50 Cent's New Album Will Feature Production From The Cataracs

The "Like A G6" and "Wet" production duo will provide two tracks for the upcoming record.

Some more details have been revealed about 50 Cent’s nearly complete next album. The forthcoming record, entitled Black Magic, is nearly complete and we now know a little more about who’s been lending a hand in its construction. DJ Whoo Kid recently took to twitter to divulge that The Cataracs worked on a couple of tracks for 50.

Cataracs is doing 2 tracks on 50 cent's new album ! Pow!!less than a minute ago via web


The Cataracs are the production duo behind Far East Movement's Number One hit "Like A G6." The Berkley producers have also worked with Glasses Malone and the New Boyz. No release date has been set yet for 50's next album but he told MTV.com that he expects it to drop this summer.


  • Coogi

    MISSING: Tony Yayo...somebody put out an amber alert on that bitch

  • Cleveland Steamer

    Fuck this rat ass snitch nigga. Only people buying his shit anymore are high schoolers and a percentage of east coasters. Quit the rap game and just do business deals cause gunit is a dead label

  • Queens Gets The Money

    All 50 did was (beef for buzz) get shot in his grandmama's yard and tell all of Queens "real niggas" on Ghetto Quran and other tracks!!! (1,000,000 a year security for B.I.S.D 110,000 first week sales)Epic Fail!!! lol Capri Suns, juice and snitching make you a real nigga in???

  • Anonymous

    He had one album in the last four years and it flopped. His record label signs to EMI (the graveyard). So now he throws money and stans are calling him back?????? So if you sale Capri Sun's that makes you Pac now a day?????? Wow!!! I can see whats wrong with the rap game. It's pretty clear that the rapping part is irrelevant. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RAP TO BE A TOP RAPPER!!!

  • Anonymous

    All 50 gotta to do is get them bangin'-beats and talk that real-shit he'll be good-money!!! Stop following the trends of these young/really-broke-rappers-who stuntin' like are rich rapper/wannabe gang-member/drug-kingpin frauds in da rap-game today. 50 need to put real social commentary in his songs b/c we all know he stupid-rich like the 2nd most wealthiest rapper in the entire rap-game so spit the real and not that jiggabo that has taken over rap today!

  • Heat357

    Good all 50 needs is some good production.. No weak ass swizz beats and no timbaland and whoever made most of those BISD beats... I suppose cataracs makes pretty good beats so that should be ok.. a couple dre beats would be great! And maybe get scott stortch on there.. maybe 1 eminem production.. This could be a really good album... But its funny how over the past 5 years 50 has put out some of the best mixtapes in hip hop but then his albums have been disapointing.. Oh well I'll still buy the album.. Oh yeah and some of you bloggers can lick my nuts ! Peace!

  • MaddLeak


  • bebo69

    I respect 50 but i think his best music may be behind him. He's good for a single here and there but I don't think he can put together a good album anymore. He's too much on his own dick to see that he may have lost a step. Get that hunger back. Nobody's saying pretend you're still in the streets but some witty word play would go a long way

  • DC

    Wow...thanks for this info. I can't wait not to buy it

  • Steve Spag

    50 already said that "Black Magic" is shelved. On to the next one.

  • Anonymous

    white majic makes the cds though but its all love no racisist here,jayz blue magic by the way,majic johnson as well was he racisit? what about criss angel he does magic an penn an teller i seen a hat the a rabbit got pulled out of i think it was majic to oh yah tinker bell to,that little fairy, an so was this whole comment magic its everywhere i like balloons in majic when i was 6 so when will you grow up an i still cant spell majic not so magical but kinda funny


    I bet this album will not drop for another year or two. He already said he wanted to do the album just like detox which means he is playing with you all. THAT B.I.S.D DIDN'T DROP FOR 3 YEARS AND THAT WAS A WASTE OF A BLANK CD.

  • Katy

    50 strikes me as such a bitch ass man. He keeps up more shit than the average "fee-male" or queen. Seriously, I'm over his wack provocation of random people. I get it. You're the Muhammad Ali of rap, provoking your opponents to anger and taunting and embarassing them into submission. The gig is up. You've been smoked out. It's all to get some press. Why this young male, knowing the challenges of black relations and having demonstrated some commitment to his community by supporting various causes, would continue to stir up shit and refer to a female he's dealt with as a, "bitch" for having an opinion, is beyond me. This is just wack as fuck but it's 50, I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

  • Anonymous

    wack!!! yelawolfs album is going to be the biggest of the year!!!!

    • Jesus

      Dude Yelawolf>Curtis just like Rick ross>Curtis just like Game>Curtis just like Nas>Curtis. that nigga might as well rap with soulja boi and take up dancing thats the only way this washed up piece of crap will ever be GRODT again.

    • Anonymous

      I'm black and I will not be buying this bullshit. Calling women bitches and saying he will be making music for the ladies. Get real. 50 is just sucking dick and kissing ass so he can get back on top and talk about everybody else again.

    • Anonymous

      FUCK THAT KRACKER ASS WHITE BOY BULLSHIT!!! ITS BLACK MAGIC BITCH!!!!!! (a spit in the white mans face with that title but the dumbass white boys will still dick ride 50 and buy his album) THAT IS BLACK MAGIC BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

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