50 Cent's "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" Hits 8x Platinum Mark

50 Cent's Shady/Aftermath debut reportedly hits the 8 milli mark, hitting a massive Rap milestone.

Whether you're a fan of 50 Cent or not, it's difficult to deny the hit-making machine that was Curtis Jackson in 2003.

It's even more difficult now, as the Queens rapper's debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin', has hit the 8 million mark in sales in the United States this week, according to yahoo.com.

50's accomplishment puts him in favorable company, as only Eminem and Nelly have surpassed him in single rap album sales. Eminem's highly-controversial The Marshall Mathers LP (10,341,000) and The Eminem Show (9,928,000) hold the first and second spots on the list, respectively. Nelly's Country Grammar (8,489,000) edges out Get Rich for the third spot.

50's debut, which sold 872,000 copies in its first week of release, featured highly-touted production by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mr. Porter, Rockwilder, Sha Money XL and others.

The album was replete with hit singles in "Wanksta," "In da Club," "Many Men (Wish Death)," "21 Questions," featuring Nate Dogg, and "P.I.M.P."

The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, losing to OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.


  • Scott

    He's never going to sell that many albums again.

    • Tremain

      My man for some reason to me u sounded like a hater. Who could still sell 8x Plat these days. Ain't no one doin that. 50 did his thing with GRODT. Give him that n stop hatin. It's all about the hustle. N to me that was the Best Album of the Decade. I got that Album and The Blue Print as my 2 albums of the decade.

  • Anonymous

    Salute Fif on G.R.O.D.T. selling 8xPLATINUM in the US & 14XPLATINUM WORLDWIDE!!! most defenitley a classic album, matter of fact since I'm in the crib I'm going to bang the CD right-now! I got it loaded-up in my ipod but that for the whip, I keep the CDs in da crib ya dig

  • milehighkid85

    Been a fan of his since he was running next to Jam Master/Nas, since people called him Boo Boo, since Domination/Smurf. THE MOST UNDERRATED EVER, PERIOD. Real heads show Curt mad love and he gets respect from some of raps greats, dude has BEEN thru the circuits check the track record. People really need to show 50 some cred, dude did in THREE YEARS what it took, Jay/Puffy to do in 10, word is bond. 50 will go down as one of the GOATS, not lyrically, but as a full body of work dare I say there are not many that can stand next to him without being in some sort of shadow. 50 is a problem, HE SINGLED HANDEDLY INVENTED THE MIXTAPE CIRCUIT YOU ARE GIVEN NOW, he crafted those mixtapes like albums, plotted every move and changed the game for good. 50 is a legend and like he said, "Em didn't invent me, BUT a star is what he made me...."

  • Mak

    Yall stupid fucks better start showing some damn respect for what 50 has done for this game since he arrived. When you talk about buzz when Drake was coming, who did you compare him to. Shit who did he even compare himself to? Dude who mentioned Rick Ross gotta be from the south. Not too many rappers can touch 50 collection, definitely not Ross. From the first initial mixtapes which set the blueprint for all of these artists, to Get Rich to G-Unit Radios to the Massacre which bumped hard. To beg for mercy to get rich soundtrack, to curtis(if dropped today would get praised). All the number 1 records, all the records sold, all the money made. Last highest selling album was the Massacre, in both total sales and first week sales. And it will never be passed cause of u mind-less drones who let wack artists take over hip hop. Ice Cube already told niggas. Like 50 said dont miss him when he's officially dead and gone and it finally hit you all the work he put into this game

  • Anonymous

    50 was in the game for like less then 5 years when he got to jay-z's status money wise. as a rapper Hov gets the W but when it comes down to business and making money...im gonna have to go with 50. Check out Shad, most slept on rapper in the universe PEACE!!

  • cal

    1. Eminem - Marshall mather 2. Nelly - Country Grammar 3. 50 Cent - Get rich... ??? Whats with 2pac - All eyez on me ?? its 9x Platinum as well isnt it?? Whats with Notorious BIG - Life after Death??

  • da1

    If I'm not mistaken Will Smith's Big Willie Style sold over 9 million copies and so did the Beastie Boy's Licence to Ill. Anyways, I think I must of bought GRODT about three times since it came out. Oh yeah, Mc Hammer's album went diamond so if you can't him, GRODT is the seventh best selling "solo" rap cd in the States. I guess you can't count 2pac's all eyes on me, 2pac's greatest hits, Outkast TLB/SB and Big's Life After Death. Right?

  • Ludovic Ménard

    Wanksta is not at all a single of get rich,single in 8 mile OST

  • Jason

    GRODT = greatest hip-hop album of all time Period.

  • em

    eminem recovery would do that in half that time since that ablum been out it looks like recovery going to be another ablum in the us that does over 10 million

    • wolfman

      Nahhhhh.... 5 million today is a diamond benchmark. It's a digital world now. And if he does make 5 million.. it doesn't happen for several years to come.


    SHIT 8 MIL DIVIDED BY 52 STATES thats about 150,000 = fans per state easy concert sellout lol


    The fsct that we are having a conversation about this is amazing and HIS REAL 1st ALBUM IS POWER OF THE DOLLAR THATS HIS FIRST CLASSIC WITH BEYONCE,NORE AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF HOT TRACKS



    • wolfman

      You know you were dancin in front of the mirror.. sing "you can find me in the cluubbb.. bottle full.." Dont even act like you didnt sweat that shit when it was fresh.

  • Anonymous


  • shadyaftermath

    one of the best hip hop albums ever, even the haters felt this, 50 is a hip hop a ledgend

  • BWS-Fish

    u can pinpoint the day 'Country Grammar' went 8x platinum as the day hip hop died... also, GRODT = one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hip hop album of all time.

    • BWS-Fish

      Titan, if u honestly believe that Country Grammar deserves to be the 3 highest selling rap album of all time then u need ur head examined. I can think of mixtapes that deserve to sell more than that garbage.

    • Titan

      Country Grammer was good but not violent and the other one was just plain normal gangster rap!!!

  • fuck jayz

    classic album - fif need to get back on the old flows n needs hot beats

  • Glenn Tucker

    Congrats to fifty but HIPHOP DX didnt MC Hammer's album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em sell over 10 mill as well

    • Glenn Tucker

      I mean dam his pants were F'd up and dude couldn’t rap for nothing but he was the first solo rap act to sell over ten mill so at least HHDX give him his recognition lol

  • ommm

    get rich or die trying 14,000,000 the massacre 11,000,000 curtis 4,000,000 before i self destruct 600,000 i know sales hav gone down. but it took him 2 albums to cross 20 million!!!!! it took jay z 6 albums!!!!

    • wolfman

      If you all will please look closely at the chart, you'll notice Mr. Curtis's sales decline sharply after The Massacre. Marking the end of his gorilla unit fad. Hip hop 101. But Jay-Z...11 albums...11...all platinum...in the US. 1996 - NOW. No other artist done it bigger for the game.

    • Chupps

      this nigga some spin doctor, using worldwide 50 vs domestic (US) Jay Z sales... Stop it.

    • Anonymous

      and you are counting 50's worldwide sales... but counting Jay's US sales... you forgetting V0L 2 sold crazy worldwide....

    • Anonymous

      yeah true.... lol.... Jay-z got longevity though... before 50, Jay was selling millions. when 50 was selling millions, jay was selling millions. Now that 50 can't crack Gold, Jay is selling millions...

  • jj

    if u take all the albums lil wayne has sold, it dusnt come to 8 million. get rich has sold 14 million worldwide, i know it isnt as big as eminem and nelly's. but that is just an incredible achievment. i whish he would get back to this

  • akakwyteboy


  • Nico 3

    I'd rather be Rick Ross right now, cause in the end, he's going to have a catelog of music that stands the test of time pretty well. All 50 has is that first album. Selling 8 million was a great achievement, but that was just one period in time where everything was in place for the guy to blow up over night.

    • Truth

      @JoeM lol @ Get Rich or Die Tryin' being a "classic." Maybe if you cut six songs.

    • JoeM

      You're just plain stupid then. Ross is ghetto rich. That is to say he's super rich to people still in the ghetto.. but that ain't no real money, that shit won't last. Dude has no real wealth or financial security, he could be here today and gone tomorrow. 50 Cent, Jay Z, Diddy etc etc.. they got that long money. They're not going anywhere. As far as musical talent goes.. Ross hasn't faired any better than 50 cent. I personally think GRODT is better than anything Ross has ever made, hell it's better than anything most rappers have ever made. It was just the right thing at the right time, Ross doesn't have that kind of longevity either with his finances or music. Ross's work is trendsetting, but trends come and go. 50's album is a Classic.

  • Alexandr Zubarev

    Thanks for reminded me on what to listen to while high.

  • Good for half dollar

    50 has lost his edge in his music, been lost for some time. GRODT was and is still a bangin' ass album though. Everyone and their mama was bumpin' in the club even though the radio was playing it out back in the day. That album will always hold weight.

  • horse D

    blow me with this bullshit.....rat niggas getz no love in NY

  • TheOfficialDremTeamEnt

    Lol...You can't deny "get rich or die trying" that was a classic album and the numbers dont lie. But all of his other albums have been *scratches head*....That was the only album that was undeniable. and then still they dont measure to the Carter 1 or the Carter II...& no im not a weezy fanatic..#imjustsaying

    • JoeM

      Carter 1 is garbage. Carter 2 was alright. Carter 3 is garbage. Curtis was alright. The Massacre was eh.. but it had a few good songs. I never even bought/listened to BISD.. but the moral of the story is: Get Rich or Die Tryin' + War Angel LP > massacre + curtis + carter 1, 2, 3 + entire cash money hot boys + whatever other sorry shit you listen to, combined.

  • Mak

    One of the best to ever do it. Going down in history. Dont get mad... cause guess what u was once a fan too

  • Kurama

    When this site lists album sales they only post U.S. figures. Worldwide the Marshall Mathers LP has sold 22 million.

  • Anonymous

    IM PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER WON...WELCOME TO MY TERRORDOME http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/23/CHf8lFuMEgY

  • BigDuty

    Give 50 props yea he may have fell off music wise since GRODT, but he stays getting paid. Alot of people that came from where he did dont know how to handle money and they end up doing something dumb. But 50 has music deals, movies deals, endorsements, etc... He could be like Kanye whos blows his money doing dumb shit..

  • Trizzle

    Am I missing something w/ the facts in this story? Because I'm pretty sure Outkast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Biggie's Life After Death and MC Hammer's Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em all have higher sales totals than the albums mentioned in this story... Can someone explain?

    • chitown

      and that shit sold 20 mil worldwide, wrap you brain around that shit. That was some good shit everyone was smoking around 1988-90.

    • chitown

      I was just about to say the same thing. Hip Hop DX is trying to treat Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammer as raps dirty secret,lmao Hammer still has the highest selling rap album to this day. That horrible shit is diamond. Goes to show that quality is not the same as sales.

    • P Mantis

      Trizzle and the above comments are on point. We can't pick and choose who we wanna celebrate or commemorate and then holler we keeping real or whatever. Hammer sold 15 mil. Vanilla Ice did like 11 mil. Its a part of our culture. Part of what made hip hop what it is today. So HIPHOPDX editors make sure you writers got their info correct when they drop these articles.

    • Blaq Gavin

      You're right about MC Hammer, but Outkast only sold 5.5 million with SB/TLB. Because it was a double album every unit was counted twice. IDK why Big's not metioned either but I can only assume it has something to do with the posthumous status of the album.

    • olivierweber

      You're right about Hammer's album, that sold over 10 million copies in the US. Speakerboxx/The Love Below and Life After Death also did 10mil+, but they were double albums, so the RIAA counts double for each set sold. Life After Death sold 5.5 mil sets x 2

  • Thegiftpromotions

    Public Announcement { To all hip hop Fans ) If you did or did not like Lil Wayne's Green & Yellow, i gurantee Rising Icon 2011 The Gift- Red & Black - WILL make you forget about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCk79SBe3mU THIS SONG BLOWING UP THE STREETS RIGHT NOW.

  • hellrazor

    this was 50's last good album. every album that followed is BULLSHIT to say the very least.

  • sundown

    as much as i dislike 50 now, back in the day you couldn't deny dude's potential and skill then somewhere between this and massacre, he got rich and stopped tryin'... o'well, congrats as joe biden would say, "this is a big fucking deal"

  • jay

    yeah homie, this one will not be the last platinum plaque you'll get...

  • Truth

    50 felloff... he is like Maino w/o a Doc Dre beat.

  • l

    8 mil usa. shittt thats a big deal!! he was huge considerin the massacre also dun 6 mil in usa

  • North Memphis

    FUCK WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!! Project Pat "Ghetty Green" and "Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin" are classics around my way!!!!

    • M

      Im In Michigan and Im from The Chi Dudes Aint Sleep On Project Pat And Yea Both Of Is Classic He Just Aint Commercial like these other rappers We fucks wit Project PAt Up North

    • king L.B

      i kno right. i fucks wit pat and three six since profit posse,but he didn't sell millions, maybe gold. He just blew up down south. Niggaz up north still sleepin

  • Jullsan

    Too bad 50 fell off.

  • Anonymous

    did`t Puff Daddy "I be missing you" sell over 12 000 000??

  • Duke

    i miss that 50. i cant stand the business 50. no hunger.

  • Atl2Trill

    He stopped being hungry after this album. Because it's his best one and I'm not a fan.

  • skippy81

    most of his new shit is wack

  • fossie

    50 and the westcoast will be back in 11!




    congrats 50...fuck the haters and keep getting ur money..im still u fan and i still luv his music even his new shit. u people that hate on 50 are just made cuz he got over 200-300milli in the bank, even tho he never goes plat or even sell 1 single album in his life time his gonna b rich for life cuz his smart with his miney and not dumb like mc hammer.. keep on going and make ur money

  • Anonymous

    why are you hiphop fans so obsessed with salesfigures i mean 50 cents music sucks since 2003.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are fuckin' idiots haha.. can't you fuckin' read?. he said "50 cent's music sucks SINCE 2003.." that means AFTER 2003.. so no Blaq, that doesn't mean there's 8 million people that disagree.. that means there's 8 million people who agree that his music was good in 2003.. you have no idea how they feel about his music AFTER 2003.. dumb-ass's..

    • Blaq Gavin

      Based on the numbers there are at least 8 million people who disagree (hate much?)

    • Jimmy Xelo Belendez

      -_- Shut the fuck up.This is a case where He had high numbers And The album was Hot(Gangsta rap Classic) Your just being a hater

  • John-Boy

    My nigga. Another platinum plaque. Niggas can hate but you can't deny his numbers. 8 million sold. This is more than Officer Rossifer will sell in his entire career with all his albums combined and that is not an exaggeration. And I keep it real so to the people saying he will never go platinum again guess what, you are 100 percent correct. Now what.

  • Jason

    @Anonymous Obviously you care otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this page.

  • Anonymous

    50 is washed up!!!

  • Tim

    Congratulations. Ironic huh? His first album goes platinum and last platinum he'll ever recieve.

    • John-Boy

      HUH?? The Massacre was multiplatinum (7x) and Curtis went plat. The first G-Unit album went muli plat (2x), the GRODT soundtrack went plat. Thats several plat plaques since his first album. So what on Earth are you talking about?

    • Matthew

      You do realize Massacre and Curtis went platinum to.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! Project Pat "Ghetty Green" and "Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin" are classics around my way!!!!

  • Anonymous

    classic!!! and its at 12 milli worldwide.. diamond!! not many rappers can say that

  • SiXX

    His next album will probably sell more

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