Tracklisting & Cover Art Revealed To Jim Jones' "Capo" Album

UPDATE #2: Game, Raekwon, Prodigy, Lloyd Banks, Cam'ron and Wyclef round out the superstar features. Aaron Lacrate gets down, as does Sen City and Chink Santana.

Diplomats member Jim Jones has been hard at work on his latest album, Capo for over a year. Originally planned to be his second major label album with Sony Records, the longtime E1 Entertainment (f/k/a Koch Records) artist returned to his former home to deliver his fifth official full-length, which will feature Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, as well as Dipset affiliates Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell and The U.N.'s Vado.

According to the label, Jones, who recently survived a serious car accident, recorded 60 new songs for Capo in the last several months. The Diplomats are also at work on an album planned for 2011 release.

Capo's first single is "Perfect Day" , which features Juelz Santana.

(February 1)

UPDATE: The cover art has been revealed to the April 5, 2011 album, posted above.

(February 26)

UPDATE #2: The tracklisting to Jim Jones' Capo is as follows:

1. Intro (feat. Sen City & Chink Santana)
2. Deep Blue (feat. Chink Santana)
3. Carton Of Milk (feat. Game)
4. The Paper (feat. Chink Santana)
5. Heart Attack (feat. Sen City)
6. Everybody Jones (feat. Aaron Lacrate)
7. Drops Is Out (feat. Raekwon, Mel Matrix, & Sen City)
8. Let Me Fly (feat. Rell)
9. Getting To The Money (feat. Cam’ron & Lady H)
10. Take A Bow (feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, & Sen City)
11. Perfect Day (feat. Chink Santana & Logic)
12. Changing The Locks (feat. Ashanti)
13. God Bless The Child (feat. Wyclef Jean)
14. Itza


  • gnigga/pleese

    jones is good, im thinkin this aint gonna be his best work, but for all yall complainin that every song has a guest on it, i hope yall aint ross fans cuz he did the same thing wit teflon don.

  • SSS


  • Rick

    faaAAAAAllllliiiiiiiiNNNNNN!!!!!! you'e done!!!!!

  • jujop

    i am a fan of jim ....been .....but im not felln all da features......... sen city is dope everybody else .......shoulda kept da songs fa mixtapes .... this is coming from a nigga who goes to best buy and buys real cd's.....

  • slapyobitchass

    At least track 14 is Jones by himself, ohter than that this shit is a soundtrack.

  • currycreative

    Various Artists - this a soundtrack? lol

  • Anonymous

    guy can't have a solid album without collaborations! haha! theres probably only a few tracks on this that are worthy of listening to such as the tracks with raekwon, lloyd banks and prodigy! other than that, this album will be wack as fuck!

    • wack

      cosign on it being wack as fuck, if it sounds anything like that gay ass perfect day song, yea he needs cam, rae, prodigy, and game or else no one would listen, and wtf is a chink santana, wheres juelz?

    • And...

      you are retarded...

  • Anonymous

    cannot wait for the banks and prodigy collab!!!


    wow i REALLY dont care about this news..

  • Anonymous

    lol i saw this dude two years ago back when i was in high school at a teen club event. he performed like 4 songs, said stay in school, and bounced

  • um

    this clown couldnt afford his boy lil wayne....what happened capo..lmao

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Crooked

    @buzz yeah we all know he a snake and a snitch for a long time,last summer he came through lenox for a charity and took a shit behnid a basketball court with all the kids watching,nikka a straight fool think i got lil cash im da man fuck jim one eye will jones

    • Source:

      but i likes it .no homo but im gay homo

    • Source

      You guys be fantasizing...ewwww.

    • Lil Crupmket Straight Harlem

      yeah doe and once i seen this son pull his shit (no homo) in front all the nigguz in the group juelz was there too. and had this crackhead bitch passing by suck on his shit right there on them stair case right there son bitch was goin lollipop with no teeth on that nigguh jones.and nigguh santana was like dip set dip set dip set .ohh that boy crazy i dunno how that nigguh still alive

    • Anonymous

      yea man the other time at at rucker park he took his dick out (no homo) and flashed these lil niggas. Like straight one eyed willied these fools. Ima like damn son how you gonna do dat. Word up and Lenox I like cam to man that la bamba track was bumpin. vado large on the streets.

  • LenoxAveBuzz

    i grew up with this son in harlem but kept far from him cuz jim jones is a biytch how could you switch sides on cam (who i still fucks with .no homo) when it was the hardest for him and betray your boy who you grew up with who shared the same bunk bed with you as lil when cam signed vado and UN was blowing up he contacted Camron and wanted to get back together ,cam made a mistake for fucking with the snake again but cam a good dude gotta big heart and he still had love for his homeboy i told him hun times cam man you forget fast about these dudes who crossed u n he like buzz man that's fam what can i do.

  • Anonymous

    stop the hatin, its the type of rapper he is, these fools aint gonna change, they've been shovin there stupidity in our face for years and now your niggas are sayin shit.

  • Marius


    • WackoJackoStricltyFuckinghoezandabusinglitlleboyz

      dude he cant carry an album by himself man fact is he probably couldn't carry a EP album by him self that's how wack the dude is

  • Anonymous

    And i'm coppin the Album and im gone bump the shit in my red Cadillac DTS for all the haterz. I hope the beatz are real crazy i dont give a fuck how many featurings is on the shit. Rick Ross did it, made his album hot. Who gives a shit? You want good albums or u want niggaz rambling on all day? Let a nigga live. Stop runnin ur mouth like a bunch of biayches. Lol

    • Rick

      I didnt know Hot Wheels made a DTS. must be a "nigga". Talking about what you have...C'mon son! You probably have that ride and no fucking home....backwards ass niggas!

    • Honesty

      Yea, Jones' last album was weak, but I'm anticipating this to be a good album to make up for the previous one. BIG KRIT is nice. Listen to what you like and keep an open mind.

    • StrictlyHipHop

      nigguh aint notthing gonna be up for bumping his last shit was weak as hell but your bitch ass prolly bumped that too maybe u like his ad libs ,go bump that big krit -retunof4eva on monday like real nigguz do

  • Anonymous

    Niggaz be hatiN, JONES, thats my son and this album is going to be the best one yet, cant u fuck boys tell? He dropped the Whoo kid mix-tape, shit was classic and everything so-far this year been hard. Stop it Slime. I thought Prodigy shitted on Jimmy once upon a time but if he on the album im glad they put it behind them. Good muzic season. Emeze here g-shit

    • sss

      u can suck sss dick cuz he got his own place and 2 bad bitches cooking up his shit in the kitchen bitch nikkuhhh

    • @sss

      sss...ssss....ssshut up, guy. i think you forgot to put the @ sign in front of ur name ("ass" if u dont comprehend the gesture). its the only thing ur typing on the keyboard in your parent's living room on this site.

    • sss

      what this nigguh begged cam to come back and write for him after he switched sides on a nigguh he grew up with jones is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like no other,and he hating on that boy VADO cuz he hot straight hoe azz nigguh

  • Anonymous

    a feature on every track? lame it seems like Raekwon is on every album Raekwon- MBDTF,HFM2,Apollo kids,this album,he even has an album out plus a song with justin beiber

  • jesterdxxl

    I'm not a major Jimmy fan I can only deal with him on other peoples shit but that being said this is not a Jones album look at all the fucking features its a compilation album.

  • stfunerds

    AND how yall sound neway?! jim jones neva said he was a rapper its a known fact he dont write all of his raps he obvisously dont care he in it for the money i listen to the dips cuz ima cool ass nigga and bitches like it when we rockin u feel me what yall need to do is quit lookin up to these rappers like they owe yall sumthn u lookin for a role model turn to CNN n listen to obama u wanna hear lyrics about mathmatical practical actual factual go buy a mos def album cuz this the wrong spot this is a blog about Jim Jones

  • stfunerds


  • Rick

    This dude is garbage..To be honest with you. I'd rather listen to Lil Wayne. ...and the should name this fucking album....."FEATURES" dude cant hold an entire album on his own. Someone would commit suicice after listening to an entire album with only this lame dude on it. ..........dipset...what a joke!!!

  • bklynsfynest2000

    maybe im crazy but this nigga got a guest star on every song. How is this a solo album? How does this say anything about Jenny other than the obvious: 1:dude looks like he needs a bath every time I see him in every pic he take. 2:dude mic skills have improved but not enough to make me or anyone with common sense buy his album. 3:the diplomats reunited and guess one cared. Seriously no one really gave a damn. 4: no one cares when CAPO is dropping.....not even his Dipset homies. 5: he still trying to live off "We fly high" and guess what the clock been done ran out on that. 6: he might as well go make up with Max B, Jha jha and everyone else he done screwed so they could at least write something for him that maybe some 13 yr old would play. I'm just speaking the truth.

  • Bradley Burnett

    without Max B and Stacks this nigga finna #flop

  • John Stachowski

    Not exactly what I expected when I hit play buuuut I'm not hating, just saying... Surely different than anything on P.O.M.E. Definitely a risk taker with this one.

  • PAverhart

    Check out Mr. Pookie's "Ventation of a Crook" first two singles "Money Money" and "Fallen for Her" Radio Edit Check out Mr. Lucci's "V.V.S" first two singles "Sexual Harrasment" and "Going Nuts" Radio Edit BOOKING B.C. Newton Connect The Dots Mgmt. 214-878-9054

  • Abubu AyBe ThaSinger

    Futuristic RnB song...

  • RalphieRalphie

    I hope jim jones is not your favorite rapper. please god no.

  • thetrooth

    is jim jones a good rapper?? no...but lets not act like he didn't play a huge role in the diplomats success.... and whether you like it or not the diplomats as a group and movement are goin down in history as legends. jimmy was the mouthpiece and ya'll niggas loved it...yeah he went hollywood but no need to disrespect what he has done. atleast he usually has some good beats...

    • Anonymous

      Dip-Set Is Legends ONLY IN HARLEM No WHERE ELSE....

    • bklynsfynest2000

      since when is jenny jones or any of the diplomats gonna be regarded as legends? legends of what? legends of losing at the Rucker? The only 2 in that group I barely respect lyrically would be cam and juelz and really Cam needs to go back to SDE/Confessions of Fire Cam...and juelz, well he need to just drop something hot on his own. the dipset boat been took off from the pier...and aint been seen since like early 2000...their reunion aint made no major noise and as for jenny's album I dare you find 5 people who really thirsty to cop it....

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ Diplomats going down as legends, they had a couple of hits, nothing more nothing less...........Might as well say the St. Lunatics are legends while your at it

  • Ruby

    Jim Jones is one of the worst rappers ever. His shit sucks like gucci. This shit gonna flop, everyone I know wants to shoot him.

  • Tru york

    Man dat perfect life garbage i only like one jim jones song and dat is round my way he only gon sell like 9,000 first wk watch he should've drop a album when him and cam had dey problems now his buzz died down he need max b 2 rite him another album

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    you know think I might by the album

  • bklynsfynest2000

    they can airbrush this cat a million times..he still look dirty and bummy in every pic he take. As for his music.....I really wish he would stop. Seems like the cats you dont want to hear always want to be heard.... someone tell jenny jones to kill that noise

  • Lit

    One hit wonders never go away anymore.

  • Nike Champ 718

    Nice airbrushing by the label. First time in history Jones doesn't look like a bum.

  • Bryant Carter

    a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. Also feel free to view my youtube link @ Reply Forward

  • G

    haha this jim jones faggot is the worst rapper alive. I dont have a single song by him on my Itunes. GARBAGE But I am saving up for Raekwon Lupe Fiasco Slaughterhouse Nas Big Boi/ Anre 3000 J. Cole XV Ghostface Killah GZA Kanye West Kanye/Jay-Z Another Lupe Album Another Raekwon Album 50 Cent (depends) AZ Big Sean Pusha T Dr. Dre Saigon Talib Kweli Freeway Eminem Kendrick Lamar And more.... As you can see I will be broke by the end of the year, but I only get hard copies so it'll be worth it

  • @Deknowz

    This is one of the worst songs I've heard this year. What is Jim Jones doing with Will-I-ams song?! This should just have been written off as a bad idea.


    (no fan)wack or not flop or not dude is just like baby stay dropping albums why your fav cant get a date just sad

  • hmmmm...

    i wonder WHAT exactly you got from sony. jim jones music still sucks but i'm playin the game with the best of yall.

  • Anonymous

    Now that is the NICEST way to say that someone got DROPPED (from sony) that I have EVER read!!!

  • Akkush

    yea im def gonna download that capo prolly gonna have couple good songs on it ,but dat nikka dont deserve my 10bucks under is the ones that will lupe-lasers freeway-new album slaughter house-ep eminem-new album

  • September Blues

    fuck that nikka and his 666 all seeing eye sign in that picture above fuckin selloutz they gave him the name jim jones aka one eye willy,research who the real jim jones is

    • d

      his real name is not jim jones its Joseph Guillermo Jones or some spanish shit all harlem nigguz got cuz they all got cuban puerto rican blood.jim jones was given to him by the industry and he's a big puppet aka one eye willy =all seeing eye.ahah this nigguh way too deep into the illuminati and he a bitch 2 who fucked up cam and fucked witf 50 like a hoe he iz

    • Atothe

      You know whats funny,Jim Jones real name is Jim Jones. He shares the same name as a serial murderer and cannot disown it.It was fate he cannot be listened to.

  • truthenola

    another brick released from Dipset

  • O

    THE LINK...

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