DX News Bits: ?uestlove, Eminem, Kottonmouth Kings

?uestlove and Nike connect over kicks, Eminem's Chrysler ad yields more profits, and the Kottonmouth Kings return with a new EP.

Rappers have always taken the extra step to keep their kick game is proper, and you need look no further than artists like Kanye Weat and Swizz Beatz's recent collaborations with shoe companies for proof. Now, ?uestlove of the world famous Roots crew joins that list, as the iconically-coifed drummer has linked up with Nike to release a new series of exclusive hi-top Dunks. 

Slated to drop tomorrow via UNDFTD, ?uest's custom kicks - dubbed the Dunk Hi Bz - will come in two colorways, red and yellow. The former pair will feature a five-button lace cover and a silhouette of ?uest on the tongue, while the later pair will feature an etching of ?uest's head on the side heel.

This isn't ?uestlove's first sneaker venture with Nike. The drummer also collaborated with the company on a custom pair of Air Force 1's in 2008.  

An image of the shoes can be found below. Sneakerheads looking to cop a pair can go to UNDFTD's website for more information. 

In other news, Eminem's recent Super Bowl XLV advertisement with Chrysler automobiles continues to yield major benefits for the company, as Canadian Chrysler dealerships are reporting that the ad sparked significant interest in the new Chrysler 200 model. 

"What a phenomenal job they did on it," said the general sales manager of Windsor Chrysler Mike Hogue. "It was thought-provoking, it was hard, there was soul in it...before [the ad], there hadn’t been the interest yet; this car [the Chrysler 200] was brand new and had just hit the market. After it ran, we started receiving a lot more calls and inquiries. Now all of a sudden this jump-started the whole intrigue into the vehicle."

John Skelton, sales manager of another Canadian dealership Provincial Chrysler, echoed Hogue's statement, saying, "I thought it was a pretty gritty ad. The reason I liked it — obviously Chrysler is in the middle of a resurgence, trying to change things around. Windsor is very similar to Detroit. It’s very reliant on the auto industry and things are starting to come back here and things are starting to come back to Detroit."

As DX reported earlier this week, Eminem's critically acclaimed Chrysler commercial proved incredibly lucrative for the car company state-side. Now, Chrysler Canada's spokeswoman Lou Ann Gosselin has confirmed that the ad is having a similar effect up north.

"We got 100,000 hits, specifically to the Chrysler 200 page," she said. "Our monthly average hits total about 1.2 million a month, which translates to 40,000 a day."

She also added, "I felt a certain power watching the ad for the first time, but I’m internal, I’m Chrysler Canada; we lived through the bad times. It’s funny, this seems to resonate with anybody throughout Canada and the United States because it’s about overcoming adversity. And I think people can relate to that."

Finally, California group the Kottonmouth Kings are preparing their latest offering Legalize It EP for an April 20 release. The group - who recently added Oregon emcee Dirtball to their ranks - said this digital retail release will feature select songs off their twelfth studio album Sunrise Sessions, due out later this year.

"It's that wonderful time of the year, a time of renewal and new beginnings," said emcee Brad X. "Look for our new single ‘My Garden’ to drop in early April and the world premiere of the video on 4-20! It's an exciting time in our career, as we are in our 15th year as a group and still creating some our best songs. We are anxious to share the good vibes with the world and what better time than on 4-20!"

Fans can also check the Kottonmouth Kings out on tour this April in promotion for their EP. The dates can be found below.

Apr. 17 - Pozo, CA @ Pozo Saloon

Apr. 20 - Pomona, CA @ Fox Theatre

Apr. 22 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

Apr. 23 - Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont


  • Bella

    History of Brad "Daddy X" Xavier of Kottonmouth Kings: http://doublecrosswebzine.blogspot.com/2008/12/history-of-brad-x-and-doggy-style.html Makes one wonder, is he smoking Kush or is it some fake K2? Lol!!!

  • Bella

    Different people have different definitions of what selling out means. I think KMK selling out is more about how they've went from being true to themselves to overcommercializing their sound. It's all clean sounding like an Eminem album or something. Eminem is great, and he speaks what is from his heart just as well but you don't say he's underground. There's no dude in a suit writing his shit, his life is the perfect example that he writes about his life and from his heart but he's not underground. He's mainstream. KMK's sound is definitely mainstream these days, it's nothing like Rollin' Stones, Fire It Up, No.7 or even Cloud Nine. The Green Album is where it started LLTK's is where it is fully apparent. I'm totally down for the Kings all day, but that doesn't change the facts. You don't have to be disloyal to admit that they've sold out. It's too bad that too many fans think they have to be all on the dick of their favorite groups to see the truth. They sold out, it doesn't mean their new stuff isn't good it is great for the most part but it definitely not the underground style we know and love, it's not the Kings' sound you can't deny that. It's like listening to any other hip-hop artist these days. The fact that they're trying to get on the radio and Mtv when they've always been like fuck the radio and Mtv is proof they've sold out and lost a little of their soul. Daddy X is a marketeer, he was an old school straight edge drug free punk back in the days, a club owner, then to KMK, etc. He's always been about the money, it's not about being real, it's the money. He does the marketing, why the hell you think every Hidden Stash except the first two have tons of songs from every other album you own with a few exceptions? It's a marketing scheme. Yeah they gotta make their paper but at the cost of fans? The rich get richer poor get poorer, but they're supposed to be against that? Wake up people!! I'm not saying don't support the Kings just don't be a fool and act like shit aint changed...

  • b-roc

    I have always loved the kings, and the way they have kept it real and underground. And for the fact they have a purpose in there music beyond car commercials and shoes, money and bullshit, to me thats disingenuious. The kings have not lost there touch in any way. I know people hate saying this and that, But i just think there not real fans or are just confused the way the kings bring something different to each album. And i fully respect that they have stayed true to how they wanna do it, and not how some dueshe in a suit thinking of ways to build a marketable scam around who they are. I know when i buy an underground album like kmk, icp, or tech 9, im getting the true artist and not a phony like em. Em's good but Just sayin'..There is nothing out there like the family aspect the kings, and juggalos provide. NOTHING!!!whoop whoop fam!

  • Underground Sounds

    One exception is Johnny Richter, that dudes solo joint dropped in 2010 and it's the shit. He's definitely puttin his heart and soul out there in that one! It's not all about weed either, someone says 85% of KMK is about weed, Richter's vibe is all about life and it's great! check him out, but yeah, the Kings as a group have lost their touch... I know everyone loves D-Loc but he must've been smokin' crack (and I don't mean the green kind) to put out that shitty solo MFK, that was the most terrible cd they've ever put out!

  • Underground Sounds

    Lol, the Kottonmouth Kings WERE Underground until their latest efforts! Their last good album was Cloud Nine on which they collaborated with Tech N9ne again and not for the last time. They've toured with Tech several times as well. They were a good band until they sold out. In the last couple years they went soft, lost their heart and sold out. It's really sad to see the deciline of such a huge underground movement. They fired Pakelika and hired Dirtball, which don't get me wrong Dirtball is great but firing Pak was a HUGE mistake! They lost many a fan because of the one move right there! He was a MAJOR part of their live shows so without him their live show vibe declined about 50%. So IF any of you Kings read this, WE WANT THE OLD KINGS BACK!!! THE ONES WE LOST AFTER CLOUD NINE's RELEASE. I KNOW YOU'RE READING CUZ DIRTBALL POSTED THE LINK ON FACEBOOK, THAT'S HOW I GOT WIND OF IT!

    • New World Orphan

      Straight up bro! KMK done sold the fuck out for sure, looking to the new shit, hope it's back on that positive old school vibe cuz they definitely need to bring it back! KmKKiNGLeONiTuS, learn to fucking spell before you start talking shit. The part about the live shows is opinion but the part about them selling out is a fact. They have definitely sold out! That's a FACT!

    • KmKKiNGLeONiTuS

      everything you just said was and always be your opinion. you cant speak on behalf of every king and kween jus cus you think you everthing abot anything so take my advice... post on shite you actually know abot.

  • The.Watcher

    Gotta hand it to Em, dude appears in a commercial and single-handedly light a fire under Chrysler's ass.

  • Anonymous

    dope check this outt funny shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68IQy2dD7w

  • Anonymous

    Kottonmouth kings to me were always a really lame White rip off of Cypress Hill (Minus the dope DJ Muggs Beats)..... I respect them for doing their own thing Indy and gettin theirs tho

  • Tim Wilkens

    meh. I dig KMK, they havent had anything out good in quite awhile though. Rollin Stoned and Royal Highness were great, nobody mixes punk and hiphop like they do.

  • Josh

    Kottonmouth Kings is one of the wackest hip-hop groups out. Not even hating, I used to like them when I was younger. But then I turned 15 and realized "Wow, this is shit"

    • Disapointed

      Your comparing them to ICP? Your a fuckin idiot. They're only for the most hardcore of stoners so if your not one of them I could see why you wouldnt enjoy there music. But theyre old stuff was great tits clits and bong hits dirtballs good shit to I seen him with them in mass a few years ago and he lit up a blunt with us at his autograph session his track we bangn is good.

    • Ddot DOuble

      They are absolutely fucking terrible. Very similar to the Insane Clown Posse; just shit that shouldn't even be considered music it's so bad. DX reporting on them is a fucking embarrasment.

    • Anonymous

      wiz is rippin off the kings

    • Josh

      An underground group. Literaly about 85% of their content is about weed. It gets sooo old after a while :/

    • Anonymous

      *scratching head* who the fuck are they?

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