Insane Clown Posse Event Raided By Police

ICP's Juggalo Championship Wrestling event raided and shut down by police.

The Insane Clown Posse are no strangers to controversey, their most recent coming when one of their fans hit Method Man in the face with a beer bottle. That is, until last night. According to a statement issued by their publicist, their wrestling show was raided by police in Southgate, Michigan.

"Once the bell rang, the crowd was absorbed in this battle between good and evil, and a handful of minutes ticked by as the action unfolded in the ring," the statement explained. "What happened next is something that is remarkable even within the wacky world of professional wrestling. In a coordinated effort, nearly a dozen police vehicles descended on the building, and law enforcement officials flooded the venue in everything from standard uniforms to body armor and ultimately attempted to enter the ring which drew a raucous chant of "FUCK THE POLICE" from the ninja's in attendance. Perhaps the audience recognized that Detroit, a city known locally as "The Murder Mitten" and nationally as the murder capital of the country would have more pressing issues than stopping several hundred people from having an enjoyable night out and supporting the local economy while watching wrestling history be made?

With the show officially shut down and no options on the table to allow the show to proceed, Police began attempting to clear the room while KG made an announcement that everyone would have their money refunded for tickets purchased via mail or via refund at the venue, with more details to be announced."


  • Statutory Ray

    I love how people hate on ICP when 90 percent of radio rap is utter garbage with no merit. Shots? anything by Plies? Seriously. You may not like it, but ICP is at least targeting a certain audience aside from brosephs and radio listeners that will eat anything spoonfed to them. I'm a full time DJ at multiple clubs, and I'd ten times rather throw on something by ICP if asked to do so, as opposed to LMFAO or whatever's getting whored out this week.

  • Ohshitthezamboni

    Every single time there's news about the ICP, its always this stupid argument. "ICP RULES!" "No they don't! They're fags" "Shut the fuck up hater!" "NO! You shut the fuck up because I ran out of clever things to say!" "Hater" "Fag" "Hater" "Fag" "Useless dicksucker who has nothing better to do than play Super Mario and attempt to insult Juggalos!" "Fag".....And every time they post something about juggalos, its the same deal. Grow up people. There's bigger problems than hating each other over music. Does everyone here think that music is the most important thing in life? I don't. It's tied at second place with lighting Femenim fans on fire.

  • Howard Rice

    I hate to hear this. ICP is still one of my all time favorite groups.

  • Erik Quinty

    fuck icp they should have just gassed you all. it wouldve probably raised employment and the genera1 iq of our na1tion lol

    • A person

      yeah Idk about that, seeing as though most juggaloes I know have jobs ,families and are contributing members of society. I think just maybe, if we killed off the young money Swaggots then we would have an increase in intelligence. Juggalos have absolutely no impact on the negative things in society, minus dumb ass wanna be thug 15 yr olds who claim to be juggalos but really don't get the picture.

    • HA

      I am a down ass juggalo and I bought the house I live in with cash, no dirty cash either. Did you own a house when you were 21?

    • Rich RiotMaker Williams

      funny you said that when you fucking misspelled "nation".

  • put u on blast

    to all of you haters out there. don't be mad because there making money and your not... all i see is people saying there music sucks or they can't wrestle. all i can say is where is your wrestling promotion? how many cd's have you sold? oh that's right you don't have shit. so quit crying all you little bitches.

    • jesus

      dude stfuSoulja boi sold more albums with his lasy album then ICP did theres. oh and uhm Vince Mcmahon. he does movies cds and wrestling. he can buy ICP for 5 bucks and sell them for .60

  • psycho juggalo

    hahahahahahaha FUCK all U Bitch Ass Haters ICP has been here for over 20 years n gonna be here for another 20 years so get the fuck over it juggalos well shit we be here forever n always MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP

    • Jesus

      we can thank inbreeding for that. oh well. you redneck tralier trash niggahs basicly emo cryin about being crazy. that describes a faggalo.

  • Anonymous

    damnn check this out dont miss out its hottt

  • Anghellic.

    the event was shut down because they gave out free beer for those 21 and up. the venue gave the okay but the cops said otherwise. the show is gonna happen again in 2 weeks but minus the free beer.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They should have been charged with Aggravated Mediocrity with Intent to be wack

  • Ed0n

    Wanna hear the biggest joke ever? Insane Clown Pussies...

  • Almar

    They're music is garbage, but goddamn, it was just a wrestling show, Ain't no police rushing when someone is throwing shit at fuckin Method Man, Or For that matter, Tila Tequila, but Im Not gonna lie, that shit was great.

  • Fucking Magnets...

    how do they work?

  • frag grenade

    they should of threw me in the crowd i would of done the world a favor.


    the only thing i no bout icp is the song with 3-6 thats it

  • brooklyn b

    funny how black rappers is arrested for less

  • Jesus

    they shoulda tear gassed these ass-clowns so they can cry for a reason. ICP biggest jobbers in pro wreslting history right next to Gillberg and Norman Smiley. fuck they're lead of misfits. and any juggalos that even say anything about icp being great. should kill themselfs for lying. fuck icp and fuck all Faggalos. only good one ever was Tech n9ne and hes mediocre as well

    • Jesus

      dude your epic. stating stupid shit like everyone else does. Tech n9ne might as well shoot himself cuz being associated with faggalo's fucked his career worse then hurricane Katrina fucked Bush's. and uhm im not a mindless follower like you ICP cockriders. i dont follow what a bunch of retards who jizz on each others faces then paint smiles tryna be KISS tell me to follow. this convo is closed. go back to not takin showers and pretending your crazy

    • KrayzieFanBoy

      damn dude u just dont know when to shut up bich i cant believe u take this juggalo crap seriously ur pathetic fag boy. do me a favor go to the busiest intersection in ur city and take a nap in the middle of the intersection no one wont miss u i sure wont LMAO xD but for real fag boy Tech N9ne is better and bigger than all psychopathic rappers and he's the Best Rapper Alive the King of RAP game fag boy just face it

    • Fuck Jesus

      Obvious Troll is Obvious ^^^^ MMFWCL4L

    • Jesus

      Firstly Tech N9ne is one of the gayest stupidest rappers alive. secondly. i know wrestling far beyond you i bet. and no its stupid shit. nothing but self promotion of ICP and gay JOBBERS who have as much talent in the ring as ICP does on the mic. TNA & WWE has some dull moments and some good ones. but dick riding a company because of "your favorite wrestlers" is just stupid. btw im Jesus because im your lord and savior. not cuz my mexican ass daddy thought itd be cool. and Tech n9ne. greatest faggalo rapper alive. but thats like saying lloyd banks is the best rapper from G-Unit. True but look what your comparing garbage too, shit

    • JCW is GREAT

      Have you ever watched a wrestling match? Or more than one to get a better opinion? JCW is the best and most real wrestling entertainment you will find. Do we see light bulb matches & tack & barbwire on TNA & Raw, no. Straight out great wrestling, & great music.

    • kenny

      mad funny me and you have almost the same name and i feel the exact same way tech n9ne is mediocre? YOU should kill yourself....

    • Denny

      .....I'm not a juggalo, I agree that ICP's music isn't very good, but you're a jackass.

    • R.Pgh

      I appreciate the irony in some who goes by the name Jesus, yet tells other people they should kill themselves.

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