Warner Music Confirms Curren$y Signing, New Mixtape And Tour

After a few weeks of rumors, it's official. Curren$y makes the jump from BluRoc/Def Jam to Asylum/Warner.

After he released both Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk II through Damon Dash’s BluRoc/Def Jam imprint, Warner Music Group has confirmed signing New Orleans emcee Curren$y. Rumors of of the signing began weeks ago, but neither side would confirm them. The signing marks the third new label for Curren$y, who was previously signed to No Limit before a stint at Young Money under the Cash Money/Universal umbrella.

After selling upwards of 70,000 copies of both mixtapes in his Pilot Talk series, Curren$y secured a deal that allows for Fiend and Young Roddy to join him under his Jets International label.

Covert Coup.... search for definitions of both words...roll up smoke to the idea, and wait for 4/20about 2 hours ago via web

Curren$y is currently preparing his fifth and sixth studio albums Muscle Car Chronicles and the anticipated Pilot Talk III. In the meantime, he’s readying a new mixtape produced by Alchemist entitled “Covert Coup,” which will be available April 19th on iTunes.


They weren't wearing suits at Warner...chillllllll....let that man buy a ferrari... We ok... Jet Lifeabout 4 hours ago via ÜberTwitter


  • Rob

    Yall niggas are just hattin on Spitta, he is a beast and makes great shit!!!

  • Frank Ross

    1st of all ladies&gents Pilot Talk Is a classic very impressive so far as i am concerned Pilot Talk 2 didn't hold up to Pt.1's level&Ski beats is always on point with his shit Reasonable Doubt ppl do ya FUCKING HOMEWORK 4 THE SKI BEATS HATERS...Now back to Spitter he has been my favorite artist 4 these last two years what nigga u know that drops 2 albums 1 in the beginning of the year and the next at the end of that year&both of them are hot&they're both available at F.Y.E...And the 1st store i went to was sold the fuck outta both of them (Good Business 4 DAMON DASH BY THE WAY)im not beat give me that 90's feel back cuz all this new shit has been BULLSHIT STRAIGHT UP Keep it up Currensy JETS FOOL FUCK THE HATERS!!!!!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      canibus did that last year. ski beatz is the muthafuckin man, but if you feelin all his shit and sayin hes on top of his game right now ya playin yaself, your ears need to hear more diversity

  • Bryant Carter

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  • EddieMurrrphy

    p.s. pilot talk 2 was a boring joke. i am getting sick of ski beatz. i put him in a category with 9th wonder and ant. i love their body of work as a whole. no one can take away from their monumental additions and great work in hip hop. BUT i am getting sick of hearing whole albums produced by these guys, they cant captivate like they used to

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree with you hahaa curren$y is a boring sloppy dude. i given him manyu chances but he the same little kid to me talking bout jets, plains and trains. with that same non-chalant voice thats actually just fuckin annoying. BUT ski beatz been slippin up lately. 24hr. karate school was nothing special and a huge letdown to me. that album shoulda been waaay better.

    • woooooooz

      haha...pilot talk 2 is some air garbage bullshit...you clown ass dudes throw the word *classic* around like your grand mama's stank ass underwear and don't even know when to properly use it...fuck outta here with that...now how's that for an opinion...now put that in your weed pipe and smoke it since that's what you like to do so damn much...

    • hahaaa

      Don't diss Ski Beatz for Pilot Talk 2 being boring. If anything your homie Curren$y is the one who made it boring as usual. Ski has nothing to do with boredom. only artist like Curren$y would bring that type of boredom to a producer's beats like that. it's laughable how most of you delusional clowns are making a mountain out of a mole hill over this guy. i guess that's the weed speaking for itself to make you believe that this guy is the shit. you should stop smoking it and then maybe you'll realize what the fuck your listening to because it's nothing special.

    • Anonymous

      sut the fuck up wit ur dumb ass opinions pilot talk 2 is beyond classic

  • EddieMurrrphy


  • Savvy Duck

    Hey DX... where in the hell does it say ANYTHING about a tour in this article besides your headline?

  • damn homie.....

    dumb move didn't wiz jump ship over at warner and jay rock left they ass also. jet life i guess?

    • Lemar 'Mista' Green

      Who knows, Wiz is under WMG either way he wanna look at it. Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic are sister companies. That's just as retarded as Gucci Mane flippin from Atlantic to WB tha way he did. They're still under tha same damn umbrella, albeit slightly different management

  • theTruth

    I think this is a strange move. I mean what rapper is hot at warner? whens the last time warner put out some good ish? Hope he dont get lost in the sauce, Pilot Talk II was a pretty good album, hope he can do the same thing at this new place.

    • Lemar 'Mista' Green

      Since it says he signed to WMG, we don't know which lable he's actually under, so it's too early to say. But has far as who's "hot" under WB Records, only Gucci and Boosie come to mind. Atlantic seems to be tha better area for urban music as they have far more popular artists as far as hip hop is concerned

  • pico presi

    I.. Am.. Not... Feeling.. this move. Bad move in my opinion. Here's why: Warner is label home to: 1. J*Davey 2. Blu 3. Murs (formally) 4. Wiz Khalifa (formally) These artist all have something in common... They all got shelved! or dont put out any official music although they have die hard fans. I dont like this move

    • real talk

      Murs didn't get shelved, however his album did get a lack of promotion despite adding Snoop Dogg and Will.I.Am on his album. Most underground felt it was his worst album but the radio listeners didn't get the time to listen to the songs. Wiz Khalifa left because they wanted him to be a techno rapper. Weird huh? Blu just focused on production and is becoming an after thought that only a few people (generally men) would even listen to.

    • jbatcha21

      I dont like this move either. This move already caused me to miss a chance to see Spitta perform live with Ski Beatz and the Senseis. The show was cancelled since he was leavin BluRoc. What happens to Trademark?

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