DJ Premier Reveals DJ Kool Herc Is In Poor Health

UPDATE: Tony Touch says that Kool Herc was released from the hospital and is in "good spirits," but needs surgery.

DJ Kool Herc, often referred to as the "Father of Hip Hop," has been hospitalized, according to

"Kool Herc is very sick...Kool Herc is not doing well," explained DJ Premier. "It's funny how we actually have a father of a culture [who] still lives, where in some cultures, they're already dead and gone..."

"Since he's very sick and has no insurance, uses a metro card to get around, needs to pay his bills so he can get out of the hospital, it's ill... If you don't know about it, now you know about it. ...We spoke today, and he needs some help to pay his bills for the hospital because he can't hold it down. And being that he is the man who set this whole culture off, ya'll should be wanting to do it any type of way that you can. People know how to reach us."

If you are interested in learning how to help, email to remain updated on any details regarding the matter. extends our well wishes to DJ Kool Herc for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: DJ Tony Touch recently Tweeted that he has spoken to Herc and that he has been released from the hospital. According to Tony, Kool Herc is in "good spirits" but needs a surgical procedure. He also said that he will take up a collection to help pay for Herc's medical bills at this week's Toca Tuesday at the Sutra Lounge.

I just spoke to Kool Herc..he's ok and in good spirits...but needs surgery...THIS TUESDAY at SUTRA...we're gonna do a collection for himless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


  • babygangsta

    when the new MC Eiht album dropping with Premier ?

  • Don West

    That's jacked up.Get well soon Herc. FAST MONEY! I just started and had $8,000 cash delivered to my doorstep by overnight courier in my first week. This is crazy! See for yourself!

  • Don West

    That's jacked up.Get well soon Herc. HEY “BIG SHOT”, I BET YOU CAN’T TOP THIS! My cash gifting program sent me exactly 53 envelopes and 5 boxes containing over $290,000 cash by overnight courier! See for yourself!

  • dirtysouthernhotshot

    Get well soon Herc. It's madness that at least one of these rich cats isn't helping out, it should be an HONOR to pay for a legend's hospital bills. I'm gonna help out and I ain't rich... And I find it disgusting thay 50 and Ciara gay little Twitter-bitch fight has more comments than this. Fuck these hoes.

  • Kieran

    WOW I'm Shocked That ppl are actually being supportive and not " fUCK THIS NIGGA WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR US LATELY!?!" I'm really Happy that every one is being suportive!! Get Well Herc!

  • MisterMoniker

    Hip Hop DX should be putting this article and a donation button everywhere they can on this site. Why? Without Herc this site wouldn't exist and almost all of you wouldn't be listening to the music they do. Also, I'm ashamed that other Hip Hop giants like Russel Simmons or Jay Z didn't gladly pay his bills. This man made them. I haven't felt disgusted in Hip Hop in a long time, but the lack of talk I see regarding Herc's health from other Hip-hop giants has dissapointed me.

  • rooney

    Yo god bless you Herc. My wishes go out to you. Can't be loosing another legend so soon.


    50 stuff a mil in the trunk got vitamin water money what is he doing to help jay and his wife stupid paid what they doing 50 and jay can cover this with no problem

  • Anonymous

    just go see eminem and get that cheeze, even black eyed peas



  • TheTruth

    damn life is so unfair! all these rappers that are on the top of the charts have billions of $ for their pop music which they call it hip-hop and The Father Of Hip-Hop don't have money to pay the hospital that's a shame for the industry EVERYBODY, OPEN YOUR EYES!

    • boogirok-C

      Amen! The artists makin' $$$ and claiming Hip-Hop should be the first ones to step up and support the man who came around the block with music and set off a culture that grew way beyond anyone could ever imagine! Thanks Kool Herc!

  • Brizz

    Why dont premier sell one beat and Herc can be done with it, we aint the ones making the loot out of this shit, the artist who profit from what Herc set off should step up now. The same goes for Nate Dogg. Cheap ass millionaires with no heart and soul.

  • Anonymous

    industry mcs need to get bucked

  • Doubl Negative

    I thought Americans now have a free health-care system, like the NHS over here in the UK?

    • Anonymous

      thank you 2 responders to actually know whats going on and how dumb republicans really are.

    • GSONII

      Unfortunately most of that does not go into effect anytime soon. Meaning 2012-2014 is when that will help us. He probably could not even get insurance right now because they will consider it a pre-existing condition. America is the most hateful place on earth. The white American's do everything they can to maintain there position given to them by enslaving,stealing and killing. They want you to work your something to death for them to get enough money to barely pay your builds then maybe they can offer healthcare. If you will not work yourself to death for the spec of the American pie that they offer they say fuck you. The smart ones are the ones that fuck the system for disability and government benefits. It's sad that if Herc was a bum dude not trying to do anything for himself or a slaved mentality being that worked for pennies just to pay his bills and have bad healthcare he would probably not be worried about this.

    • Ddot DOuble

      Yeah Right! Not even close! Some shit is cheaper, but it is so far from universal health care its not even funny.

  • Just saying

    The millionaires MCs will SHOUT him out on a song or sent their prayers in an interview.

  • MaddLeak


  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    And this is where the fake rappers become

  • Ariel Da Mp

    I'll keep Herc in my prayers no doubt...

  • Chris P

    If anyone claimed or claims to love Hip-Hop, or made a dollar off of this culture and music, start paying your royalties to one of the Kings who started this thing. Pay homage and break bread! Kool Herc, I am certain you will get better. I am positive there are people that you influenced who are willing and able to help you get through your situation. You did too much for this culture to go unnoticed in your time of need. God Bless You and If your reading this, THANK YOU!

  • Onaje Douglas

    Stay up Herc, we need u

  • Anonymous

    i hope the hip hop community gives this man maaaad amounts of money and helps him out. send out your prayers and i hope he gets better.

  • j

    Get well, Herc. I hope someone puts together a benefit concert. I don't care if its MC Nobody. I will go and buy out the bar.

  • koolhercfan

    diddy where are youuuuuu???????

  • Anonymous

    All these big willy cats making millions from Hip Hop need to help here. This is important to everyone involved with the culture

  • Vocab

    wow. terrible news, get better Herc! i'll be doing what I can, hopefully they get some sort of donation center set up so we can kick in some money to help him out.

  • Weer

    I got my hopes up, cant let this man go he'll get better. With him dies the light that still shines in some areas of hip hop culture authenticity at tis pureist

  • Anonymous

    theres always a closed minded mentality when it comes to helping out with the wellfare of someone regardless of who they are let alone one of the forefathers of this culture.people are lovers of themselves and that was written out being a selfish motherfucker is the way to be know of days for alot of people knowadays.its sad

  • G-sus

    10 comments so far. Sadly it seems like nobody gives a fuck. Hope you'll get better Herc. Peace.

  • gdiggedy

    This is really sad. The creator of this thing we love called hip hop is struggling to get by. The industry and artists owe it to this man to show to their support. Fans too if they can help.

  • shone jones

    I don't want to come off as insensitive...... But WHAT THE HELL is Premo doing to help out Kool Herc? He's still getting a decent check from the tracks he produces and plus he's on Sirius payroll and I'm pretty sure he got some publishing royalties coming his way. I'm willing to help, but leadership should lead by example. Real Talk.

    • Gemstar

      It doesn't say anywhere in this article that Premo's not helping out. Don't jump to conclusions.

    • truthbtold

      I agree Premo needs to step up if he knows about this first instead of just getting the word out. All those other cats who proclaim that they love hip hop or hip hop saved their life now is the time to show love back. There is way too much money in this rap shit for the founding father to be going throught that.

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    i hope at least one of these rich rappers would give him money. plies has been throwing money at concerts, i think he can throw some money for the health of a man who created our culture of hip-hop...

  • DJDocNu

    This man is the foundation of an entire culture. It sickens me beyond belief that he can't afford his health insurance while other so called *ahem* rappers get paid so much money they don't know what to do with it.. Therefore, I am issuing a challenge to ANY rapper, MC, DJ, or anyone else who benefits financially from this art: If you make money from hip hop culture, help this man by donating a some money. I have his name forever inked on my arm. I dont make a lot of money and I am giving whatever i can to help.. What will YOU do to help? You say you love hip-hop culture?? PROVE IT!!

  • Atl2Trill

    Sad shit. Prayers go out to the father of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is the only genre of music where the O.G.'s gets no respect or love. SMFH.

  • Beezlebud

    its a disgrace that we have people exploiting our culture and making hundreds of millions of dollars off it whilst Kool Herc cant pay his bills If id made 10s of millions from rap he'd of mos def recieved a milli from me straight away its sickening that rappers care more about fame and fortune than those who paved the way for them to reach the destination that afforded them the opportunity to become multi millionairres BEEZLEBUD HIT ME ON TWITTER

  • SorPou

    Man this is fuckt up. I think rappers need to stop buying 100 000 dollar chains and give this man some money insted. My wishes go out to DJ Kool Herc.

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