Eminem Prepares Fourth Single From "Recovery"

Em and his label will continue to push 2010's best-selling album with another single.

The success of Recovery was never in doubt. After selling 750,000 units in week one and hitting platinum by week two, Eminem's 6th Interscope LP went on to be the top selling album in 2010 (both in stores and on iTunes). Even though the album has pushed past 3.5 million units Shady/Interscope isn't resting.

Ad age reports that the albums 4th single will be the Jim Jonsin-produced "Space Bound." Marshall's last single and duet with Rihanna, "Love the Way You Lie," has been the albums biggest hit, spending seven weeks atop the Hot 100 and selling over 4.25 million digitally.

"Everybody realized that 'Relapse' was a very hardcore Emimem fan-based record, so the approach on the next album was to go wider," said Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg. "The songs fit a much more accessible format so that was the approach in marketing the record as well."

"Space Bound" is expected to be serviced within a couple weeks.


  • mkcrusher

    Damn happy with the selection of Spacebound. Great song and hopefully it would sell more than the disappointing sales of No love, which deserved a better run.

  • Anonymous

    there goes amatuerish dx again ems last single was no love idiots

  • shadyfan cuz he raw

    Spacebound seriously. I doubt if the radio eat that up they might tho. Shoulda been so bad sumthn fun wit a good beat Dr. Dre beat and he killn that song. So bad, Your never over, Talkin to myself maybe.. but Space Bound although its a cool track cool beat nice hook its better songs to release. 25 to life woulda been dope

  • talltayls21

    Get em' EM. i think another radio hit is a good idea and space bound fits in well. but the dopest track on the album goes to On Fire. man im so fukin sick i got ambulances pullin me over and shit

  • JoshK

    Slaughterhouse's Microphone Freestyle by Samzee. Sick!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uInfUuxbCWY

  • DemandKid

    NEW TALENT TO BE ON NEW EMINEM ALBUM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5Vh63R13IA&feature=player_embedded

  • NickJ

    God damn, when are they gonna stop milking this bullshit CD. I don't get it, Eminem's average at best CD gets 4 singles and more sales but Big Boi's classic CD gets 2 low-promotion singles and hardly any sales outside of the first week. The Roots too. I'm telling you guys, Def Jam & Universal promote all the wrong shit. Big Boi & The Roots blow Rick Ross and Eminem out of the water in terms of pure music.

    • Micheal Jacques

      BigBoi cant hold a candle near Eminem. Yeah i like a few song from his albums but to say that he can outsell em in his darkest most doped up days is Just "stupid". Big boi makes Singles Eminem Makes albums A big Difference

  • Jeremy Orr

    jus the hook alone on this song can make some1 go insane! its a dope record tho and im sure the "commercial audience" will dig it...im still trying to figure out the words to the hook tho lol

    • talltayls21

      im a space bound rocket ship and your hearts the moon, and im aimin right at you 250,000 miles on a clear night in june, and im aimin right at you (or and im so lost without you)

  • kaos

    It's been out in Australia since Christmas...?

  • Antoine Holmes

    i dig the whole CD

  • Bryant Carter

    a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is http://wwsmag.com/updates/bryant-c-caught-up-20-10/ I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. http://wwsmag.com/updates/bryant-c-caught-up-20-10/ Also feel free to view my youtube link @ http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bryantc1000&aq=f

  • Donté Antoñio West

    can't wait for a video... and i do believe Sedution was actually a good song, its crazy good looking forward to hearing Space Bound on air tho

  • Jesus

    Hip-hop fans are fuckin retarded(me Excluded) they say they hate emonem but all his old shit was emo i remember when eminem show came out and people were like "hes boring its always the same shit" now that hes matured you bitches go "i want the old Em" duude either buy the album or stfu. if you buy the album then you can complain but til then fuck off. have you monkeys bootleg your shit anyways

  • Tim Wilkens

    uhhhhhhhhh Eminem has been mainstream since Slim Shady LP dunno what ur talkin about

  • Rappaz R. N. Danja

    "The songs fit a much more accessible format so that was the approach in marketing the record as well." This is the definition of Main stream, All about what's best for marketing and what'll make the album sell. Fuck That Eminem Hasn't had a decent track since the Eminem Show, not saying he needs to go back to what he had with SSLP and MMLP im saying Dude should have never came out of retirement.

  • Evan

    I would have liked to see Cold Wind Blows as the next single as well, but he probably would have had to re-record alot of it for radio! :L, Space bound is a good choice, saw somebody say seduction down there...when i heard that i thought it was the worst em song since 'Fack'. I mean seriously who wants to hear a song where he actually says the words 'i'm awesome', he just sounds like an egotistical dick in that song (and i say that with much love). 25 to life would have been a good one as well, or almost famous.

  • LV

    as a matter of fact, anything you have to say about wu tang since Fishscale was fucking terrible, except MAYBE 4:21 the day after. doesnt feel so good for somebody to trash your opinion does it? especially when they actually know what theyre talking about. so shut the fuck up. nobody cares about your 90s bias or faggoty ass opinions.

  • LV

    wutangforever- youre a faggot. all over the comments, serving your opinions as fact. what makes youre opinion any better than anybody elses? the fact that you listen to wu tang "forever"? talk about whack rappers... 40 year old black dudes still pretending theyre ninjas? and 8 diagrams was whack... wu massacre was whack.... Blackout 2 was whack... OB4CL2 was the whackest...

  • Tim Wilkens

    that beat sounds like hotel california

  • Jay Gonzalez

    I personally think "Seduction" should've been the next single.

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL that song really sucks. No emotions at all. It's a lame country song. Only Taylor Swift is good because she has more talent than Immortal Technique and Nas put together. When the Lord Gucci Christ comes back rapping, he'll murk all these wack ass rappers the typical hiphopdx bandwagon worship. All hail Gucci Mane. It's Gucci Time!

    • Micheal Jacques

      he's Smoking ass crack Gucci raps incoherently, Eminem Raps swiftly and masterfully Gucci needs Others like mariah and Soulja boy to sell singles until recently I've seldom heard anyone on em's album i was surprised he taped rihanna and Pink. But he did and i loved it. Expand your I pod library a bit before ever comparing anyone to anyone

    • Anonymous

      what you smokin bruh? crack? meth? prolly a mix of both go tat a ice cream cone on ur face like ur fuck boy gucci taylor swift is seriously very talented but to say she has more than nas is ridicc to the millionth power you cant even compare the two artist

  • Anonymous

    not cold wind blows?....omg?

    • Dante Evan Swanigan

      Theres too much cussin in that to make it a single..if you put it on the radio it'd either be edited and sound corny or 45% of the rhymes u'll have to be blocked out..

  • Fuck you haters

    To all the haters wanting him to go back to SSLP and MMLP, he grew up, so should you. Perhaps Jay said it best: "niggas want my old shit, buy my old album"

    • BWS-Fish

      Co-sign. I dont think i have ever co-signed anything as much as i co-sign that statement. The fuckers wantin em's old shit are probly the same people that are listenin to cock smokers like OJ da Juiceman 'make the trap say aye'.

  • Vlp Lupe E

    "Spacebound" is a crazy, beautiful & emotional track. Good decision to push it as the 4th single. Definetely expecting a video for this track.

  • dfgdfg

    hiphopdx...there are typos in this. you fail. oh, and what if we click bombed ur ads?

  • Guy101

    It should have been Going Through Changes or Cold Wind Blows.

  • DoneGotIt

    sso rappying becomes more about business, and less about what we ant to hear. I miss the days of Em missing his keys again, driving on the median. w.e

  • Anonymous

    i think people need to check their definition of sell out..its not who you work with as much as it is the type of song you make. if em made a corny club hit with rihanna or pink like Drake or Lil wayne, then yes call him a sell out, but the song with pink was an aggressive punchline track, which wasnt even for mainstream radio, and the rihanna song is a personal love song.. aint nothing wrong with that.. glad space bound is next single, it was much better than love the way you lie, but ofcourse rihannas appeal made it the logical choice as single.. when em starts spittin about poppin bottles and shit, then say he sold out.. he is just being smart in this current climate.. you tellin me all ya'll favourite artists aint tryna make it as succesful mainstream artists? dont be mad coz em worked out the formula.. and also, you want his old shit? buy his old albums

  • Jose Manuel

    Space Bound is the next Em single? Not a bad song but I think it should be Cold Wind Blows!

  • a1

    the problem with recovery is the beats there not unique like ems other stuff. why wasnt "we made you" all over the radio? it was his first comeback song and it had a unique sound but no one cared. "not afraid" is tight but it should have been the only song of its type on the album you know? with that same progression 99% of radio shit today uses. em sold out period and im a big fan. the album aint terrible its good but so was encore and relapse if you listen. em got this thing where he agrees wit his critics. we wanted old slim back, then relapse comes, we thought it was too much. now recovery is too commercial. I think em just needs to stay original like he always had up until recovery. relapse needed a few more serious songs like deja vu and beautiful. my darling and careful what you wish for should have been on there but hey we'll see where the next one goes. oh yea spacebound sucks too....

    • jb89

      there's alot of original shit on recovery, almost famous, cold wind blows, seduction, space bound, so bad.. etc he shows his terrible skills of ripping the mic again =)

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    "Space Bound"? Seriously? You're putting out the WORST song on Recovery as the next single?

  • killawatts

    fuck openin up the door for real emcees to do songs wit pink and rihanna, fuck that, fuck everybody on here sayin recovery is that shit over relapse, your all a bunch of middle class white boys (im white) and your opinion dont matter, or atleast shouldnt matter, this type of pop love song nonsense has no place in a discussion about real emcees or hip hop as a whole. your all a bunch of mindless corporate drones, when em was dissin nsync, you all hated nsync, now hes doin songs wit pink, suddenly, you all love pink! fuckin morons wit no opinions and thought process for yourselves... the industry forced him to make this album and you all know it.

    • kalluminati

      Em did diss corny popstars... and he hasn't worked with any on recovery. Rihanna has relatable subject matter for the most part, an that song isn't really a typical "pop" song. for fuck sakes, its about domestic violence, something eminem has written about since day 1? what ur mad cuz he took a different direction this time? and the song with pink is nothing typical of what pink usually does. with that being said, Pink isn't cut from the same cloth as those pop artists he used 2 diss either. god damn how bout yall think b4 u speak.

    • Cman107

      Hypocrite: a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. So for example, Eminem would have been a hypocrite if he would have gotten a "corny" popstar to sing in one of his songs back during the SSLP/MMLP and professed that they're wack at the same time. He isn't saying pop stars are corny anymore, therefore he isn't a hypocrite.

    • former Emfan

      Yup, Em's a hypocrite. Used to diss corny popstars, now he's working with them.

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      I'm white too and I agree Recovery wasn't that great

  • Jessica


    • Eminem

      this was supposed to be my first single(shit noises) but i just fucked that up so this was suppoosed to be my catchy little jingle that you hear on ya radio

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      It's OK to like the song... but don't you dare use the word "classic" to describe anything that sounds remotely like Space Bound... or even anything produced by fucking Jim Jonsin. Please, for the love of God...

  • Dustin6595

    Shut the fuck up Eminem Dick Riders, ppl are aloud to have have there own opinions, stop calling them haters and faggots because they want eminem to go back to his early style. dont even say hes matured, Relapse basically came out last year and that album was more violent and fucked up then his first 3 albums. Recovery was a way for him to get things off his chest, he worked with shitty producers that produce gay pop beats. dont even lie the beats on that album are no where as good as the beats for No Apologies, Renegade, The Way I Am, and Cleaning Out My Closet. Those are the definition of eminem beats. I personally didint think Recovery was that bad, but it just doesn't sound right. Eminem needs to go back to his SSLP/MMLP flow and make a good CD

  • Rahim

    in reference to eminem being a sellout? he is. Listen to syllables... him, Jay, Fifty, all of them are sellouts... Listen to the ORIGINAL version of Love the Way you Lie with SKYLAR GREY, Not Rihanna... The song is a LOT more deep and emotional and skylar grey is a million times more talented than rihanna (im not sayin that rihanna isnt talented, im just sayin that grey is more) Skylar also sent eminem a demo in whichh she sings the lyrics to love the way you lie (which SHE rote herself) and tell me why Eminem picked Rihanna rather than Grey? cos Rihanna wud sell more records... I still like eminem, i still think his generation of hip-hop is by far the best, and i think he is amongst the best in that generation... but he needs to stop selling out? and needs to stop criticizing those who do, it jus makes him a hypcrite.

    • kalluminati

      How does that make sense? Eminem picked Rihanna cause that would make it sell more records? Eminem is the best selling artist in rap ever, and his sales still hold up in 2011 to any artist of any genre. Eminem didn't need Rihanna to sell more records. That comment makes no sense. Her new cd isn't even at a million yet. He basically sold her hole cd in week 1. Lol. Maybe he jus thought she was a good fit for that song because of the shit she went through, and with her shit all over the news with chris brown, choosing her jus made sense. plain an simple.

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      Thanks Rahim, for setting the record straight. And I didn't even know Skylar's version was on the Internet, it actually is a lot better than Rihanna's.

    • iQ

      no. he picked rihanna to create a paradox. just like when he performed with elton john. it would help if you understood art more before trying to criticize :((((

    • Kenneth Thomas





    When eminem did song with lil wayne and subliminally dissed him in 3 songs is that making him selloutNO!if rihanna asked him to do song with him is he sellout ?NO!If eminem did make sick lines and meanful songs does that make himm sellout?NO

  • em

    how are u a former eminem fan ur either or fan or a hater asshole thats why recovery is the most successfull ablum of these year and the best ablum he came out with since the eminem show his next single should of been on fire

  • former Emfan

    Recovery=Corny sell-out album. And I'm afraid Dre's gonna sell-out with Detox too.

    • Anonymous

      MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold a lot, so did Justin Bieber, doesn't make their albums great, it means their albums conform to the masses of dumb asses.

    • Jose

      Well apparently the "corny album" was the best selling in 2010 and second highest world selling so idk what your point is. Now when Detox comes out you're gonna say its corny too.

  • mc hype

    Hopefully he releases You're Never Over as a single also.


    Yes one of the best songs on recovery i was hoping he would release it as a single hopefully theres a music video also.


    you damn right em's LP was on top and will be forever because he's the best! and should start coppin some jewelz from 212DC !!!

  • Brandon Payne


  • Troof

    Man...I'm sick of EM droppin all these sad sappy singles...WTP, COLD WIND BLOWS, CINDERELLA MAN, SO BAD...man there are so many other bangers that coulda been singles. Eminem has always had a hard time selecting singles though...its like he only wants his singles to appeal to the pop crowd... smdh...

    • Anonymous

      its about money man. you have a point that there are better songs on the album such as the ones you mentioned, but people who are into those songs have already bought (or downloaded) the CD. he will make a video for "space bound" put it on MTV and try to reach consumers that have yet to check the CD out. do you really think fans of "cold wind blows" are turning on MTV to find the newest hip-hop songs? hell no

  • Travis Clinton

    sound click. com/ TragikMuzik2011AD

  • rideonemjixxer

    To all you people saying Em sold out and blah blah blah. hes always made deep emotional records. Relapse flopped in comparison because there were only the hardcore fans who bought it. im a huge fan and i thought it was whack. so he decided to hit a bigger demographic with Recovery, which equals success and money. ....and u wonder why your favorite rappers favorite rapper is Em..... stupid haters.

  • Francisco Javier Flores

    do you still want him to rap about killing his wife? you peolpe are dumb hes not the same guy he was in 1999-2001 so stop hating on recovery, best album of 2010.

    • Anonymous

      yet, a year before he put out Relapse, did you hear those lyrics? Idiot. You're excuse fails.

    • Anonymous

      Holla! I agree with you on that son! Hip hop fans are so damn selfish. Dude is not 25 years old anymore. He matures, which means his subject matter may change. Do you all really expect a person to grow chronologically, mentally and emotionally, but still put out the same lyrical content?

  • dialo

    whats wrong with hip hop man? eminem should drop a party element music like W.T.P from that album not love shit cmon man he already had that shit with rihanna..i like eminem but it seems that he dont even care about or he dont control hes craft...hip hop cant never be Pop music thats why we are special culture they admire us for that ..hope slaghterhouse dont get fuck it up up there in shady office

  • Jake L Nightstand

    he should have made a video 4 medicine ball on relapse

  • Anonymous

    and there you have it. Em's manager saying it. Its a mainstream album and was meant that way. Fuck recovery.

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      America doesn't care about profanity anymore. The songs on the radio nowadays go by titles like "F**k You", "I Just Had Sex" and even freakin' "S&M". Just because Eminem has explicit lyrics doesn't mean it's not pop. The beats (for the most part), the choruses (for the most part) and the guests that actually did get song credits are all indications of the album being Pop Rap. Don't fool yourself.

    • killawatts

      i dont care if he spits tight shit on a song with fallout boy its still gonna be pop and still gonna be bullshit. the mans right, fuck recovery.

    • John-Boy

      Obviously you haven't listened to this album. The album is anything but pop. He is saying some pretty sick shit on this album. "You can get the dick. Just call me the ballsuck I'm nuts Micahel Vick in this bitch dog fall back you mutts" or "people just get sick when you spit these fools can't drool, dribble or drop anymore" or "shit dissin me is just like pissin off the wizard of oz, wrap a lizard in gauze, beat you in the jaws with it grab the scissors and saws." Sorry but these are not pop lyrics and most lyrics on the album are not. Maybe you should listen to the album and not let Ems manager make mental decisions for you.

    • Anonymous

      yea cuz if you listen to the lyrics its a pop album you dumbshit. HELL NO its not." i stuck my dick in this game like a rapist, just call me slim rothlesburger." thats pop, have 3 features, thats pop...dumb ass its not a pop album, its just broke the borderline between rap and pop

  • Brandon Payne

    Dope!, but note to DX editors the last single on Recovery was "No Love"

    • Sticks

      Nope...Officially, "No Love" was released as the second single before "Love The Way You Lie" was released as a single...

  • JPipe

    yeah i fuck with this track to bad it wont get play on hip hop stations

  • Anonymous

    fuck that, seduction!!!!



  • Anonymous

    Emo-nem has sold out and now a whiney emo pop rapper...It sad....Slim Shady Eminem show days are over.... He is no longer real hip hop

  • FREE - T

    One of better songs from Recovery

  • Anonymous

    recovery was ok at best and eminem is ok at best!! he is alegend yes, but he is average now and isnt half the mc he was on marshal mathers, slim shady, infinite and those days.. i aint hating but it is what it is.. same goes for 50 cent

    • Anonymous

      Having an opinion isn't hating, you fucking asshole that conforms to the masses, get ready to have a chip in your hand soon, bitch!

    • nahh

      @Reality... If ur talkin to me- I Have listened to Infinite u dickhead. Duno how u can even assume i aint since we got no fukin idea who each other are cos this is a computer! idiot

    • Reality

      I'm sure you've probably never even sat through a whole session listening to 'Infinite' Dumbass

    • nahh

      average? Lol! okay. really step back and think about average rappers u know then think if eminem belongs with them... didnt think so. Uve obviously never wrote lyrics or structured a song before if u think he's average. idiot

    • Anonymous

      "i aint hatein but it is what it is" ..... hey dumb fuck which part of that statment wasnt hateing... shut the you whiney bitch

  • Jay

    I'm surprised it's not "Changes" - he needs to put that out there.

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    Effin A love that song

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