Scarface Released From Prison, Already Working On New Music

UPDATE: The Geto Boys founder has been released from prison after nearly a year behind bars.

While reports of public figures heading to jail are far from uncommon, it is quite unusual for such news to be concealed for almost four months. It was confirmed on Thursday that Texas rapper Scarface was incarcerated last October, and has been held in the Montgomery County Jail since, for failing to pay child support.

According to who spoke with a representative of the jail, the veteran rapper is facing charges in four different child support cases. Even more unusual, he is also facing additional federal charges that have not yet been publicly disclosed.

Before the incarceration, Scarface had been working on his twelfth album, The Habit, said to be featuring both John Legend and Drake. There is no update yet on the specifics regarding the federal charges, bail, or when he is scheduled to appear in court.

[February 3]

UPDATE: After nearly a year in prison, Scarface is reportedly a free man. According to HHW, 'Face was released from Harris County Jail where he remained incarcerated for failing to pay child support. "Face is home and he’s already busy working on releasing new material," says a representative. "It’s not going to take him long to fall right back into the swing of things."


  • SourHeadband420

    Man this is a good look. The king of the South is back.

  • SutterKane

    SMH Fuck it tho, thats his problem, I dont care what the man do in his real life, I grew up on Scarface records Quite Honestly, he could get convicted of being a serial Killer and I doubt it would change my view, dude's a rap god and thats all I need him to be, do what you want on your off days homie, Just drop a better record then Emeritus next time, lol

  • Sean

    use your head @uhh,homey,i mean homo.

  • twoholla

    Hey 'FACE...I'm glad you're back...I remember reading an interview you did right after releasing "EMERITUS" where you said you were retiring to go start a rock band (NO BULSHIT) with you on the Bass guitar...I laughed sooo pissed me off...I said to myself...everbody got ANDRE 3K SYNDROME (dope emcees who want to do everything else but what they're the best at: EMCEEING)...that "EMERITUS" LP was sooooo disappointing & then a ray of light came in the appearrance of that DOPE MUSIC mixtape you put out....BUT you had to many WHACK, SO-SO, MEDIOCRE RAPPERS on damn near every track...You PISSED ME OFF with all this child support, broke-drama that's been a part of your life, UP-CLOSE...I just know that 'FACE will not only explain his side of the child-support issue in rhyme-verse...BUT we'll be getting a CERTIFIED BANGER of an LP from the boy...T from Da BAY...yeah

  • Anonymous

    Face, please don't re-sign with Rap-A-Lot for this album.

  • kennyken

    shit scarface aint said he had money in a while...btw, he said on his last mixtape (album) that he made a lot of money and lost that shit...scarface aint dope hoppin man

  • The B

    The God of the south. Somethin like KOOL G. RAP status. Please Scarface eliminate these skinny jean wearin lil wayne fags...PLEASE!!!! But damn pay that child support or wrap it up or somethin, cause i know you aint gonna stop fuckin. LOL!!

  • Powerphi

    As long as he's living and breathing, he's the King of the South, at least in my opinion. As for these kids, well damn - if this is accurate, dude needs to step up and take care of business.

    • realtalk101

      I think K-Rino's the king of the south, Scarface even has said hes the MC that inspired him to rap. Hes more underground then face but hes highly connected through out the Texas rap scene and respected by all. I'm not sure if you're aware but he has a click called "South Park Coalition/Killa Klan" and literally it consists of like 100+ rappers like Point Blank, Ganxsta Nip, 20-2-Life, Street Military, Klondike Kat, Bam and many other rappers that were on the Rap-A-Lot label in its early years all the way up to Z-Ro & Trae Its the center group that connects all Houston rap clicks and even branches to outside Texas cities, possibly even other southern states. Hes definitely the spearhead of the southern rap movement, groups like Three 6 Mafia were using their voice samples for their underground tapes before they made it big. Hes considered in many circles to be a top 5 lyricist of all time, those that have had an opportunity to actually hear him.

  • Edwin Lskreation Chibanga

    dudes need to take care of they seeds

  • Woooooo

    Time to bring the south back. No more trap shit. Everybody tired of it.

  • Azhar

    Sorry to hear he was on a county funded vaca... but glad we gettin some more Face music... I'll tell u what not paying child support makes no sense... pay it just to have peace of mind... but 4 diff child support cases can be expensive, damn Face put helmet on dat soldier playboy

  • Jason

    Damn whose that girl in the pic below this quote? lol wow Welcome home Scarface!!! damn all that time for Chsup!!! im keeping my jimmy hats tight!!

  • Obi Patrick

    Niggas just cant retire, I thought Emeritus was his last album...


    Good to see you back home Face no matter what the case is keep giving us good music hommie..If U luv good music go here

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    It´s sad. Geto Shit. Face (Child Support-Shit), Willie D.(Iphone-Scam-Shit) and Chuckwick (Weedcoke-Greencard-Shit) never understood how to keep their shine. As artists and as men. Hope these fools get it together and maybe release a fucking album or get a job flippin burgers. God bless these idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Four more case pending for child suppose, what up with all these rap nigga claiming to have money when they dont, Scarface ha, not like the movie ha, where nigga real had money, its a movie it was all made up, nigga need to stop fronting hard

    • Anonymous

      @Andre Cooper, you and scarface need to come and help me do the dishes cause that the only way this nigga coming to be making some money fronting like he rich and aint got joke cant pay child suppose, nigga i am paying my way living well, while you can scarface fronting broke as hell, me kill myself i guess i might as well with all the money that make up my wealth

    • Andre Cooper

      That is why you a broke hater now go do dishes for your mama...Kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      what a hater.


    I'm a fucking sellout hahahahah first thing I would do if I got a record deal would consist of making an entire CD of diss tracks aimed at Nas, Rakim, Jay Z, Eminem, DMX and Canibus. And just watch my ass get eaten out by angry fans hahaha

  • DL Dub

    I guess he forgot that these hoes out here will kill ya. You feel me Face?

  • Anonymous

    If Jay-z snitched on Rap-A-Lot, how come J.Prince allowed Jay-Z to be feautured on Bun-B's "Trill" album? How come Rap-A-Lot allowed Bun-B to performed with Jay when Jay had a show in H-Town?

    • Sean

      aint no tv shit teach me nothing dude.Use your head.or better yet use a book.That was my source for the information.Start over

    • wtf

      why do people always swear that they know everything. you only know what you are allowed to see on tv.

    • sean

      when was this?Jay aint did no show with bun b.If he did it was 5 years ago.He did snitch on them niggas man.If Jay and Bun are cool,it doenst matter who ALLOWS who to do what.Maybe they was cool from big pimpin'.That illuminati shit is real.look it up.

  • Anonymous

    Do any of you clowns have any proof that the Illuminati exist?

    • udontevenknowhadatmean

      lol they look like wannabe deltas throwin that shit shit up. camel & gayfish have no idea the true power of the delta! a symbol of deitys love

    • traveler

      Man, stop. The illumanti were nothin more than 8th century, hash smokin middle eastern assassins. That was tha name of their order, just like a simple social club. They got together &talked about how special they were & outsiders weren't. They're not tied to Freemasons or any chickenshitworld take over.

    • uhh, homey

      Both of you dense motherfuckers (Its real, Sean) need to go back to school or pick up a book NOT written by Dan Brown or Alex Jones.

    • Sean

      Study how every celebrity is wearing all black.look at all these album covers and magazine photos of people covering one eye.Thats them signing to the elite(or illuminati).Watch the handshakes,everything!Open your eyes!The more you say it aint true the faster they get your mind thinkin they aint out here.Aint no coincidences either.

    • Its real

      Ye it exists. Eminem has a little illuminati chain on his neck and jay z makes a triangle shape with his hands and both of these rappers worship the devil and put spells on their albums so they can sell millions

  • Atl2Trill

    Damn they jamming Facemob up over bs. The Feds some dirty sons of bitches.

  • Mindplayingtricks

    Don't assume Scarface aint paid what he shoulda. You just gotta look at the hoe Kelis and what she tried to take Nas for to know that it doesnt equal justice what rappers pay for their baby momas. Scarface aint Prez down South of a label anymore. That finished before. Chances are he's been asked to pay way too much for what his papers been for more than a minute. Respect to Scarface tho he got 50 Cent wrong. That was about allegiances more than reality. As for anonymous posters talking shit about Rocafella - get your facts up, Kareem Burke got busted for weed and hash, not coke. Rocafella done started on coke money thru a real dealer, not a lil foot soldier Jay Z. Jay Z been snitching from back in the day, talking bout he ran drug rings from Brooklyn to Maryland. That was De-haven, Emory and others, he just went along to be looked after like a girl. The Feds don't need shit to follow your ass around and then when they get shit on you, you're gone. So Rocafella shoulda went the way of Murder Inc, Death Row, and RapaLot at the time but didn't. That tells you something, tells you Jay Z and them helped the Feds in one way or another to save their own asses or Jay Z snitched to the Def Jam white owners to get the competition out the way. Either way he's a snitch.

  • RM

    sucks man! These bitches see money and want all of it...dont get me wrong , dude should be supporting his seeds but sometimes the amount that one has to pay is BANANAS. They expect you to stay sane and live a regualr life when all the hard earned money you've made is going to the trifling whores! Thats shit eats at a man hard! fucks you up man. Ive been thru that shit...going thru it now. And what sucks the most is that there are fathers out there that spend LOTS of time with their kids (myself) buy them whatever they need and these bitches still find something to complain about...seriously the laws need to change..if a bitch can work, put that bitch to work!

  • jack

    im glad my dad loves me

  • achpe

    Much respect for Face as a MC, but when are niggas going to learn to strap dat thing up? I like to fcuk too, but the HIV and children I cant take care of are not for me. If you know she a hoe or you know you not going to be wit her for the long haul, then why have children with her? I know things happen and women change so I can be cool with one time, but four different counts that's all on FACE no matter how you look at it. Real Talk.

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  • truthisall

    Scarface is a deadbeat dad. That is why he is in trouble it is that simple. he is a overated emcee. And he also is a ugly toad frog looking mothafuka. That dude is a loser and needs to pay up. How you gonna talk all that positive shit in your raps and dont want to take care of your kids.This cat is wack in and outside the booth

    • Anonymous

      ^Milli Vanilli lookin' ass nigga.

    • Andre Cooper

      kill yourself.... scarface overrated??? Your fav rapper looks up to scarface and he has held his own wit jay,nas,beans and several others....hating ass nigga

    • MR.GREED

      cmon'son SCAREFACE is tha best that ever did it,a mans talent is not judged on appearence u clown ass nigga,its all about what u preach and deliver your sermon 2 the people,thats what makes an emcee an MC get ya mind right hater...EVERY NIGGA GOT BM DRAMA!!!

    • Anonymous

      No the feds are trying to break him in what ever way they can. Didn't see the fed charges

    • Anonymous

      your mama's wack too.

  • Big log

    Ok holdup! backup for a sec, yo my nigga face on lock down, WTF! tripping, dawn homie you'll nigga suppose too have money or is it just me or all these rap nigga front hard, they broke as hell, love face music man, but yo you got to take care of them kids man, and the FEDS charge a branch of craps, Four month and the FEDS aint charge you, all that mean they aint got nothing on you and they are looking real hard to find some chump charge to hitt you with, that nigga be good on the FEDS charge, if they had someum, they will already hit that nigga, But yo too all your'll rapping Nigga man, PAY your Child Suppose doggs!

  • Tidomann

    Hold yo' head 'Face...we waitin' on that 'Under Oath' shit plus that Habit. Peace Mr Jordan.

  • Anonymous

    4 months and we only now hear about it. Very weird. One of the best to do it. Hopefully everything turns out well for him.

  • Mindplayingtricks

    Damn, anonymous talking ol shit bout 50 Cent that aint true needs to hear Professor Griff on just why Irv Gotti, Suge Knight and J Prince got their labels raided and those charges put on em. 50 Cent mighta done some talking bout Preme etc in interviews but it aint anything the Feds didn't know. Scarface's problem with 50 Cent was based on a perception but that perception aint what it seems. Professor Griff says the reason the Feds went after Irv etc and their labels was that they wanted to start their own Black music company together and Jay Z snitched on em to stop it. He knew that any competition out the way meant he was getting that wealth and attention. Think about it. Why was Rocafella which was funded by drug money (no it wasnt Jay Z's money)and whose big rapper Jay Z was supposed to be paranoid about cops cause of his drug dealing shit but was and is always boasting about shifting weight, LEFT ALONE by the Feds but there was more evidence than the shit they said about Murder Inc, Death Row and RapaLot? Do the math. Get your knowledge up. Scarface aint in trouble cause of 50 Cent.

    • fubitch

      Ans where is your proof of this jay z snitching. were you there. i hate when niggaz write hearsay as if it was dont know shit.

    • Anonymous

      The feds just took down those Rocafella and High times dudes with that Florida connect and the informants will come out of those 40 plus arrested that are facing life. Believe that!!!

    • Anonymous

      The feds just took down those Rocafella and High times dudes and the informants will come out of those 40 plus arrested that are facing life. Believe that!!!

    • Tidomann

      @ Mindplayintricks U should check this Anonymous cat's comments. Str8 bullshit. I'm glad someone is annoyed by this faggot who I think is some spoilt nerd sitting infront of a PC bought by his momms and keeps talkin' crap out here. Muthafucka!

    • Anonymous

      So are you telling me that you believe that shit from the Illuminati DVD????? lol I said dry snitching brought the heat and the pressure and pressure bust pipes!!! Fed investigation. It is a domino effect 10 years in the making. I didn't say 50 was the only snitch.

    • Anonymous

      So are you telling me that you believe that shit from the Illuminati DVD????? lol I said dry snitching brought the heat and the pressure and pressure bust pipes!!! Fed investigation. It is a domino effect 10 years in the making.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent was dry snitching on Murder Inc. and then Death Row and Rap-A Lot came falling down after that. The feds asked J. Prince what was his business affiliation with Suge and he plead the 5th. Troy "Lil Troy" Birklett is snitching just ask J. Prince and Pimp C was the first person to call Lil Troy out. Troy was suing Face so you already know he will snitch. THE CHILD SUPPORT IS WHAT THEY GOT HIM ON BUT THEY WANT HIM ON THOSE FED CHARGES!!!

    • Anonymous

      The feds just took down those Rocafella and High times dudes and the informants will come out of those 40 plus arrested that are facing life. Believe that!!!!

    • Mindplayingtricks

      There was talk around before Professor Griff, he just opened up the discussion for more ears to hear. Now tell us again why your lame anti 50 Cent ass aint want to answer about Rocafella. Fact - Rocafella's money to start off was claimed to be from Def Jam but they hadda prove themselves and they did their start up shit from drug money. That money aint come from Jay Z but a real dealer who spent time in the pen. This is what happens when you deal drugs for real, not just lil bags of crack. This is why Jay Z never went to the pen for drug dealing, all the 'Roc boys' shit is just borrowed from real life of others. Now as we know the Feds want to shut these music labels down when they think there's a drug connection and Jay Z never stopped talking about shifting weight once Rocafella was made. Why hasn't Rocafella been shut down/investigated by the Feds? Two reasons - ol bullshit (minor drug shit he did, not major) and value as a snitch.

  • Ricky Recardo


  • Anonymous

    America at its finest again lol, give me your poor and we lock them up for having kids, the world laughs at you and your failing system. Wheres your next war fuckers? Stay strong Face, thank you for the music, if Dopeman Music was the starter The Habit gonna be a 7 course meal.

  • toppdogg

    damn 4 months? and it was just revealed today Pray for u Face

  • jack johnson

    doesn't feel good to be a gangsta now does it? :p

  • Brandon Daviet

    Dam, him and Willie D in jail. 2 out of 3. Run Bushwick Bill, Run.

  • Damien Kirk

    Fuck anyone using a child as a paycheck.

  • Dopeboi Justin

    fuk dat bitch that want a child support

  • junMaf*ckn

    Damn not my nigga FaceMob!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn Face not you too!!

  • Money Emp

    My dude gone straighin this Sh!t Watch.

  • Makaveli662

    Scarface is the truth

  • Admiral Rick Hunter

    This is bad news, when did it become a crime to father a child?, flesh and blood has nothing to do with money, I'm tired of paying child support to Min May!

    • Tidomann

      Plus man them bitches be out to get u on that one. They sit on they fuckin' smelly ass pussies & all day talk "ma baby daddy is a what, is this...i'ma get him" Fuck all that. I pay that str8 up in court every last day of the month, even if I'm busy with something I gots to make sure I rock up there 4 that payment that in turn this dirty bitch is gon' use buying all kinds of shit for herself. Fuckin' Whores All Over The World. Fuck the system too, they str8 hoes!

  • bauce

    Explains him not being on twitter

  • Gusto from Pott Street


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