Fabolous Confirms Ne-Yo Collabo Album

Loso says that a project with Ne-Yo is on its way, and will be produced entirely by Ryan Leslie.

When Fabolous' 2007 track "Make Me Better," featuring Ne-Yo, was burning up the charts, the Brooklyn emcee announced that he was considering doing an entire album with the R&B singer.

Now, it seems as though Fab will follow up with the plan, which was then described as something similar to Jay-Z and R. Kelly's Best of Both Worlds project.

“I think this year too I might be doing this project with Ne-Yo finally,” said Fabolous to XXLmag.com. “We’ve been in talks for a minute. It’s really sounding like it’s gonna get done. Ne-Yo is really hyped about it. I just fell back on it, but now I see the wheels are turning a little bit. I think we need that for the game. Some of the allure from the game is gone. You see people doing less numbers, so now let’s do some vanity projects where people are collaborating together.”

The entire project will reportedly be produced by Ryan Leslie, who produced Fabolous' "You Be Killin' 'Em" from There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music Mixtape and Ne-Yo's "Crazy Love" from Libra Scale, which features Fab.


  • Bryant Carter

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  • RSX

    Most excited that it's being solely produced by virtuoso soundin' ass MF RYAN LESLIE.

  • Anonymous

    album will have a couple good joints but verall wil be average in my opinion.. will be a bit corny and girly love songs

  • Anonymous

    I would love to get this album cuz all these guys have good chemistry when it comes to making music. Its just that these collabo albums never happen. They always talk about it but nothing ever materializes. Oh well.

    • IknoIt

      I know right! They always talkin bout what they gonna do but it never goes down.....but if loso 4 real, i'll be checkin on it

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