Rick Ross Welcomes Wale To Maybach Music With $44,000 Cartier Watch

Wale explains why Rick Ross will allow him to release the kind of singles that Allido/Interscope wouldn't, as the Boss gives his new artist a gift for the wrist.

In the wake of confirming signing Wale as the latest artist signed to Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross continued the fanfare through Super Bowl XLV weekend in Dallas, Texas. Appearing with Wale, Rick Ross made a Sean John appearance and participated in the festivities.

Captured on video by Maybach Films, Ross and Wale met with "TV" Johnny Dang, longtime jewelry-maker and Grillz partner with Paul Wall. In addition to a new Maybach medallion, Ross gave Wale a black diamond Cartier watch, which according to TV Johnny, is worth $44,000.

While Ross would not reveal in a brief on-camera conversation where Maybach Music is signing its newest distribution deal, Wale did speak about the creative freedoms being associated with the boutique label will allow him. "Being at a 'major label' - 'cause there's no such thing as a major label...and saying I want to put out [songs with substance], instead of having somebody say, 'Nah, black people ain't gonna believe that. That's not what they want from you,' I can be like, 'Rozay, my heart is in this record right now.' [He will respond with] 'Let's do it.'"

In 2009, Wale released his debut album, Attention: Deficit on Interscope/Allido Records. The album was included in HipHopDX's "Top 25 Albums of 2009."


  • KingNick305

    Man the things money can do for you....

  • Enlightened

    Oh! I get it Wale, so you just added a middle man to make you feel better. So now you'll say "I wanna put this song out with substance" and Ross will say "let's do it" then... he'll take it upstairs to the heads at Interscope, Universal or Sony, whichever he "signs" with and say, "I'm feelin this, let's put it out, the Boss has spoken" and the real bosses will say "Black people are not going to believe that. Get your fat ass out of my office"

  • Nico 3

    If his next album bombs, he'll have to return the chain and watch anyway. At least Ross is being proactive in trying to keep his movement going.

  • yerrrr

    thats a good look for Ross bringing in a younger dude to eat w em. That nig bout to start blazing some of them same producers ross work with

  • G

    He is the WACKEST rapper alive, besides Lil B.... The fatass, of course...


    give em some beats ross

  • jugo

    If Wale can get some of those banging beats that Ross is known for, then i'm all for it. I've always liked Wale, and i thought his debut album was good. Looking forward to seeing what this new union sounds like.

  • Anonymous

    ross def does his thang big up to wale good move man !

  • Steven Ireland

    So wait does this mean that when Wale was signed to interscope they wanted him to make gay club records and he didn't want to? I mean Ross has some nice suff but most people said wale's debut was pop (I don't think so) but because it had lady gaga on there it's pop. Well I hope this all works out for him. Wale X Ross is an odd combo... but hey I thought Drake X Weezy was weird and look how that truned out..

  • Maybach Music

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  • Atl2Trill

    Bawse!!! Now that's ballin.

  • lex

    chek out dis new dude..he killin shyt http://www.myspace.com/cflotentative



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