Young Money's Cory Gunz Gets April MTV Docu-series, "Son Of A Gun"

Nick Cannon will executive produce a six-part Thursday night series that looks closely at the persistence of one of Young Money's newest acts signed.

Bronx, New York emcee Cory Gunz is the latest Young Money emcee to get MTV's docu-series treatment. The leading music network has previously aired "day-in-the-life" material on Drake and Nicki Minaj, before announcing this morning that they have an April 28 premiere planned for Cory Gunz.

Son of A Gun takes its name from the fact that Cory Gunz is son of 1990s emcee Pete Gunz, who along with Lord Tariq, scored a hit in 1998's "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" for Columbia Records. The series will be produced by a Rap peer, in Nick Cannon, who called Cory's story "inspiring, one that boldly paints the many trials and tribulations he’s had to endure in pursuit of his dreams.”

The six-part series, airing at 11pm EST, will show Gunz hunger and rise, including a feature on Lil Wayne's present hit "6'7" .

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