Russell Simmons Promises To Help DJ Kool Herc, Talks Health Care

Simmons discusses the importance of health care discussions while also saying he'll help Kool Herc in this time of need for the pioneer.

Shortly after it was announced that Kool Herc had health issues involving kidneys, the pioneer spoke on the significance of health care reform in this country. Now, Russell Simmons has also used this situation as a platform to speak on health care reform, according to the Kim News Network. In an interview with KNN, Simmons asked the Hip Hop community to continue discussing the matter and asked that people support President Obama's initiatives.

"We need real health care, that's for sure. As far as helping out, I'd like to help out young kids but I'm going to help out Kool Herc as well. Yeah, I'm going to be one of them and so will a lot of other Hip Hoppers. [We'll] bail him out but I don't think it's their job. I think it's the government's job to take care of people who can't afford health care.," he noted.

"That's a different discussion but that's what this should spark, more of a discussion or a reminder to some of the Hip Hop community that they have to keep talking about health care and keep supporting the President in his initiatives to get health care for everybody."

Those who wish to help Kool Herc can do so by donating money to a family PayPal account


  • Bryant Carter

    a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. Also feel free to view my youtube link @

  • MPistol

    I wanna donate to Herc!

  • bswift77

    I have disagreed with Russell Simmons in the past on several issues but I actually agree with him on this one. We do need health care for everyone. Y not have universal healthcare for every american citizen.

  • Anonymous

    hustle Russell dat some g shit homie

  • Zuri1

    These are the kind of stories that I love to read. @WhyHateChris this is a site for entertainment and I don't think that they should be limited to what they right about.You might not care about Birdman betting a million on a game but maybe the next person does. HipHopDX keep doing your thing.

    • yepperz

      maybe the next person cares about Birdman betting a million on a game? RFLMAO! What crack pipe did your lips fall up under?

  • Atl2Trill

    Russell Simmons is a stand up guy. I always respected him. Glad someone in the Hip-Hop community stepped up and done the right thing.

  • Anonymous

    actually, birdman gets a big F in my book. that motherfucker should be so grateful his coon ass isnt in jail, and thats because of geniouses like DJ kool herc and russell simmons. russell simmons is still one of the realist out there, and continues to show it with what hes doing here.

  • WhyHateChris

    This is what needs to be reported first on this website. I would like to hear more of this instead of some idiot talking about how much money he wanna bet on a damn game. We got a legend thats in need of help but oh well look guys birdman bets a million dollars on a game ?!?! Hiphopdx gets a big F in my book for this

    • bswift77

      I totally agree with B.Dot. It's all news homie. Whether you like it or not, news is news. I personally want to hear it all. If i'm not interested in the story, I don't have to read it but Damn give me that choice. I love hiphopdx. This is the only site I come to for all my hip hop news. Big Ups DX!!!!!

    • Quest

      I bet u come on this site everyday lookin for news, then hate on what u read. You should channel all that into building your own site.

    • B.Dot

      Why do they get an F in your book for reporting the news? The same way you want to hear about Herc is the same way hearing about Birdman is entertaining to somebody else. That is why all is reported.

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