Game Confirms That Wu-Tang's RZA Filed Lawsuit Against "Heartbreaker"

Exclusive: Game explains that he and RZA made a song that couldn't be used for "R.E.D.," but when it ended up on this week's mixtape, the Abbott started sending cease-and-desists.

Yesterday, HipHopDX spoke with Compton, California emcee Game about his just-released double mixtape Purp & Patron. After revealing that Nas is a fan of "The Kill" and how iconic deejay Funkmaster Flex got involved with the project, Game also confirmed reports that Wu-Tang Clan's RZA had sent a cease-and-desist to Game and the media over the song "Heartbreaker."

On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Universal Music Publishing Group sent an "unauthorized use" letter on behalf of Robert Diggs (a/k/a RZA) to several media companies, including, asking for the removal of "Heartbreaker" from Purp & Patron, on behalf of the Wu's co-founder. The song has since been removed from the double-mixtape on DX. Yesterday, Game weighed in with what happened behind the scenes.

"I think RZA [is] tryin' to sue about ['Heartbreaker'] or somethin'," confirmed Game to HipHopDX yesterday. "That's fuckin' crazy. Like, I don't even know how RZA sues The Game." From Game's understanding, the song was an agreement. "He came to the studio and brought the ['Heartbreaker'] track to me. He's like, 'Yo Game, this is for you. You can have that.' Those are his words." Game also maintains that RZA's company on that day, Rev. Burke, was invited to rhyme on the record. "His boy spit crazy. I [rapped after] him."

Originally unsure what to do with the final product, the team learned that there were problems with the song's composition. "We found out that the sample was un-clearable," said Game about the Grand Funk Railroad song of the same name. "For anybody." In the rapper's eyes, that made the song unusable for his upcoming R.E.D. album. "So I threw it out [on a mixtape]. The next thing I know RZA is suing The Game. That shit's crazy. I didn't even know Wu-Tang sued niggas." Although the Aftermath Entertainment star was taken aback by the news, he says it's nothing personal. "I still got nothin' but respect for RZA [and] the whole Wu, and all of that. I'm good. I'm good friends with Ghostface [Killah] and [Raekwon] and Method [Man]. Those are my dudes. I would never speak down on RZA or any of those dudes for that matter - not that any of those dudes [have anything] to do with this conversation. But with the Wu, you gotta speak to a pack. It's all love." Last year, Game appeared on Ghostface Killah's album, Apollo Kids. On Game's last album, L.A.X., Raekwon appeared.

Although the song is presently an endangered species with Universal Publishing's cease-and-desist on behalf of RZA, Game remains complimentary of RZA's latest lyrical protege. "This dude Rev. Burke, he threw some shots out. He had a crazy lil' pimp swag. He had two girls with him; they were lookin' at this lil' nigga like he was Jesus and shit, while he was spittin' in the booth. I felt like when he was in the booth, that I was in the movie The Mack. This nigga was standin' there rockin' back and forth at the mic, and these chicks was dancin' slow and seductively. Shit was crazy."

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  • Anonymous

    rza tried to screw him over

  • anon

    yeah you morons are gonna believe the bipolar bitch that said he was going to starr trak and got it tattoed on himself then went back to aftermath instead over one of hiphop's realist motherfucking legends? Man fuck ya'll niggas, need to read a fucking book and get off this no money having, lyin ass, mind changin sucka's dick.

  • Slykatt

    RZA on some hoe ass shit...

  • gimik313

    since this is a game thread ill keep it bws but not so much on this topic. yall need to checkout juice from arizona. hes on black wallstreet n hes raw n kills beats. n search juice twitter @iamjuice march 8th~the progression

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Anonymous

    I ain't gone lie......I been thinking bout that **** too. Well not the Pac business but,Biggie.I honestly think Diddy had something to do with his death. On the movie he said no matter what,whoever got in his way of stardom he would make sure he do something about.When I heard that that actually had me thinking like damn did Diddy really do it? Was his relationship with Biggie going sour and slumped him?Maybe Diddy and Big had something to do with Pac death and maybe Big got scared and **** and was probably like IDK Puffy I didn't mean to kill him?Maybe if this is what he said then Diddy had no choice but to merck him and since it was a East/West coast rivalry anyway Diddy probably did do it to take all the attention away from him. How bout both of them died the same way....both were in the passenger seat and they were the only ones that got shot. What a ******* coincidence.Another thing WTF Diddy didn't ride with Biggie after the awards? I could've sworn Biggie won an award. And to me that would have been a celebration so they should have rode together right?Why Big didn't have security that night? Seems kinda odd to me.And where the **** is David Mack?They were also saying he had something to do with it. He died March 7 only a few days away from his tour date and you know that would've had the cash rollin in I wonder why that happened all of a sudden.

  • Tractivity

    Most of these kids on hear listen to faggot shit. And most have no fuckin clue on what it is their talking about. A bunch of wiener wacking faggots all mixed the fuck up from listening to garbage. Its funny how they will lip off on some dumb ass site like this, but would never disrespect in the flesh. Fuckin gimmicks. Pay homage. Plain and simple your favorite rapper sucks dick and is extorted. Fuckin clowns. WU-Tang is hip-hop. Pathetic little broads. Keep safe behind your keyboard in mommys basement. Retarded little dorks. Enlighten yourselves with an education. Fuckin Bums.



  • Hidden Darts

    Anyone questioning the RZA's decision on this is a fucking moron. Game & RZA could both be sued by a record company that has way more money then both of them combined. RZA isn't a money hungry bastard, he's a wise old owl that wrote the blueprint on how to prosper in an industry that was jerking its artists from the get-go. As far as other clansmen having gripes... they all owe their entire careers to that man right there. And he was the one that set them free to make their own decisions. RESPECT THE ABBOT.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      ahahaha, U-God claiming RZA owes him money was the funniest shit ever, like he ever sold any records. if anything RZA probably lost money putting out that U-God album

    • Tractivity

      My bad H.D. meant to post my previous fresh and not a reply. However, well put homie.

    • Tractivity

      Most of these kids on hear listen to faggot shit. And most have no fuckin clue on what it is their talking about. A bunch of wiener wacking faggots all mixed the fuck up from listening to garbage. Its funny how they will lip off on some dumb ass site like this, but would never disrespect in the flesh. Fuckin gimmicks. Pay homage. Plain and simple your favorite rapper sucks dick and is extorted. Fuckin clowns. WU-Tang is hip-hop. Pathetic little broads. Keep safe behind your keyboard in mommys basement. Retarded little dorks. Enlighten yourselves with an education. Fuckin Bums.

  • Don White

    YO RZA drop that shit man thats crazy.

  • anon

    yeah stfu bipolar bitch.



  • C. Vanderbilt

    o dear, get it together guys...

  • Mastadon

    My impression of RZA is that he's a money hungry bastard and will get what he thinks is owed to him no matter what. We all know all the issues everyone else in Wu has had with him at some point in their careers. Aint nothing wrong with trying to get what's owed to you but RZA always comes off looking like an asshole.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK G@Yme!!!...Butterfly-face tat having @ss stripper

  • Anonymous

    Look It Up RZA has shot a nigga in the face before Watch out Game

    • phadiga

      Hurrraaaaayyyyy!!!!! he shot someone in the face!!! black man, black sense!!!!! Big fool...U make us look bad. use ur small brain to think well please...retard!

  • Anonymous

    a phone call would of been alright, same result game pulls the song warning of legal issue. Damn RZA you fake, you fear game thats why. anyway with that said it is my fav beat on the album next to the kill, but i think game went weak on both.

  • yup

    ya like game shud take em round back n stuck his cack n rza mouth cuz rza is a fukin fawgit, id punch em out for fun, not even for cash jus cuz he like to suck on mi cack all o yaa n id bum em too fck fawgit. im native eh

  • Anonymous

    damn thats shady if its true...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Misleading, down right false headline. In lieu of a lawsuit they filed a cease-and-desist. Why are DX report untrue garbage ?

  • j8ailey

    Ok, so the Universal Publishing Group sent a letter requesting the removal of a track that contained an unauthorised sample in order to avoid any lawsuit, therefore protecting the interests of the group itself, it's artist (RZA) and The Game. The headline to this story is completely sensationalist and misleading.

  • white milk

    not true. i know this is gonna piss some of u off but many ppl respect the wu for what they've done including myself but no way i would stop lsitening to anyone to listen to them. they no longer hot and the younger generation couldnt give 2fuks about the disrespect just the facts... im not exactly young but i never cared for the wu even back in the day when they stayed on the scene. th wu wasnt really big outside of the east coast and overseas... musch respect but the facts are the facts

    • malone

      you retarded niggas stupid asa fuck if you actually think the WU on top, 40 million records 30 niggas and a 25 years in the game suck my dick these niggas stink point blank. How many records have the WU sold the past 3 years fuck RZA... respect to face, meth, and

    • Nas

      @ white milk what the fuck are u talkin a whole wu tang has sold 40 million records worldwide..listen to yourself u sound so stupid..''not big outside the eastcoast and overseas''? really? how would u know..and your facts are ignorant and false..and if u never cared then why u commenting on them? your not a true hip hop fan at all..your biased..''they no longer hot''?? hahahaha i should shoot u just for saying that alone..raekwon dropped a classic album in 2009 Only built for cuban linx 2..and ghostface always drops quality what are u talking about?? turn that radio freindly,commerical,ringtone rap off faggot...and do your research

    • Anonymous

      They were big worldwide while these new acts only get love stateside. Wu wins.

    • Anonymous

      man u a fool, u aint piss me off...u jus threw me for a loop wit ur comment. idc wut part of the country u from its many hip hop heads w/e age out there that are fans of wu now as well as back in the day...talkin bout they no longer hot, you clearly havnt listened to much of they new shit n i'm not gonna waste my time suggesting any to u wit that way of thinkin cus u all fucked up in the game lol...but i will ask this...if u never cared for wu how n wut do u respect about'm?

    • Anonymous

      The younger generation doest count because they dont buy anything, lol

  • truthenola

    Fact is , RZA used an uncleared sample,that is in rotation right now,. therefore he is probably liable to have legal action against him... aint no shifty play , just covering his own ass

  • Nico 3

    If record sales weren't in the toilet I don't think anybody would care. Right now, it's clearly every artist for themselves. No freebies.

  • beebee21

    @rick very very true Wu-tang still has the power to this day to erase anybody from the hip hop scene if they wanted to just cause 1. they still very ILL 2.Because as much respect as they have if game said fuck wu the WHOLE hip hop industry (and fans) would say fuck you (to game)

    • beebee21

      yea man everyone was dissin joe buddens for that beef he tried with meth meth's the one that killed it cause raekwon n INS was damn near ready to COMPLETELY KILL HIS CAREER i dont care what anybody says relevant or not ANY legend can kill any new mans career if they wanted to especially WU n yea its true basically all legends are irrelavant and dont get album sales but thats cause the stupid idiotic fans just cause they not relevant everyone saying "oh well there new stuff suck" man please they new stuff dont go as hard as the old but still bodies rappers of todays songs there's so many mc's from 90's that still release hot stuff but get dissed cause "oh well the from the 90's so they not hot no more" then the real fans like "oh he jus dont sound the same from the 90's" its BS

    • Lol

      Of course they have. You saw the reactions from other rappers when Joe Budden dissed Meth. He got murdered

    • Anonymous

      wu has no power, wtf planet you living on

  • Anonymous

    SICK SONG TOO.........

  • Wu-tang

    Our Name speaks Volumes Youngin's

  • murdock

    theres something more to this story.maybe rza didnt want to get sued because they couldnt clear the sample??the whole story will come out in the next few days.

  • RED

    the mixtape is classic. rza needs to stick to doin movies cuz tht nigga cant produce shit

    • Yeah I said it

      Enter the Wu-Tang Tical Return to the 36 Chambers Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Liquid Swords Ironman Wu-Tang Forever Supreme Clientele The W That's a long list of classic albums RZA produced in their entirety, or had a major role in. He's the G.O.A.T. producer.

    • Bom910

      yea im part of this "younger generation" everybodys talkin about. like our producers these days are lex luger, boi 1da, and drumma boy etc. but that still was a dumbass comment to say RZA cant produce because he is one of the best. and his production on Dark Fantasy was awesome. much love to the RZA

    • jigsaw

      He produces hits like yo daddys nutsack produces cunts......think about it!

    • itsXZnigga

      rza cant produce? you a idiot, fact. dude is one of the production goats. nigga you on the internet you can find anything in seconds go learn ya dumb ass a few things about hip hop.

    • Lol

      He's produced more classics than any others in the game. Stfu

  • Rick

    I think RZA sent that letter because HE doesnt want to get sued by Grand Funk railroad....Since it wasnt cleared but still put it out.

  • Antoine King

    Thats crazy man


    The mixtape is banging... Fucking great thing to hear a Rza produced track.. Rev William Burke is a monster on the mic Wu tang world wide

  • wickwickwack

    Game working with Flex ? then again henchmen is his manager so... Rza probably wants the track for his guy...a phone call would have been enuff

  • Fuck you

    Fuck A Name is just Mad Cuz Pac The G.O.A.T!

  • Enlightened

    @chronwell. Yeah, that Rev. Burke shit is funny as hell. That make me wanna search and find some of that nigga music

  • Fuck a Name

    @BeezleBud Fuck Tupac ...BtW PAC was A Eastcoast Rapper Until They Ran Him Outta N.Y. GTFOH...I'm Sick Of This Tupac Shit He Was Good Not Great I Salute FunkFlex Everybody Dont Dickride That Faggot... *They chase & They Rape Me Niggaz Violated Me* Words From Batty Bwoy Tupac...#Peace

    • Anonymous

      how are you going to take a 2pac song out of context.. "baby dont cry" in which he's speaking from the point of view of a woman who has just been raped? SUPER TROLL

    • Anonymous

      kill ya'self faggot

    • read a book muthafucka read a book

      Pac was never an Eastcoast rapper you dumb fuck. He left NY when he was little, went to Baltimore, the left as a teenageer, then went to Oakland and was a back up dancer for digital underground. He didn't even start rapping until he came to Cali.

  • Anonymous

    that Rza track was ass

  • Beezlebud

    no respect for anyone from the West who would collab with Flex after him dissin Pac a couple months back this bi-polar cornball should be dissin flex not workin with him but we all know all he cares about is attention so fuck him...

    • imeanreally?

      get the fuck over it, the mixtape is a good one, you can't front on it, and pac did bring mad negativity to the industry, pac's conscious records were good ones, theres no denying it there, but negativity breeds controversy, and last time i checked pac was a very controversial dude

    • Beezlebud

      he screamed FUCK 2PAC at his show in NY followed by a rant about how Pac brought nothin but negative energy to Hip Hop ignorin all the positive shit Pac did...

    • RM

      Man get over that shit already! Dude just doesnt like Pacs music....Shit i dont either and im in L.A.

    • Anonymous

      what did flex say bout pac, im sure it wasnt a diss maybe an opinion which you took as a diss.

  • Beezlebud

    no respect for anyone from the West who would collab with Flex after him dissin Pac a couple months back this bi-polar cornball should be dissin flex not workin with him but we all know all he cares about is attention so fuck him

  • Anonymous

    Rza all day, everyday!

  • Anonymous

    maybe my favorite track on the mixtape, beat has some old school drum flow with blues guitar and that sample is sick, however these two ngigas didnt go that hard, no wonder why he wants that beat back.

  • chronwell

    HAHAHAHA @ Rev Burke! Pimpin pimpin!

  • Anonymous

    Give it a week and this bi polar fruit loop will have 100 diss songs about the RZA online

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