-z for their wins. I still think BP3 was better then recovery, thats just me. But what is up with all these country songs winning left and right. Country is sooooo damn boring. I'm glad neither Lady gaga or Lady Antebellum won album of the year, thank goodness. And I'm glad neither Drake nor Justin Beiber won best new artist. I never heard of arcade fire and that girl that won best new artist but atleast it wasn't the aformentioned. the grammys usually screw people over but they were someone on point this year, kinda.

  • hiphop has been dead

    another loss for hip-hop. no questioning what he's done for the game or his incredible talent - but ultimately he's just another marketable artist who stays winning at everyone else's expense. sad. a disservice to more deserving hip-hop artists.

  • KillaPat3

    I know I'm stating the obvious here, but the Grammys are complete bullshit and show no respect to hip hop. Eminem should have won at least ONE of the Song of the Year, Album of the Year, or Record of the Year categories. The Grammys don't see rap as real music, which is why rap artists never win the Album of the Year category unless they are Outkast and make an album that is more funk, R&B, and pop than it is rap.

    • KillaPat3

      Oh I know that Lauryn Hill won the Grammy for Album of the Year, but with all respect to her and her music, she's still more of a meshing of hip-hop, R&B, Soul, and other genres, rather than "pure hip-hop." I mean come on, Eminem's "Marshall Mathers LP" lost the Grammy for Album of the Year to the fucking "O Brother Where Art Thou" Soundtrack!! Not to mention all of the classic albums from artists like Biggie, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Rakim, and yes, The Roots, that received no Album of the Year love. The Grammys are very disrespectful to rap music, and I wish someone would really try and make a change to that, but I'm sure that will never happen.

    • str82dapoint

      Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill won Album of the Year and that was real Hip Hop. She even proclaimed that shit when she accepted the award. Em's album isn't as great as everyone is saying it is in the press... he's just the most popular rapper with the most sales. The Roots should have won a bunch of awards this year with their album. How I Got Over is brilliant.

  • travis


  • GodHatesRap

    Eminem?! For real? Over The Roots? Black Thought's verses on "Dear God 2.0" alone trump any of Eminem's tracks of whining, squealing, and talking about how hard he has had it... again. Let's not even get into the appearances of Phonte from Little Brother and some up and coming cats that are HUNGRY. Rap is so dumb now it's not even funny.

    • apom

      sriram.. u aint allowed to talk about hip hop... disrespectin blackthought ..the fuck

    • Sriram Durvasula

      Are you kidding me? Black thought's verses suck balls. Eminem is the King of Rap, and if you;ve ever heard any of any rap of Eminem, Tupac, Dre, Kanye, or Jay-Z, then you wouldn't say rap sucks. I'm tired of all of you faggots talking about some gay band no one cares about. Listen to Eminem's Songs and you'll see that they can't be beat, and they have real meaning. He isn't whining, you asshole, he's narrating his story as a drug addict and how he got out.

  • Anonymous

    recovery will have a big boost in sales next week he could top out 5 time plat before all said and done he will be the best of all time in rap history when hes done

  • Anonymous

    em and dre killed it

  • ItsTheTruth

    Em stay winnin...recovery gonna be 4x platinum this year

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