Tracklisting & Cover Art Revealed To Atmosphere's "The Family Sign"

Exclusive: Get an early look at Slug and Ant's April album art and tracklisting.

Rhymesayers Entertainment will be releasing Atmosphere's sixth studio album, The Family Sign on April 12. Earlier this week, Slug spoke about the album's content and inspiration. Last year, the group released To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy, a digital release that subsequently came to physical distribution.

The latest works from Minneapolis, Minnesota's emcee and producer/deejay Ant has the following tracklisting:

1. My Key
2. The Last to Say
3. Became
4. Just For Show
5. She’s Enough
6. Bad Bad Daddy
7. Millenium Dodo
8. Who I’ll Never Be
9. I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10. Ain’t Nobody
11. Your Name Here
12. If You Can Save Me Now
13. Something So
14. My Notes

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  • Anonymous says it's the 7th album atmosphere will release.I'm not sure if that counts lucy/ford, leakage, or friends.

  • Anonymous

    I will most definitely be bumpin this, but im not gonna lie, i feel like atmosphere has fallen off. Overcast was ill, and even though slug doesn't like it, i think it was their best, and i did not really feel lemons at all. Im more pumped for Print's new release than this

  • DJJJ

    This is going to be GREAT! Now a days Atmosphere and Brother Ali are the only artists that you know will NEVER disappoint with their album releases. ALWAYS CLASSICS!

    • The.Watcher

      I couldn't really get into "Us", which annoys me cos I know I should like it... I love every other release Ali put out, but that one just... I dunno, didn't do anything for me.

  • Matt Murdock

    IMO, Lucy Ford is their best album, followed by Overcast and God Loves Ugly. I thought Seven's Travels and How Much Fun We're Having didn't hold up to their previous material. But, with Lemons and To All My Friends I think Sluggo and Ant are back to making classics! This one should be bangin!!

  • Anonymous

    ok check this outt funny shit

  • swimmy swammy

    i fuck with slug and b.o.b (and cudder)

    • Jah

      Funny, some might say disrespecting someone else's opinion is mad ignorant. I wouldn't call b.o.b or kid cudi clowns... They make damn good music

    • jamiles33

      wow. mad ignorant. your comparin slug with those clowns in your top 3? comparin a classic artist to bullshit? must not be a hiphophead

  • Yeah I said it

    I don't Atmosphere are even capable of dropping wack material. Their last average album was Seven's Travels; everything since then has pretty much been classic material. Even the free stuff is better than your favorite rapper's albums.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    have been a supporter since god loves ugly dropped back in 02. i really hope this has more tracks with high replay value than when life gives you lemons... . that album was okay had some great cuts on there but it got dry and dull rather quickly. although i thought it was a step up from you cant imagine how much fun we're having which is there worst album to me. i have a feeling that this will rank in the lower half of their discography when its all said and done. and for any who take offense: i am not a jock hopper like you. i have all their albums and 8 of their 12" singles that i bump almost every party i spin. i am no fake ass fan who may see them on tour and then download all their shit who just discovered him 4 years ago when it was/became really hipster and uber cool to be into atmosphere. they arent just "really deep rappers" to me man. thye're people who engage in my favorite pastime making hip hop records over a career. this shit is better than sports to me. looking at an artist's career and taking everything they do in context to where they are as a human being and what makes sense for them to do. because i care about these underground artists as people and people need to eat, i will always support their albums and tours when they are in my area. once again i have every right to doubt i am a longtime fan and always have been and always will be. and i have an informed opinion on this, fuck what you think, lol just joking. but for real i even bought the special edition of when life gives you lemons with that dumb pretentious kids story that didnt really make much sense at all. maybe that will help you understand my disappointment in that album, extra money i spent for dumb packaging and a dumb story. it was still a 3.5-4/5 for an album tops.

    • The.Watcher

      Atmosphere is great man, but I gotta say I think Life Lemons was one of their best albums, along with Lucy Ford Eps and Imagine, I still bump all 3 on a daily basis. It's all good though, just a testament to how truly great Ant & Slug are.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      cool man thanks for keepin it civil. i truly hope this shit is banging. it will certainly be on blast for at least the first two weeks after it drops. if its got some great ant slaps and slug spitting it will be on replay for longer. but i guess some of my negativity comes from pretentious fucking college bitches that say they love hip hop and then immediately list atmosphere. i'm kind of letting them get ruined for me by getting dragged down by hating on their weak opinions. they kinda killing it for me like people did w/ eminem back in 02. there was a while i couldnt even listen to a word he spit, i had to fast forward. but that is stupid of me everybody deserves the chance to listen to great music. i just take this hip hop shit so seriously and its such a big important part of my life, it hurts me to see it mishandled and not fully understood. it is worth being a full blown scholar in this shit cause its so damn interesting. and then the other half of me says i am being a crotchety fuck. these cats deserve the massive fan base too. they deserve every last fan. and with a huge portion of them being those goofy white girls w/ disposable income.. then thats fantastic for them. their sales figures reflect that too. didnt their last album do like 36,000 first week. thats incredible and sick for them thats 360,000 bucks for them independent on rhymesayers. drop cats and dogs please evidence we are waiting very patiently. AND because i dont think you get this enough thanks for Crown of thorns Rakaa that was a damn solid album, good listen

    • Yeah I said it

      I respect your opinion, but I couldn't disagree more. Their last two joints - You Can't Imagine How Much We're Having and When Life Gives You Lemons - are classics to me. Definitely their best two albums IMO. I had them on repeat for weeks when they dropped and still give them a spin occasionally. Atmosphere are so good though that I don't even doubt that this will be a solid album, even if it can't reach the heights of the last two.

  • Angel Kong

    Super stoked to hear the new tracks! Hope to hear them at the Minnesota winter tour, hope to hear some of your old shit too. Better play Shhh for this tour, only seems right.

  • SuperGucciRap

    This tracklist is lame. Sounds like a B.o.B/Drake album to me. Atmosphere is Homo Rap after all. These faggots are a disgrace to rap. Hopsin is real Hip Hop. Check him out. Justin Bieber is Real hip Hop. Gucci Mane is the king of Real Hip Hop. It's Gucci Time!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      this guy brings em out every time. its amazing how people get up in arms every time he says that retarded shit. its obviously just the polar opposite of what hip hoppers opinions "should" be, he's just playing devil's advocate to ya. giving you guys good practice defending hip hop you should thank him. for real though its ridiculous how every page this cat says this and there is always always people battling him all out. no matter how many times he does it, or how many people write what i just did about how he or she is just a, pretty much, harmless instigator. you are fools to keep humoring him. yo superguccirap: Me is gucci trap boys call me super gucci i got so much ice you can cut them fuckin lights off. lol

    • Angel Kong

      dude your the one that is a homo you have no idea wtf you are talking about. i would like to see you run your mouth not over computer, make your way to sound set, say some shit like that an you wont make it out. you are a disgrace an putting your opinion out there like that aint right man, you do not know music. crawl into a hole with your gucci an justin beiber shit. an leave the real hip hop fans to rule the this UNDERGROUND sean. the shit you support is crappy shit beats, lyrics they pull outa there ass, an computer generated voice enhancements

    • Kat

      Hahaha seriously? Drake and fuckin' B.O.B. are probably still better than your pop princess Beiber. Slug and Ant are like Godfathers to hiphop. Your sweet hopsin and gucci mane? They are babies. I don't care if you got poor taste in entertainment, just don't compare fine whine to rotten grapes. Just sayin. LOVELIFE. Can't wait for this albume!

    • Angel Kong

      wow i can not belive you just said justin beiber is real hip hop. you should probably off your self man befor some one els dose. you dont know real hip hop you pathetic poser.

    • kmo

      fuck hopsin i kno that little punk ass nigger he blows.

    • Brandon fucking Young

      Super Gucci prada wearin half full Bitch half empty "WO" man. (no dis-respect to the females)if you could flap your mouth as quick as you do a hate text reppin some bullshit we dont fuck with. your mouth would be as your computer should. Busted like cops sellin rocks. what ever ummm yeah your cool. you can hang around us . if you really want to. because we understand your only confused. denial.

    • Anonymous

      i don't know if you are being sarcastic, or trying to be funny, or just ignorant. either way i wanna slap the taste outta your mouth for being disrespectful to real great hip-hop. pull bieber's and gucci mane's dicks out of your ears and maybe you will understand real music

  • Slug-o, on the seventh floor

    Damn, now all i want to hear is a single from right now. can't wait for the album!

  • kupi

    how come no one ever mentions who designs the album art?

    • Dan

      The last studio album that Atmosphere did, the album art (that is, if you picked up the Deluxe edition) was all done by M.K. Larada (formerly of Doomtree) and was totally fuckin' ill. As far as this, I wouldn't be shocked if the cover photo was done by Dan Monick, who took all the photos in the recently released Seven Years With Atmosphere and Rhymesayers book. I know Slug just recently had another kid, it's pretty likely that it's his newborn's hand.

    • prewoz

      I agree. Artist prob. says the same thing. haha.

  • prewoz

    love the art. thats hot. simple, elegant.

  • nuc

    classic matierial always! "to all my friends" was/is an amazing release, i didnt love 'when life gives you lemons',,, but "you cant imagine how much fun we're having" was and always will be a classic.... looking forward to hearing this release.

    • Big D

      Until its heard, I dont think youre "breaking" anything to anyone,,,, Looking Forward to Coppin this album.... and as far as hiphop evolving into that ONE sound,, lets hope not. Live bands are great in hiphop, but to say HIPHOP needs to evolve into just that is silly.

    • Jon Cake

      Hate to break it to you, but did you read the interview where he talks about its content? It sounds a lot like it's gonna most resemble Lemons, lyrically. Musically, I hope they keep the Roots-esque live instrument sound...hip hop needs to evolve into that.

  • Rashid Alhuribi

    Atmosphere is the realest

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