Birdman Spends Super Bowl Winnings On $1.3 Million Maybach

The man with the Bugatti in his latest video takes it up a notch, with another seven-figure whip, thanks to Aaron Rodgers' arm.

Last week, Bryan "Birdman" Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records publicly announced that he bet $1 million on the Green Bay Packers beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in last Sunday's Super Bowl XLV. Winning the bet, Birdman began the week confirming that he won $1 million dollars.

Speaking with since then, the executive/rapper revealed that he's already spent his winnings, on a Landaulet Maybach touring sedan. The chauffered automobile retails for $1.35 million in the United States.

Birdman has previously claimed ownership of exotic cars, including models by Bugatti and Bentley. In the XXLMag article, he touches on an even bigger sports wager he hopes to make.



  • Anonymous

    id like to see the car wen i open this not his dumb looking ass

  • Sensaye252

    Yeah, don't worry about New Orleans being in a state of total financial crisis with people dying over formaldehyde poisining from the undiscovered dead bodies, just buy ANOTHER Maybach, because that's much more important. Anybody that supports the antics of these fuckin' rappers is a ignorant asshole.

  • white mmilk

    LMMFAO @ u mufukas calling that baby money... how the fuk do u call that baby 1.3mil baby money? and how do u get mad at the man for spending his money the way he chooses? if u wanna see baby money look in your account...or mines lol

  • Anonymous

    how u gonna win a million, and spend 1.3??? nigga is stupid as fuck!!! jay-z was right!! baby money!!

    • Dchypa

      You obviously got no understanding of odds. He WON a million, not gained the million he placed. Straight odds you bum.

  • Anonymous

    what a dummy, thats why he'll continue to have "baby money"!! poor weezy, baby spends all the drake, nicki minaj money too!!

  • rezzahr

    mayne yall need to quit hatin n go get yours! that nigga did what he did with what's his n for those claimin those wheels ugly,i bet u never sat in one!get yours losers! #1 stunna!

  • gasoline

    to quote chris rock 'we black people spend money on the dumbest things'...fuckin dumbass...

  • WhyHateChris

    While a lot of you dummies on here are talking about "blowing money fast" have you no idea of what that money could be used for ?...and a lot of yall talkin about he rich and all this shit...but do you know what the difference is from being rich and wealthy ? can be gone over night, now if your wealthy thats something that can never go away

  • Mike Devereaux


  • Anonymous

    wow check this out dont miss out its hottt

  • Jesus

    GAY LOOKING CAR, but the inside was fuckin awesome haaa now if only Maybach can work on the ugly outside

  • Sekon2NuN

    They will try to buy their way into heaven when judgement comes.

  • Mike

    You guys are funny. These dudes floss about all the excess wealth they've got every day in the songs you listen to and then when they live their words you get upset? Give me a break. Congrats on your win, Birdman. Somebody let me know when he comes out with a song about this--'cause he will.

    • TenEighty

      Every song is about a car. 564' and the power ... uptown shining. My 3 year old raps better than him. untalented mo-fo

  • AxeMurder

    Now I already know that Birdman is a fucking idiot..but he bought a Landaulet? Does he not know that car is the biggest rip off tool...a regular 62 S cost $475,000 and you go and spend $900,000 more for a stupid gay ass roof

  • Anonymous

    wtf? no donation? you get a million dollars for nothing knowing you really dont need it and spend it on yourself. how fuckin selfish is birdman? at least he bought a car that reflects his age. sedans are for old mutherfuckers.

  • clm

    Serious? With all the Shit goin on in the world today this nigga gambles a mil and spends his winning on a fuckin car!? A Fuckin Disgrace.

  • 2dope

    Birdman - Lil wayne = no Maybach

  • Anonymous

    nigga makin bank. get off his dick. young money cash money bitches. get with it, or get the fuck out the way.

  • Anonymous

    i'm very amused, KEEP BALLING STUNNA

  • young chemist

    Okay, so how many houses, college educations and rounds of groceries would that have been? This is just shameful.

  • wickwickwack

    i never heard something smart coming out of his mouth i dont know how this guy made it so far

  • godzilla

    wow! he bought a car! nobody gives a fuck! maybe he shoulda used some of that money to go to college cause his raps are dumb as shit.

  • perfect hair forever

    this what pisses me off. a lot of rappers rap about being from the ghetto and rap about how nobody cares about are nations ghettos and all this. but instead of them donating their own money to the needy and poor, they go and waste it in disgusting ways. honestly how many cars/motorcycles does birdman already have?

    • kingzilla17

      He donates plenty, Just cuz the dude is rich as fuck does not mean every single dolla needs to be donated. just do your research and you would know both Birdman & Wayne donate.

  • AlwayzRemainInformed

    Yo I just looked that car up and that shit is ugly as hell

  • eeee

    Fail. Whats next? Birdman wipes his ass with 100$ bills, are we supposed to be amused?

  • Catman

    ...No homo or anything but that's one ugly negro. Got damn...You won't catch me outside my house if I looked like him.

    • Ikenna Berkley Jones

      lol..he ugly but ladies dont care cuz he got money..Any way congrats to the nigga one day it will b my turn to blow money fast.

  • tunez

    errbody jus hatin on de nigga ur'l need to get ah life kause he aint giv ah fuk bout ur'l negative thought

  • DIff

    It would of been nice to slide a little bit of that money over to Kool Herc....nuff said!!!

  • WTF

    birdman is one seriously ugly muthafuka. My question is who was on the losing end of this bet.

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    10 - 20 years from now he will be broke and have no retirement money...this is what happens when you spend lavishly and foolishly. They are making money now and forget that its not never ending. That money wouldve serve him so much better investing it...but he'd rather add another bragmobile to his list

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      Youve never had money what would you know. Im speaking from experience. Im not going to get into and adolescent argument with you. Your small mind cant comprehend anything of substance so you use words like im "hating" to justify your pathetic reasoning. He could wipe his ass with millions for all i care, wait thats pretty much what hes doing.

    • Ikenna Berkley Jones

      lol nigga shut the fuck up u u sound like a crying preaching bitch, u think this nigga who has been making money in the rap game for more than 15years aint stacked money for a rainy day..Hell he aint never gonna go broke in his life time, this is 2011 every one has seen what happend to mc hammer in the 80s and im sure they aint gonna make that u mad cuz u cant blow 1milli on a car..hahahaha.

  • Bangonem

    Dude needs all the whips he can get, cause he sure as hell ain't baggin any p#ssy with his face.

  • Bauce

    Does it bother anyone that this hoodrat dude got money out the ass like this?

  • stupid is as stupid does

    And that my friends, is the difference between a bill gates, and some hip hop dude who calls himself birdman.

  • da1

    He should of used that on something useful. I always hear news about how this fool spends insane amounts of money on stuff. I heard he bought a 2 million dollar bugatti. And don't forget about he 2.1 million dollar chain. But it's his money so... he does as he please. It does seems like he trys to hard to "stunt."

  • j

    I just can't decide who is uglier: Birdman or Weezy?

  • Anonymous

    this guy also said he was buying a minority share in the Dolphins and has a Oil company, both complete B.S. I'm sure he can afford a Maybach but who gives a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    more money than brains obviously

  • Slim P

    ...and Kool Herc can't afford his medical bills...


    how he got rich CMR got the best deal in the music biz cant 4get the couple of dudes who did business with him without the proper paper work (bangladesh)

  • Im black btw

    Dumb niggers. Spending millions of dollars on cars has got to be the stupidest thing a human being can do.

    • Ikenna Berkley Jones

      lol..every one is just hating. do u think bill gates dont got a lambo,or some rockers dont buy diamonds as well... its simple, if u got milli$ in the bank u buy expensive shit. dont hate, congrat the nigga for making it and pray u get ur own some day. they did not make sports cars for poor people like u, it got a milli$ price tag cuz its aimed at milli$ people and bird man is a milli$ nigga.

    • Anonymous

      white folks c'mon man, you talking bout wallstreet white folks, government white folks, im white and i aint got shit, ill spend that mill on my son before i buy a car.


      white folks do it everday dog got on a sweater thats cost more then yo whole outfit

  • Anonymous

    should've signed some artists with talent

  • Bilal A. Siddique the hell did this guy get so rich? i'm not even hating, i'm just in awe...

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