Tanya Morgan's Next Album Will Not Include Contributions From Ilyas

The respected underground trio made a conscious, geographical decision to be a duo on their third LP.

Respected underground Hip Hop trio Tanya Morgan made an interesting announcement this week to The Los Angeles Times' "Pop & Hiss" column. The Brooklyn, New York-by way of-Cincinnati, Ohio group will downsize, leading into their next album. The trio of Donwill, Von Pea and Ilyas will lose the third mentioned member, who presently lives in Ohio, away from the other two.

"We’d have to do shows and appearances and record without [Ilyas]," noted Von Pea, who recently released a solo album, Pea's Gotta Have It. "It led to us doing a lot as a duo, and all three of us, not just the two of us, made the decision that he'd sit this album out. There's a good chance he'll come back for the next one though."

The group's third full-length is presently untitled. In addition to Pea's album, Donwill released Don Cusack In High Fidelity last year.

Read the full "Pop & Hiss" interview with Tanya Morgan.


  • Potato with jive

    Ykmow a lot of people just have jobs. Some people have hobbies. The happiest people can get paid just enough to sustain a life where they get to travel and perform and while they may not cake off it, it's enough to fund the next show. Like the saying goes " do something you love and you won't have to work a day in your life"

  • Thegiftpromotions

    Hip Hop fans Rising Icon 2011 The Gift website is blowing up He's gaining big respeck with his incredible music and pretty soon the record lables will b trying get at him. ladies are fallin in love already. www.thegiftbaby.tk the streetz cant get enough of em No Money no help-just Grind and Dedication



  • ds_cero

    damn son! well at least they're not break up. every tanya morgan album has been damn near classic so far, i wonder how good the next joint will be

  • HHH, that's me

    I just have one question.. How do these acts that nobody ever heard of make money? Like, who are these dudes? Im not ignorant, Im not hating Im just very curious as to how they make money when basically no one has heard of them.. Do they tour A LOT so they can break even? Do they get somekind of sponsorship or cultural wellfare from their States/The Government? How do they do it?? This aint the first time I see hiphopdx write an article about a group/MC Ive never in my life even heard of, and Id say Im pretty up on what's what in the genre so Id assume others like me haven't heard of them either.. Much love to whoever can break this shit down for me. Like I said it's no hate intended at all Im just curious.

    • Anonymous

      The real question is why do you give a shit how they make money or how much money they have? Like people went around asking how much Beethoven or Mozart was worth back in their time...This has to be the most materialistic and dumbfuck generation of people the Earth has ever seen.

    • Typo

      Get off your high horse man, HHH was asking a valid question. My guess is that they make money from local shows and since the underground culture for the most part doesn't encourage excessive spending, they save a lot. This is only a guess though

    • Rain

      Yo man, You need to do more research man if you listen to alot of underground music. These cats been doing for a long time. I would highly recommend buying their last album brooklynati, shit was crazy. Hiphopdx rated it low because they have no clue how to rate albums sometimes. Trust me dude you will be surprised at how good the album is. Have you ever heard of Von Pea? he's the leader and the producer to most of their songs.

    • Well

      Funny you should ask that cause their album Brooklynati was reviewed by this site and every other hip hop site last year. Included in many major music magazines as well for being one of the best independent hip hop releases last year....Buuuuut, you watch 106 and park/mtv/listen to major radio so that means you know about every artist out there right? Not every music fan needs to be spoon fed like your simple ass.

  • so what

    wack just got wacker.

  • Rain

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Man this group is so fucking awesome, all you cats are sleeping on them. Me personally I think they make better music than little brother now. With Ilyas gone I'm not sure how this will turn out, because he brought out the excitement out of the group with his high pitch fast flow. I know VON and DON can hold it down. BROOKLYNATIIIIIIIIII!

    • bswift77

      Yo you really can't put Slum V in that. I mean dang half they group died, they were forced to change it up. I think these groups go through these changes because it's hard to get 2, 3, 4 different people to be on the same page, so they split and do they own thing. As for how they make money, I agree local shows are the bread and butter with some over seas shows. Over seas they always show more love to independent or older groups than we do here.

    • Yep

      Ilyas was the black sheep of the group but he brought the energy. Just when you start diggin' a hip hop act, these fuckers go and change it up. Little Brother, Slum Village, etc...

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