Nottz Details His Contributions To Dr. Dre's "Detox" Album

Nottz tells Conspiracy Worldwide Radio that five years ago, he had the "Detox" intro with Dre and Game, and all these later, he believes his beat will be the first you hear on the anticipated LP.

Famed Virgina producer/emcee Nottz released his first solo album last year in You Need This Music. Additionally, the longtime hit-maker for Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah and Little Brother produced Rah Digga's comeback album, Classic, and a free mixtape with Asher Roth, Rawth EP . With a banner year in 2010, Nottz may get a massive commercial breakthrough this year, should Dr. Dre finally decided to release Detox. Speaking with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio last evening, Nottz touched on his long-standing contributions to Dr. Dre's third and final ensemble album.

"When [Dr. Dre] first started talking about Detox, I had the first joint on that album. Now, I have the first joint on this [latest working version] of the album," said Nottz, referring to Dre's work in the early '00s as well as more recent creations. "The first song, Game did a verse to it, and Dre was on it; they rapped on the intro of the album," he revealed. "I never heard it, but Dre and them told me about it, that it was hot. Just Blaze told me that he heard the joint [and thought] it was crazy [also]."

Although Nottz did not indicate which songs, that initial early '00s Detox production would later be used by two then-Aftermath Entertainment artists. "I had did two versions to the track," Nottz said, before Busta Rhymes and Stat Quo both recorded to the song.

As far as the title of the early incarnation of Detox, Nottz also revealed that Dre and Game were going to kick the album off with a song title "As God As Might Witness," he said, before hesitating "or something like that."

Nottz, who on several occasions flew to California to work in Dr. Dre's recording studio compound, has watched Detox  shift in sound and focus. On his first encounter with Dr. Dre, Nottz said that the N.W.A. alum played him 40 beats, all rooted in the sound employed on his 1992 solo debut The Chronic. Noting that Dre's production team, which once included Scott Storch, Mike Elizondo and Mel-Man, now includes Dewaun Parker, Che Vicious and others has changed, Nottz revealed that a more recent sampling of Detox sounds was built upon "30 east coast tracks." Nottz, who has worked with some of New York Hip Hop's biggest names said, "It threw me off, 'cause it was all east coast records. Then he scrapped all of them, threw them out." Despite the change of sonic climate, Nottz rests assured, "I think he kept like two of my joints." The producer is also under the impression that both Jake One and DJ Khalil have confirmed placements on the album, expected to release this year.

Then again, Nottz can only be so sure. As this Detox album has changed and evolved throughout the last decade, Conspiracy Worldwide's host, Mista Montana, asked Nottz how certain he was that he still had that Detox intro, the veteran confirmed, "We got checks cut, but you know, records don't make albums."

The full interview, which also includes segments with Pete Rock and MC Eiht, is below:

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  • Shaan

    wot is that beat at the start of the interview!??!?!?!

  • rick

    ooops, menat o say GREAT PRODUCERS

  • Anonymous

    ooops, meant to say GREAT PRODUCERS******

  • rick

    Ive said it all along Dre doesnt have a sound of his own. I say hes more of a composer and not so much a producer. Dre producers dont need anyone else's assistance in making beats. Dilla had/has souldfuless in his beats, Premier has his signature scratch chorus's, pete Rock had his signature horns, RZA grimey, DJ Muggs dusty, grimey etc. Whats Dre's sound?

  • Thegitpromotions

    Hip Hop fans Rising Icon 2011 The Gift website is blowing up He's gaining big respeck with his incredible music and pretty soon the record lables will b trying get at him. ladies are fallin in love already. the streetz cant get enough of em No Money no help-just Grind and Dedication

  • yo daddy wit house shoes on

    Tricknology at its finest see this guy walks around hollywood all day doing absolutely nothing proclaiming this so called legendary status of BEST PRODUCER but when people look for him to do work with he sooooooo busy. yeah right now i can understand people who jus sit around watchind b.e.t. getting mind fucked and listening to brainwash radio cause they dont know shit about hip hop or music in general jus looking for the next wack ass club single from some minstrel show artist tap dancing on some mantan garbage but its the people inside the industry that kill me cause i know they see it but they stay blinded on the surface level kissing his ass on some political brownnosing to add to his ego hoping to get a beat from him crap. lets keep it real dr. dre is a fake plain and simple like his beats. shouts to quik,daz,battlecat,evidence,madlib,georgia ann muldrow,exile,oh no,jake one,architect,flying lotus,afta 1,dibiase,chill,thes ones,sounds in society and countless others in the game that are better and MAKE THERE OWN BEATS. ok ok i know i put this out already but this is better place to shine the truth about hands to the side producers like wack ass dre

    • yo daddy wit 2 dollar bills n the dice game

      im a hater cuz i think someone like j. dilla is far better and i mean light years away producer than dr dre and has the catalog that speaks for itself ok then so be it there no need to argue and n the words of redman ILL BE THAT. p.s. turn your radio off it might help you out

    • dara

      deez couldnt put it better myself haters will be haters

    • Deez

      If all these other producers are so much better. How come they have never had half the success as Dr. dre??? Plain and simple Dr. Dre is a pioneer. He has devoloped a westcoast sound. NWA, deathrow, aftermath and even the firm are all reflective of his sound. Developed artists like snoop, 50 cent, eminem. Again when all these other so called much better producers can do that. Then they will deserve all the accolades. So far they haven't and all of them speak highly of dr. dre. So for now you're just another hater.

  • Sam Sneed

    Who cares about detox anymore? He should have dropped the album in 2005 now its to late. Nobody wants to hear on a dre record: xzibit, kurupt and snoop they all suck now. And the new genration of rappers suck even more i mean lil wayne, t.i., 50, game on detox? just retire dre and sell some stupid headphones or shoes or whatever.

  • Jon Mc

    Being the producer doesnt mean you made the beat, it means you PRODUCED the score, there is nothing, not one fucking word, drum, high hat, or breath, that Dre didnt OK. Plus your a fucktard if you think dre doesnt have a hand in Making every beat thatll be on DetoX. #OkBye



  • Rod

    Zipping up Dre's pants after he was done sucking him off for some money. Faggot ass niggas. And that got him some credits, if Dre wasnt acting like a diva.

  • kennyken

    whatever it is, dre will put that shit together on point boss thugger

  • Anonymous

    if dre doesnt produce his own shit.. and we know he doesnt write.. then wtf does he do?

    • Deeder

      You are an idiot. To produce this type of music it takes more than one artist, depicted by a dictator, the good Dr.

    • whuuut

      Took the words outta my mouth, you could say the same about Diddy too, i guess he's more of a director these days than a producer, either way both of the singles so far have been awful. I don't have high hopes for the LP, although I like the sound of Jake One on there.


      he sucks off quincy jones and jimmy iovine for some loot.

    • Anonymous

      A VERY valid question, sir. VERY valid...

  • jack johnson

    more and more i'm starting to believe the rumors that Dre really doesn't produce his own songs

    • jack johnson

      i've been a dre fan for a while and i've read what mel-man had to say and he denied it, but now i'm not believing it anymore

    • Anonymous

      YOU STARTNG?? damn you must be young to the game kid, Mel-man did the majority of chronic 2001...its 2011.

  • Scott Peterson Song


  • dllld

    What beat is that playin in the background of the radio thingamajiig at ze bottom

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