Young Money's Jae Millz Get An iPhone App

The New York emcee becomes the latest artist to go digital with his own app.

In what’s becoming an increasingly common move among rappers, Jae Millz has created an app that works across the entire Apple platform, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The emcee, currently signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money imrint, has yet to drop an official solo album for the label but that doesn’t mean he’s not a busy guy.

This app, which went live on January 30th, allows his fan to keep up with everything the New York born artist is up to. That includes Twitter updates, new music, new videos, photos, and news updates. The recent rise of these apps demonstrates how Hip Hop artists are attempting to stay current and visible while expanding their brand in a world that is relying less and less on physical product.

To see screen caps of Jae Millz new app head over to



  • Anonymous

    another pointless..SOOOOOOO pointless artist app that will tell about the artist, that you can find out elsewhere..and whos really followin millz?? i mean i might DL his mixtape, but its not like hes major and i need to follow his every move..pointless app waste of time

  • CAL

    Am sorry, but....Jae Millz mixtapes of late iz str8 FIRE ! And you ask who iz MILLZ??? wow can people forget the dude who came on diddy's makin the band (first+best season) and lyrically assaulted 1 of the members !!! Diddy knew kid was a PROBLEM then! ...and dude still iz. He aint gonna blow + and go pop, but he keep it gutta! and real tho ! ...LEGGGGO ! And am not from new york

  • Christopher English

    And we have the first iPad based hip hop mag though if you don't have a big name attached.. they don't show love. Search for "Hoodgrown Magazine" in the iTunes app store!


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  • HiTower

    hahahaha i love the way the article says "allows his fan to keep up with everything the New York born artist is up to." I even doubt he has a fan

  • Swamp Thang

    Why do rappers that nobody cares about wanna make iPhone apps? No ones checking for you in the streets so NO ONES gonna check for you on an iPhone. Freakin' idiot!

  • freddie gibbs

    who the fuck is jae millz?!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i heard ten people downloaded it. 9 of them threw their iphones into the hudson river. the other one is still trying to find a way to uninstall it. jae millz HA! rememeber that ron browz track he had waaaay back that was supposed to blow and make him huge. "back to tha future" i think it was called. not much to say about it, it just made me laugh thinking about that

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