Juelz Santana Arrested After Drug Raid, Bail Set At $125K

The Dipset rapper is busted for drugs and weapons after police raided his New Jersey studio.

Juelz Santana was arrested on Wednesday after police found marijuana and weapons in his New Jersey recording studio last month. He was taken into custody on four counts of narcotic and weapons charges.

According to Bergen County police officials, who had been investigating Santana for 10 months, two fully loaded handguns, ammunition, and 17 Ziploc bags of "a greenish brown vegetation consistent with the appearance of marijuana," were found during the raid. Santana has been charged with possession of a handgun without having a permit, possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school zone, and two other similar counts.  His bail is set at $125,000.

After the raid last month, the Dipset member told Chicago's Power 92, "It's been some legal issue, I know it's been all over the Internet. Police ran up in my studio. I had to deal with that and a couple of things." He also said he felt as if he was being targeted by police officials. "They always picking on me. That's the best way I can put it. But by the graces of God, everything should be OK. I wasn't caught with anything in my possession."

Santana has not yet made bail, and it is not clear if and when he will.


  • Baybe Gucci

    Free That Nigga Fucking Rats Always Gotta FUCK With Niggas We Aint Doing No Killings So FUCK OFF Our FREE B.E.Z. As Well Pussy Niggas

  • Steven Ireland

    Who's Juelz Satana?

  • Gregory Vicente

    Don't drop the soap! Dipset!!! No Homo!

  • juelzsucks

    GOOD! keep this nigga locked up hes the worst rapper ever! "Im hotter than when the stove is on, so hot even I thought the stove was on But the stove was off, I was just rolling hot, Yep I would just roam the block"- juelz santanta shittiest in tha game

  • blitzlegga

    It makes sense that Juelz may be broke. think about it. - he stays on the mixtapes, but never really releases an album (mix tapes are strictly for buzz not money) - Cam and his old management take a huge chunk of his royalty checks from his last successful album and all the dipset albums. he even admits that he signed a fucked up deal with Cam the 1st time around - he's not a big enough act to fill an arena so he's mostly a night club act. so ima guess that he probably makes about 10-20G's a show (20-30Gs if there is a big event going on like the Allstar game or something like that. - he probably does about 2-3 shows a month, maybe more during the summer time and less during the winter. so his yearly income from rap, before taxes, is probably around $300k-$400k. he pays his taxes, then he's making less than that, if he doesn't pay (or doesn't pay it all like most rappers do), then those number should be about right. - in order to live the way he raps, he probably spends about $150k+ a year just on lifestyle, and i'm sure his baby moms, his manager, and his peoples probably eat into some of that money too so in the end, juelz HAS to sell drugs to maintain the life, because rap money aint enough. i'm sure he was just hoping that he could hustle for a couple more months, at least until the next dipset album comes out and he can go out on tour with dipset and make that real money opening up for Cashmoney, Rick Ross or someone big

  • Clit-Set

    Fuckin moron. Glorify your raps right? About hustlin' drugs and what not. Cam better shut the fuck up next time he decides to rap about shit like this. "Aye!"-Juelz Santana, after someone pokin' him for droppin the soap in jail. Smh...

  • murdock

    He had some dirt weed in the studio.Schoolzone too hes booked.

  • sensistar

    This the dude that was selling to under covers. That's what they get for messing with out of towners. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kEKCquxXlA

  • Hunnit Thousand Seminar

    He's baa-aaacck SANTANA!

  • sensistar

    Jersey has the toughest gun laws in the country. He can forget about it. It's over. That gun charge alone is going to get him 2-5. Especially with the arrest of the kid Hynief two weeks ago when they raided. He's fighting an attempted murder charge and a drug charge. He's done. The Dips have been getting locked up at an alarming rate. They caught the dude who had a 13 year old kill a 15 year old over mix tapes. He was they hitman. Once he got popped the cops were all over the Dips ass. They should have known that. This investigation started shortly after his arrest.

  • Μιχαλι Hansell

    lol at green brownish vegetation

  • Mamo

    Victimless crimes are not crimes. Weed doesn't hurt anyone and guns don't kill people. People kill people. Ron Paul for president. Free Juelz.

  • Hidden Darts

    WTF you talk all this money money BALLLLLIN shit and cant even post bail!?! SMH. "Greenish-Brown" WTF you selling, shwag!?! IN A SCHOOL ZONE!?! Thats triple penalty for dirt weed! SMH

  • Atl2Trill

    Damn Juelz. He done fell off really bad and got caught slipping. Lol at his mugshot also.

  • Cinque King

    where the bail money at,have nt been selling in records i guess..smh

  • Whoryde WhoRyde

    Damn dude I wonder when rappers stop going to jail? http://on.fb.me/WhoRyder

  • icu ucme

    "Santana has not yet made bail, and it is not clear if and when he will."......damn, this nigga is 'sitting', wtf.

  • C-O

    REAL HIPHOP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwRlBNqyB1I

  • Dominguez

    I love that greenish-brown vegitation


    he gone feel that school zone charge

  • Bradley Burnett


  • Anonymous

    Juelz is done. Cam'Ron said Santana was fucking up years ago. He is getting too high will not just weed but a whole lotta drugs.

  • I_am_Beast

    Am I the only one who has the reading comprehension to recognize that the article stated they found "17 ziplock bags" of said "greenish brown vegitation"? I'm pretty sure they're not talking about dime bags, more like 17 OZ's. All it takes is an 28 grams to get hit with posession with intent to distribute. At least where I'm from it is.

  • dubz

    the industry aint fair,,u knw haterz will be hatin,,

    • dfdsfsdfdsfdsfds

      Yeah, you're right dubz... it's the music industry's fault Juelz got busted for loaded guns and drugs. Come on Def Jam! Come on Atlantic! Come on Warner Bros.! Stop calling the cops!

  • Andrew Rogowicz

    what the fuck he smokin brownish weed for? that dirt is for broke muthafuckers, get ur ass some real trees

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent be snitching on everybody!!!

    • Kendall Walters

      He is probably getting credit for time hes doing now.. that's what i'd do and let the bond get dropped lower a couple times he is gonna do time for that for sure.. unless he get up with officer ricky and break a deal

  • tuvi

    Beamer, Benz, or Bail....My pockets gon be empty!!!

  • Courtney Lamar Carroll

    he was gonna smoke all that weed. lmao.

  • smh

    fuck a conspiracy. he's a dick. and a wack rapper. he was hot 10 yrs ago. can't even make bail. wtf u rappin for? his whole team are bunch of low life degenerates. and a disgrace to our culture

  • Anonymous

    Good another junkie off of the street.

  • h

    dumbass juelz...nigga your whole career failed after you fought with cam, you shouldve blown up with wayne but you missed on that opportunity due to your stupidity....

  • sum_body

    The government HATES RAP!!!!!!! I know it's Juelz, it's dipset, it's cosidered to some as "the bullshit on the radio" Hip-Hop, but y'all need to look at the big picture. The people in the US defend the second amendment, yet this guy somehow can't be packing? Maybe it's for self defense. As for the 'weed' if it is, what makes you think he's gonna sell it? Maybe he's gonna smoke it himself. I thought marijuana is de-criminalize anyways, I guess I'm wrong. Within 1000 feet of a school zone? Oh so selling or smoking outside of it is a lesser offense. "Think of the CHILDREN" -LoveJoy's Wife. I'm not gonna defend Juelz for real, but honestly this sound like a conspiracy by higher powers to get rid of those forseen as "threats". The system is really design to keep you deaf dumb and blind. But I probably should wait for all the fax to come out before jumping to conclusions.

    • Anonymous

      at pat: I'm a moron for having an opinion and questioning the situation? ok so i guess Aristole is retarded then...

    • ezbaby2588

      The only thing you need to have permit for is to purchase a gun or carry it on your person. If it is a state that allows you to have hang guns, that charge will most likely get drop... I really don't see much happening from this case.... 10 month investigation for 17 bags... come on what a waste of time and money...

    • Pat

      you really are a fucking moron

    • sum_body

      fine the permit thing i get. i understand that this most likely his fault and that the PD got a job to do, but it just seems like he really is targeted from what i read. IDK seems a bit fishy. also because its juelz santana, so ppl assume its his dumbass fault. but what if it was Immortal Tech, Kweli, sean price would we judge them the same as some are to juelz? not defending, just questioning that maybe there's more to this then we think.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously have to have a fucken permit. thats like saying i cant run out in the streets and scream at women I WANNA RAPE YOU because of the first amendment. get real, rappers get arrested so much because theres a large majority of them who are just plain dumbasses.

    • Anonymous

      "The people in the US defend the second amendment, yet this guy somehow can't be packing? ". You need a permit to pack. IDK New Jersey's gun laws, but I'm sure you have to have some permit of a sort.

  • Christian Novales

    talkin bout Beamers, Benz or Bentley and can't afford the bail?

  • Jah

    Greenish brown vegetation sounds extremely dangerous.

  • Jah

    Greenish brown vegetation sounds extremely dangerous

  • Tom

    A) They charged him with "possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school zone"? Are you fucking kidding me? Marijuana is a dangerous substance? I guess he's putting those kids in danger of having the munchies... B) At what point do you decide as a famous rapper, "Hey, maybe I should stop selling drugs since I'm rich anyway"?

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