Snoop Dogg Buys Into Flavored Rolling Spray & Smoke Eliminator Company

Doggfather partners with Ventures in a bottled spray that reportedly makes your blunts taste better and stink less.

Yesterday, it was announced that Long Beach, California superstar emcee Snoop Dogg obtained a partnership stake in Blunt Magic, a smoking paraphernalia company co-owned by VIP Ventures. Blunt Magic is known for creating a bottled spray that reduces the odor of smoking, as well as provides additional flavor for smokers.

"Roll 'Doggy-style' with Blunt Magic and see what it do,” said Snoop Dogg in a press release statement. “Check out our product online and in specialty smoke shops and let me know what you think.”

Per the press release, "The product uses all-natural, food safe ingredients that are approved for use in regulation of the FDA or are listed as G.R.A.S on a reliable industrial list." More information can be found at, where the spray can be purchased.

Previously, Snoop has had endorsements with liquors, navigation systems and clothing.

Next month, Snoop Dogg will release The Doggumentary album.


  • kev k

    this stuff is pure oily garbage. its like dipping your weed or papers in gooey air freshner. we tried both because it ruined the weed, it wouldnt light, it made my friend sick till he puked. said he couldnt get the burning plastic taste out of his mouth and the headache lasted for days. almost had to go to the hospital. way too nasty and disgusting. STAY AWAY FROM THIS POISON.

  • Carmen

    Classic - only you Snoop, can get away with this kind of shit. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    hell yeaaa check this out dont miss out its hottt

  • Mike Jones

    hmmm....I'm interested in finding out more about this investment!

  • Anonymous

    dont think i would every spray anything on my gangja unless it was liquid thc or some shit

  • nuc

    this is the worst product evvvvvvver! im soo surprised snoop co-signed this,,,,, what a dirrrty product,, it makes everything sticky, and its just shit in general.... weak move snooop,,, now let all the sheep buy it up!

  • El Negro

    You know Snoop been in the game since like 1990! I remember when Forbes did the list of the wealthiest rappers and they were like Master P comes in at a whopping $400 million dollars, P.Diddy $350 million, Jay-Z $300 million dollars and Snoop rounds off the list at $40 million dollars! lol I was laughing my ass off because he's suppossed to be a boss and been in the game longer than any of them but his wealth is only a fraction! Now $40 million to me is alot of money so did is rich but after like 8 albums, thousands of features, dozens of movies, countless TV ads, commercials, tours, shows, publishing, royalties, clothing lines, endorsements etc...Niggas you only got $40 million? lmao They say Wayne is worth $75 million and all he do is Snoop has become a clown to me. He has no integrity he will do a song with ANYBODY for a buck but he's the brokest BOSS in the game! He constantly invest his money into DUMB SHIT THAT WILL NOT SELL! Who the fuck is going to be buying shit to spray chemicals on their weed? It's bad enogh those falvor blunts and wrap have all those harmful chemicals on them anyway. If you're a smoker, buy rolling papers or invest in a quality cigar like white owl or optimo or go to a cigar shop and buy authentic cigars. All that other shit is poison and cancerous!Snoop is a clown!

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