Naughty By Nature To Drop First Album Since 2002, DJ Premier Collaboration

UPDATE: Vin Rock and DJ Premier agree that 20 years is too long, and Illtown meets the Gang Starr sound for their next album.

Naughty by Nature have set a May 17 release for their first studio album since 2002's IIcons, Anthem Inc.

The album, which will drop on Illtown Records, signifies the 20th anniversary of the group, as well as the 15th anniversary of its Grammy for Best Rap album, the first of its kind.

"Anthem Inc. is our way of saying thank you to our incredibly loyal, global fan base for their support over the last 20 years," said Vin Rock of the release. "With a few classic tracks re-recorded and brand new bangers, the album will give listeners a 'Then and Now' perspective of our career.

The group began promotion by performing a medley of songs, in addition to their new single "Flags," on "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday (February 3).

Their latest single, "Flags," has been released in two video versions, the "Life Cut" and the "Death Cut," which contain alternate endings. The former guest stars Ice-T, as he helps the video's protagonist make the smart decision and get out of the street life. In the latter, the character is not so lucky.

"The 'Death Cut' depicts what occurs when one makes bad decisions in the face of adversity," explained Vin Rock. "Unfortunately, this is the reality youth are facing across America. We will use both versions to open up the dialogue in our community. We must step up to curb the self-inflicted genocide in our culture."

Naughty by Nature will be going on tour this year, making stops in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Dates confirmed thus far are below:

2/12 - New Orleans, LA @ Lake Front Arena *
2/18 - Philadelphia PA @ Liacouras Center *
2/19 - Baltimore MD @ 1st Mariner Arena *
3/18 - New York City, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
3/25 - Richmond, VA @ Richmond Coliseum *
4/9 - Milwaukee, WI @ Milwaukee Theatre *
5/21 - Minneapolis, MN @ Cabooze

* As part of Salt-n-Pepa's "Legends of Hip Hop" Tour

(February 5)

UPDATE: This week, Naughty By Nature visited released a video of a radio appearance. "We gonna figure out, why in the hell [after] 20 years, we ain't worked with him," Vin Rock said upon meeting DJ Premier at his Serius Satelite Radio show Live From The Headquarters, which did a tribute show to the East Orange, New Jersey trio. On the show, Premier agreed, "Twenty years is the best time. I'm all in count me in. I'm all in."

Previously, Naughty By Nature had worked with Gang Starr affiliate Bumpy Knuckles on their 2002 IIcons album.

The video can be seen below:


  • truhenola

    used to love em, but for real ya'll this shit gonna catch a brick bigtime

  • junMaf*ckn

    Treach is one of the GOATs. Eminem has often mentioned him as an influence.

  • Rick

    You know, i ve never been a big fan of NBN but Treach could spit fire! I was 17 when OPP dropped and for some reason I didnt like it. I thought it was tooo "POP & HAPPY" for me. I was already deep into Cypress Hill "soul assassins". I remember spotting a Hip Hop Hooray single so i picked it up to check if there was a "B side" ( what you young kids know about that) and sure enough...Hip Hop Hooray Pete Rock Remix..I was like OOOOOH SHIT! Shit, i need to pick upi their early 90's stuff... alright i got some digging to do this weekend.

  • Weekie Jah




  • ERS1

    Man that video is nice. Treach is killing the hell out of that. If you think that is wack you can't be listening to the lyrical display on that. Man...!

  • Hmm

    I like this video though, very insightful.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to them but I wouldnt bet on it being a very succesful comeback, there caught in the middle, not ignorant or Gay enough to be Mainstream, Not angry and Pissed off enough to get underground love, and not big enough crybabies to get the Kanye "Soapbox" audience. Naughty made lyrical party music and there's no market left for that at all

  • Nico 3

    OPP and Hip Hop Hooray were good for their time, but their latest stuff is largely bullshit, but hey, they must know something the market doesn't.

    • shone jones

      @ Anonymous The first Naughty album made Treach one of the most innovative and imitated in the game. The last two made him the most played-out and cliched dudes in the game, especially that IICONS album.

    • Anonymous

      Trach will rape your most of your favorite MC's on the mic, i dont know what you were listening to, smh

  • beezlebud

    Dope news i heard bout this a while back good to hear its still happenin Naughty are one of Hip Hops dopest groups and hopefully this will be filled with more OPP style joints than their more recent albums coz thats their strong suit Hip Hop anthems joints that when you throw on you instantly feel what it is to be HIP HOP BEEZLEBUD HIT ME ON TWITTER

    • charlie hustle

      treach is hiphop for years.i knew for years treach was a real blood.i know peoples that know them jersey ill town niggas they get down.everybody know that ice t is a real crip.thats some real g all u teens,reading this,theres a lot of real blood and crip sets out here,dipset aint no real set,neither is young money.just because u soowoo and throw up a b or where a red bandana dont make u no blood.and i rep 79 swan blood family and trust me these rapping niggas aint no sets,snoop,dpg,icet,half of the westcoastdj quick blood.snoop,icetcrip,jezzy,crip,the only blood niggaz that really bang is dmx,treach,and them brooklyn niggaz.twista,crucial conflict common,r kelly vice lord.yeah yall didnt no kells was affliated.see i know cause i bang stay out the gangs cause its real.bbbbbbbbdatttttttttttt

  • Anonymous

    naughty by nature was never really a group with deep messages at all, but they could spit the fuck out of a song and there one of my favorite groups of all time. im happy there back.

  • Eli

    hes quite serious and correct, if you think otherwise, your probably young and dont appreciate good music.

    • shone jones

      It's obvious that you don't know Naughty's history and want to give 90s artists a pass, even though it is not their best work by a long shot. Naughty's strength has always been the hip hop anthem. They've always been known for that style. When they try to veer from that style, they fall flat. And as far as that cheap shot, I have every Naughty CD that was out, so I have a right to talk about it.

  • senseinewton

    treach is a seriously dope, but underrated mc.

  • Kai M Aylward

    Why did Treach never do a solo album?

    • ERS1

      Damn. I was just saying the same shit. Nothing against naughty, but I would easily buy that shit. He is underated as an MC. He is treachorous on the mic. Somebody call him to do that shit.

    • Cronos

      i was just thinking about that. treach was nice, a real street dude too so an album from him would've been fire

  • dontgiveafuck.

    this flag video is on some serious level. this aint some lil wayne shit, or some kanye shit, this is some real real shit. now this is what rap music is all about, a fuckin deep deep deep message. somethin you wont find anywhere else exept in the rap music. because it is about life and its consequences, about death and hope, about love and peace. im so happy naughty by nature are coming back in this motha fucka. because i dearly missed those days where hip-hop meant something and was used as a major tool to speak for the uneared. the hip-hop thing turned in such a major joke with so many fake artists (rick ross is the primarly example) that the people need some of its pioneers to remind them what it is really about. one love

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