Eminem To Appear In Million-Dollar Super Bowl Ad For Lipton Brisk

UPDATE: Image reveal of the make-up used to create Em's clay likeness.

After over a decade of super-stardom, Detroit, Michigan's Eminem has finally agreed to an endorsement deal. The Aftermath Entertainment emcee/producer has reportedly signed a seven-figure contract with Lipton Teas, for an advertising campaign that will launch during this Sunday's Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

Although not confirmed, early reports, via The New York Post, claim that the spot will chronicle a typical day in Eminem's life. The ads will be presented in claymation, similar to Lipton Brisk's famed ads with Frank Sinatra several years ago.

Super Bowl ad time this year is reportedly at $3 million per minute.

Super Bowl coverage begins Sunday, February 6 at 6:30 pm EST on the FOX network.

(January 31)

UPDATE: An image has been revealed of the Eminem claymation dolls' face and inside components.

HipHopDX will keep you posted.


  • stufees

    Em made mad cake from the Eminem show which he produced himself. Then the sountrack for 8mile in addition to his pay for the role. Mad money given the box office numbers it did. He also exec prod 50's GRODT bt decided to split it with dre. Still mad money there. Hes one of the highest earners for tours and performances (thats when he decides to). All these plus money from album sales.. Raw Cash.. Like F.Montana said.."You might be worth a mill, but it ain't cash" Cos Jay is 'worth' 500mill doesn't mean they have 500mill.. Remember 50 saying Em is so rich, he can take a break from the game for 5years and nothing will happen to him.. Don't be deceived by Birdman and the forbes list

  • rideonemjixxer

    Eminem was always known for not doing endorsements,unless it was his own brand. Hes said it in interviews, and up until now never did any endorsements. My guess is hes getting paid a huge amount for a short spot. dont blame him. why not add a few more million?....

  • em

    the only reason why i said pause was because i was going in on lil wayne so shut the fuck up hater u don know shit about hip hop or money stuff either because eminem sign 50cent so what ever 50cent makes eminem makes to so they both rich

  • Stan 01

    okay so this article is about Eminem, not Lil Wayne. Eminem is loaded with money he doesn't need endorsements..aside from his own bread. 50 Cent "made fifty mil, EM got paid." so he's made money off of D12 too.

  • em

    so shut the fuck up haterrrsssss

  • em

    fuck lil wayne thats why eminem killed lil wayne on forever and no love so how is lil wayne the best rapper alive with one good ablum he is not even on eminem level bitches and stop haten on eminem money he should have more money than any rapper alive just with the sells makes him the best pause..........

  • Anon

    LOL at you dumb shits pulling out random numbers like you know something. He can't make $14 an album when iTunes sells them for $10. "artists generally only get a 50 cents-1 dollar if they're lucky. but if you're eminem you might get 2 or 3 dollars." Where did you get that from? Your ass. "Okay lets say 3$ a album" Your ass. "tours hes done which they make about 2 mil every month factor that in with album sales nd music downloads id say hes pretty rich" Your ass.

  • MEE

    You idiots that think Eminem makes everysingle dollar off of a 14$ album are dumb as fuck, cant believe you're that stupid to think that

  • C-O

    NEW VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwRlBNqyB1I


    14$ a record yeah rite CMR got the best deal in the game hands down

  • Anonymous

    He is not a cheap date...lol

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive. He doesn't get enough credit for his ability. He is better than eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, biggie, tupac, everyone to ever do it. All of you are very dumb if you dont think he is the greatest rapper alive. HIP HOP WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT LIL WAYNE. Souljah makin his way up there to. He'll be one of the greatest real soon.

    • imma kick Anonymous a**

      lil wayne best evr!!?!?!?!?!?no buddy heres the list 1.Nas 2.Pac 3.B.i.G 4.Cube 5.Pun then what bs is that soulja boy is making his way up??????

    • asd

      shoot yourself bro!

    • Anonymous

      Let's be real. Lil Wayne is the ONLY popular rapper to claim his greatness before people started saying it. You'd probably say some bullshit like "Jay-Z been saying he's great" but he didn't overhype himself until after a couple classic albums under his belt. You could defend Jay by saying he has Blueprint and Reasonable Doubt. You can defend Em saying he has MMLP, You can defend Biggie with Ready to Die and so on. But what classic album has lil Wayne released that really set the rap world on fire? He is a gimmick. Nothing more, nothing less. A smart gimmick, but a gimmick nonetheless. btw how many puns/punchlines about shit can a man make

    • lol

      Im a lil wayne fan and he is fair from the best. but after finishing reading this and seeing the end, i know you must be kidding around

  • name

    80 million x 14 dollars= 1.1 billion. eminem is definitely not a billionaire.

    • Anon

      Okay lets say 3$ a album Times 80 Million Albums is 24000000 Now tell me he isnt rich? Plus the money he got off 8 mile? He is beyond rich..

  • name

    he doesn't get 14 dollars an album. 14 dollars is the result of mark ups at retailers. that's why if you buy anything from FYE or sam goody it's like 20 bucks cuz they have so much mark up because they have to pay the employees, pay for the space, pay the artist, pay the label etc. artists generally only get a 50 cents-1 dollar if they're lucky. but if you're eminem you might get 2 or 3 dollars.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Lol? This is Eminem's only endorsement? No wonder he isn't as rich as some other rappers.

    • Anonymous

      ur all broke..so who cares

    • Anonymous

      And ERRRN! Your Wrong,eminem is one of the richest MC's out, he jsut doesnt rap about that shit, he's a MC, not a rapper. life, how hes feeling, not money bitches n cars

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Are you slow? I never said he wasn't rich. Look up Forbes richest rappers. Eminem sold the most but is not the richest is what I'm saying. Hooked on Phonics.

    • Anonymous

      nd fyi im saying IF he made 1 dollar per album which he makes probably more considering he owns most of the rights to his own music so he probably makes about 3 or 4 dollars per album like someone else mention u multiply tht ur lookin at about 150 mil to 200 mil thas ALOT

    • Anonymous

      clowns even if em ONLY made ONE dollar off of every album he's sold 40 million albums in the US and 13 million in the UK thas 53 million right there not to mention tours hes done which they make about 2 mil every month factor that in with album sales nd music downloads id say hes pretty rich

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Look up the richest rappers.... he's rich, but not as rich as others.

    • Gorav Bagga

      80 million albums sold worldwide.......and thats 14 dollars and album or so.......im preety sure hes not rich!

  • Anonymous

    Em's been playing it smart lately, using his hit album to get other stuff off the ground, lately I read he was in talks for 2 leading roles in movies, some flick about boxing and another about being a car thief or summin Haters gon hate regardless, Alot of underground rappers have haters without the comfort of a million dollar commercial, animated no less, lol

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlO6DMay_CY they should let this play

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