The D.O.C. Splits From Dr. Dre, Says He's Waiting To Hear "Detox"

The man behind the rhymes of Dr. Dre and several other superstar artists reveals to DX the reasons for professionally separating from his "brother."

Hip Hop’s most accomplished ghostwriter, The D.O.C., has ended his working relationship with Dr. Dre.

Speaking exclusively to HipHopDX on Wednesday (January 26th), the mind behind rhymes for Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and several other artists within the Ruthless Records, Death Row Records and Aftermath Entertainment camps over his 23 year tenure in the music industry explained to DX why he has ceased contributing to Dre’s long-delayed Detox.   

The author of arguably the greatest debut album of any solo artist in Hip Hop history, (whose powerful voice was reduced to a raspy whisper after a car wreck fractured his voice box just two months after his platinum breakthrough, 1989’s No One Can Do It Better), elaborated in an at times vague, but clearly personally pained way as to how his historic “Formula” with Dr. Dre has been poisoned by greed and ego.  

[Writer’s note: The portion of Q&A presented below picks up at the point in D.O.C.’s discussion with DX after he reveals the stem cell surgery he is planning to have performed by an Italian doctor soon to restore his voice. That portion of Q&A will be presented in full in a forthcoming DX news feature]  

The D.O.C.: I started talking to this [doctor] a couple of years ago. I was thinking about having this surgery to get my voice back. And maybe do a record, and continue with a [recording] career. But at that time, I was so settled in to helping [Dr.] Dre do his thing that it wasn’t really necessary for me to make records. Because, I can get the messages I wanted to get out through Dre. Detox was coming. In my mind Detox was supposed to be a departure from where we were. We were getting high, so now it’s time to detox. [And] now that we’re 40-plus…it’s time to start talking about some more shit [than what we used to talk about]. But we just have a difference of opinion where that’s concerned. So maybe I should get my voice back, I started to think again. Because I got a lot of shit to say, and it just don’t sound right coming from anybody else but me. Because of the differences in opinion [with Dre], I told you I reached out to [Jay-Z] last week. Jigga’s so far beyond what Rap is on a regular level. He’s an international kinda guy. And, I really need somebody powerful to be some wind at my back to pull everything off the way I want to.

It’s been a lot of negative shit that’s happened to me trying to give in this Rap shit. A lot of it at Ruthless [Records]; a lot of it at Death Row [Records]… All my time [during] my 20 strong years in the game was [spent] helping build two classic fuckin’ labels. Even though…by a long-shot I didn’t get what the fuck I was supposed to have. Niggas got wealthy and damn-near just turned their back on me, and it’s kinda hard to accept on a certain level.

I’m a G-O-D kid. Cash don’t rule everything, God rule everything around me. So when it’s time for me to stand up and speak, I know that that shit is gonna happen. I know that I got this voice for a fuckin’ reason, otherwise I’d a been dead on that freeway ‘cause ain’t no fuckin’ way you get to live through no shit like that unless there’s a reason.          

DX: Let’s just clarify real quick before we go any further, are you saying that you’re not working with Dre at this point?

The D.O.C.: I’m saying that I did all I could do for Dre on this particular record. And I don’t even know if any of my work will be there, because he’s got his own ideas about the way he wants it to go. And you gotta respect that. Even though I played the second set of ears on every muthafuckin’ thing else, now we at the stage where he don’t really trust what I’m saying. And I gotta respect him. I love him. So I gotta move back and let him do what he doing. And whatever that is, I’m going to respect it and ride wit’ it – whether or not it woulda been something I would of chose.

I believe that the point we are in the game as far as Hip Hop is concerned, we at a stage in the game where the music itself has become so powerful. Being in the information age, being able to get on Twitter and your site…record labels in 10 years will be obsolete. You won’t need them. So the power is being shuffled around. And those in the most powerful places, they not fin to just let they shit go… They’re going to grab a hold to the niggas with all the money, and they’re going to pull them niggas in a room and rub these niggas on their booties and make ‘em feel like it wouldn’t be shit without them.

I always tell muthafuckas, anytime you get a classic record, no matter who sings on it, it took at least five muthafuckas that are really good at what they do to make that record. And that’s real shit.

But back to the subject at hand, what I planned on doing was building an album – actually, two albums – and a reality show based around this stem cell operation [I’m going to have] over in Italy. I was gonna take these four or five artists that I got here in Texas, and this one female from New Orleans [with me] – all of which are the shit: two 23-year-olds, a 19-year-old white kid, and a little 9-year-old black kid from [my childhood neighborhood of] Oak Cliff, who was on [The Ellen DeGeneres Show] I think a year or so ago. And all these kids are really good. I know this music is about the young folks. It’s not about a 40-year-old nigga that’s trying to make a fuckin’ comeback. That’s not what I’m here for. My shit has always been much bigger than that. I’m always into helping the next muthafucka be great, instead of concentrating on myself being great ‘cause when I came into the game I was already so far ahead of a lot of these other muthafuckas that it made me feel good to help them [and] bring them on up in it.

So when Eazy-E first started the fuckery, it was shocking. Because, without me, Eazy don’t have a lot of that shit. [So] why would you fuck me? Same thing with Dre. Dre, why would you fuck me? Without me you wouldn’t have a lot of that shit. Why would you do that?!               

DX: Can we just clarify once again? ‘Cause I wanna make it 100%, a 150% clear where your stance is with Dre as of this moment.

The D.O.C.: I love Dre like my brother. There’s nothing that you could do, or he could do really, to take away that feeling. Money isn’t what make – We been through too much; we did too much. I did too much wit’ him to be like, Aw, fuck him. But, it’s not where it’s supposed to be. It’s not where it’s supposed to be after all of that. It’s not supposed to be like it is today between me and this guy. He’s surrounded himself with people that [agree with] what he’s trying to say today. And I don’t agree with that shit, so it’s really no need for me to be around it.  

DX: Can you cite a moment [where this separation happened]? Was it the “Kush” record, [or] was there something before that where you just knew you had to part ways?

The D.O.C.: Nah. And I haven’t parted ways with this guy. I told you I love this guy like he’s my brother, but creatively it’s just not where it used to be. We don’t see things on the same level from a creative standpoint. I may not have agreed with “Kush” as it stood. I may have thought something else [would have worked instead], [but] I don’t have enough power anymore in that camp to really pull strings like I used to. Them niggas used to listen to every fuckin’ word I said. Now it seem like they don’t do that no more.

It used to be all about the love of helping these guys come up. But, shit, they up. I always thought that once they got up, I’d be up – especially after I lost my voice. But that don’t seem like that’s what that is. I don’t need to have a hundred million…I don’t need all of that. It’s not necessary for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something. The art is important to me. It means a lot to me. I didn’t go through all of this shit for nothing.

What I wanted to do was do an album with this voice that I got right now, go over to Italy and have the operation with this doctor, do a subsequent album after I rehab the old voice back, film everything and put that shit on TV Some real reality. And every time that they poke me and prod me and stick me, and every time that shit hurt like a muthafucka, I’ma holla. [Laughs] On some real shit. And at the same time, Americans will get to see some of those beautiful-ass Italian birds walking around. Some good shit. That’s the kinda shit that frees your mind.    

But [for the time being] I’m laying in wait. I’m back in Texas right now. I’m not in Cali anymore. I’m laying in wait to see what’s gonna happen on the Detox record.    

DX: What do you mean waiting to see – just, which songs they decide to put out?

The D.O.C.: Yeah. I’m waiting to see which songs that he chose, ‘cause he already know which ones I like.

DX: Sir Jinx told me that the stuff he heard, that Dr. Dre played for him, was similar to the song in the Dr. Pepper commercial.   Do you know if that’s the stuff that they’re looking at trying to put out?

The D.O.C.: The Dr. Pepper commercial, that’s one of the tracks, but that one was leaked already. That was the one with T.I. on it I think, [“Shit Popped Off”]. And that’s not a bad one. I like that rhythm; I like the groove. I’m laying in wait, I wanna see. I’m a fan just like you.

I worked for four years on that record with that dude. It didn’t used to take us that fuckin’ long. We’d go in, and it was a couple of years maybe [and] we’d have what we needed. But, the game has changed. All the pieces of the puzzle ain’t there no more, ‘cause the money has fucked up niggas’ minds. Everybody gotta be the big dog with the big dick. And that’s not how you create records. It’s gotta be love, and happy and fun and diggin’ it. The 2001 record was one that we had all got a chance to get together [for the first time] since the first Chronic record, and that shit was fun. It wasn’t really even about making music, it was just about, “Man, I can’t wait to get to the studio ‘cause all my little niggas gon’ be there. We gon’ smoke weed all day. We gon’ drink. Dre gon’ play some drums, and then whatever comes out comes out.”

But it’s a new day and time now. The kids is taking the Rap thing over. That’s why I really applaud Jay-Z, because he stayed so far above the clouds where the bullshit is concerned. He allows himself to be as great an entrepreneur as he ever was an artist. He allows himself to be a great human being first, an artist second, an entrepreneur and businessman third. And you gotta respect a man who’s strong enough mentally to be able to make all these power moves and do it on a low-key level where he don’t need that shit to blow himself up.        

DX: And you’re saying you think he can help you with these projects that you’re trying to get out: the albums and the TV show…?

The D.O.C.: Well, I’ll put it to you like this, if I can get Jigga – And I would’ve never reached out to him, because I’m not really good at that kind of thing. I’ve always just…I leaned on me understanding that once my boys got to a certain level it wouldn’t be about pushing them up anymore, it would be about pulling the rest of us to a level where we can all just kinda relax. But, that never really happened. It seemed like…it just went bad. But, getting back to your question, [back in 2003] Jigga put my name in a record, [“P.S.A.”], and everybody including my mother – who I don’t know how the hell she…a 60-something-year-old woman is trippin’ on a Jay-Z song [and] started calling me talking about, “Jigga put your name in a record.” And I thought that was really cool. And then [recently] I heard he put out a book, [Decoded], [and] there’s a picture of my old album cover in his book. Somebody said it talks about how influential the record was. So [that] gave me the nuts enough to reach out to this guy thinking that maybe…for the sake of nostalgia he’ll understand where I am and reach back. Because if Jigga says, Doc, I’ma fuck wit’chu, then that means I have a full catalog of every artist and producer in the Rap game who will be willing at the drop of a hat to do whatever the fuck I need. And if he’ll give me that, then I’m gonna build an album that’s gonna fuck you up.

I got the young kids: the little girl from New Orleans is so fuckin’ cold blooded. The young white kid from a city called Granbury, Texas - there was about seven black folks in his whole little country town. It goes down like that. But the guy was so addicted to Rap music that all the country lovers – it’s a country music town down there, all the high school kids, they line dance and shit. And they used to get on him real tough and [so] now he’s really serious. And he’s got the skill set to do it. There’s another kid named Dewaun J. And, I forgot this little nine-year-old guy’s name, but when I heard him rappin’, he’s doing what I would call booty-club music, what the Wacka Flocka [Flame]’s are doing these days. But he does that damn-near better than those guys and this kid is only nine-years-old. He sounds like a fuckin’ grown man.

So, this is my crew. And what ties them all together is my knowledge of how to produce great music, great records, with content – not just “I gotta hit the club, and my wheels is shinin’, and my gold is blingin’, and I’ma get me some pussy” and all this ol’ shit. Which is cool, don’t get me wrong, ‘cause we all like to bling, we all like to get ahead. God bless it, it’s such a wonderful thing. But, there’s also other shit going on in this world that muthafuckas need to be aware of, whether you are 21 or 41. The world is changing, and black people in particular that are involved in Hip Hop music need to know how much power you got.        

DX: Let me just interject again, ‘cause you keep saying this, and I know what you’re saying: Why doesn’t Dre, and even Em, why don’t they just go to Jimmy [Iovine] and basically put the gun to his head and say give us everything we want or else?

The D.O.C.: I’ll put it to you like this, when Death Row started there was actually a corporation called Future Shock Records. This is what Dre wanted. I hated the name, [but] I had to ride wit’ it. During those days I owned that company. I owned 35%, so did Dre. [The founder of SOLAR Records] Dick Griffey owned 15%, so did Suge [Knight]. That’s how it started. Now during those days, this was right after my accident – Now keep in mind, Future Shock was put together because I saw the fuckin’ that [Eazy-E] was doing. If Eric is fuckin’ me, then he gotta be fuckin’ Dre. Dre is my brother, let me go put him up on it. Dre finds out that he’s getting fucked too. Now, me and Suge had already been talking at least a year or so before then about doing something else. But now I got Dre, Suge. How do we need to proceed? Suge was saying we all go to Griffey and start putting this shit in motion. But, The D.O.C. at that time, I’m still reeling from that accident. I lost my voice. I can’t do it. The pain is fuckin’ me up. So now I done got all off into the wrong shit – way before Dre and them was on, “I’ma take an E tab.” The white girls had already put me up on that shit. I’m in Huntington Beach with the blonde chicks just losing it. And the further I fell down, everybody just stopped giving a fuck [about me], I guess. So by the time the shit flipped from Future Shock to Death Row, [I didn’t know what was going on]. It happened like in a day. I didn’t know what the fuck happened. I went to Dre [like], “Man, what the fuck?! What’s going on?” Dre says, “I think you might need to get a lawyer.” [I’m like], “Wait a minute, dude. You my brother. We doing this.” But by that time niggas had already started bringing around all [their] I-just-got-out-of-prison-ass niggas, and the whole scene started to change. And now that Dre don’t got my back no more I’m feeling like, Damn, I’m stuck in a hole [and] I don’t know what the fuck to do. So I never got – To answer your question, I never got into the Jimmy [Iovine] world. I always disliked Jimmy, because I thought Jimmy knew that these niggas fucked me and nobody would stand up and say what about this guy?

Even during all of that fuckery [during the early days of Death Row], I still had to take [Snoop Dogg] under my arm and [be] like, “Snoop, we’re not just making street raps no more. We’re building songs now, and this is how you do it.” I’ll give you a for instance, [“Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang”] was a street rap [originally written by Snoop], and I said, “Snoop, this is what we gon’ do, we’re gonna take this line right here that’s dope as fuck, we’re gonna erase this part down here, [and] I want you to try this part again. We’re gonna move this part up to here ‘cause the flow sounds better. And I want you to write a whole ‘nother second verse [for Dre]: start the second verse with this line, then go down to here, and then [have Dre] end the whole rap with my name.” Now, that’s [technically] called producing. That’s actually called writing. But I never asked for credit for that; never got credit for that. Never got a dime for it. Because it’s all for the family. We’re doing this so that we can all blow up.

To get back to your question, I don’t know why those guys [won’t stand their ground with Jimmy Iovine] – well yes I do, they’re rich! They don’t give a fuck. They’re rich, and Jimmy Iovine’s rich. Iovine wears Beats [By Dre headphones] everywhere he go. He’s not wearing them Beats ‘cause it’s Dre’s company. Jimmy’s no dummy.

My timing was just bad. I gave a fuck about the music and not the business, thinking that my niggas had my back when they didn’t.

DX: Post 2001, [after] that album, what were you expecting to happen? Like, what did you want either Dr. Dre to do for you or just the situation to [create]?

The D.O.C.: You know what I wanted? I never stopped believing that my nigga was gonna wake up one day and say, You know what? When I didn’t have shit this nigga was doing. He wasn’t doing it for money, ‘cause I didn’t have shit to give him. When I had money, this guy was doing. He wasn’t crying about money.

I thought Dre was me. The situations could not be reversed and be like it is now. Now this is the crazy part, Dre and I are [still] brothers. And I know that nigga love me like I love him. So when we argue, it’s the kinda shit earthquakes is made out of… So, we have to give each other space. But, it ain’t the same [this time]. It really ain’t the same, ‘cause dude got all the power.

But like I said, I really do love and respect him, and I know he feels the same way. That’s why I’m just anxious to see what [Detox] is gonna do. I’m anxious to see what you’re gonna do, where your mind is, where your head is, which way are you going, [and] how the fuck are you gonna dig yourself out of this spot? Because now the whole world is watching. They’re waiting.   

Stay tuned to HipHopDX for the remaining portion of our bombshell conversation with The D.O.C., in which he reveals additional details of the disintegration of his working relationship with Dr. Dre. The pen behind countless classics also takes a brief stroll down memory lane, recalling his history with Eazy-E, Jerry Heller, Ice Cube, Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg, and his more recent history with Eminem.     

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    hold up - a rapper says your name in a rhyme (does the added bonus of having your album cover in a book) and now you want a co-sign on future endeavors? D.O.C please, exit with what little respect remains......... not once in this article did yo say "so I said eff that, an I went an got mine" - cuz if it did this comment would have been one of commendation..... but lost me homie..... lost me big time an not getting writers credit on one of Dre's biggest hits of his career???? The Love??? dude what???? I can't even believe what I'm reading here. How come nobody remembers that D.O.C. could have had his voice back 100% after the accident but yo never went about it the correct way, like DETOX when it mattered! LoL - damn this article is so freakin sad

    • Daimyo

      um, if he could've had his voice back 100% by going about it the right way why would he need stem cell research to help him? Please man, STFU. This was 1989, moron. and he had a fractured voice box. So please tell me Dr. MPistol, what your diagnosis would've been? Instead of tearing him down, STFU. Because you never know when you may be in need one day...and btw why would he care if he lost you? He has done more than most expected he lived thru a damn near fatal accident. The fuckery and arrogance of some clowns...

  • Eric AkaDjefn

    I agree with JoeM a book is in order here!!! That's probably his best bet along with the reality show about the surgery. Not so sure about the album but who knows. Much respect for D.O.C!!! Great interview.

  • JoeM

    Damn.. this interview is like some Pulitzer prize winning shit. The D.O.C. needs to write a book ASAP and put that shit out, he may not be able to speak but he can definitely get his message out there. in other news, this only reaffirms what I believe from the very beginning, Detox is going to be hot garbage at least now we know why.. no D.O.C. the real Doctor behind chronic, 2001, doggy style etc etc.

  • Anonymous

    Dr.Dre needs to put out this album already,his excuses for why its taking so long are lame. Dr.Dre is worse than Brett Favre at waffling. The wait has been so long its a lose-lose situation,if it doesnt live up to expectations(which it wont,it will get panned by critics and it prob wont sell well either since nobody knows who dre is anymore(unless that dre is andre 3000,an actual rapper)

  • Nico 3

    DOC sounds like an ok dude, but he should never have placed that must trust in Dre or anybody for that matter. Money and fame will corrupt any artist, and when Jimmy Lovine is signing the checks, you either get on board and basically conform, or you go home and search the want ads.

    • Brown Suga

      I argree. He said himself he was shocked at how Easy carried him, and that was his boy how he put himself in that same position again. If he felt strongly enough to start another company he should have got that lawyer. No matter if they were feeding him, where was his manhood? Why not get your own bread and feed yourself. FYI-I got the DOC on a black tape with white writing til this day and I was a young girl and it still cranks!

  • 420westcoast

    When you're rich and hanging with the most richest and powerful artist in the game (i.e. Em, 50 Cent, JayZ, Timbaland), you don't really have time for the little guys. JayZ don't want to be around Dre if poor man DOC and Sam Sneed around. Dre is in th elite class, and these other guys who helped him get there, are no longer needed. It's the way life is. It's fucked up, but once you get that money, nothing else matters. You, me, we all would do the same thing if we were in DRe's shows.

  • gaetarick

    WOW!!! ... Big ups to The D.O.C. and alll the other ghostwriters in this game


    detox want be no chronic or 2001 thats 4sho kush is aight i will skip it i never heard the song on the radio for it to be a single

  • Rick

    Just goes to show who the REAL Best Hip Hop producer is......DJ PREMIER. Dre needs all kinds of help from everyone! Dont get me wrong Dre is nice but he doesnt have a sound of his own....The NWA days was Dre & Yella, Death Row Days DAZ, Soopa Fly, Sneed, Early Aftermath, Scott Storch, Mel-Man..

    • Rick

      ^^^ what youre not understanding is that Dre DOESNT have a sound of his own! A signature sound. Everything that you hear from Dre has someone elses co production behind it even tho it doesnt give them credit. D.O.C. just confirmed it. DAZ has said that he helped Dre in with teh Chronic and if you take a listen to it again. It does have a harder sound that what Dre was producing at the time. Not hating on Dre cause like i said , dude is nice but if someone helped him on a certain song...give them bastards credit! Listen to Storch's hits in the early 2000's...has Dre sound all over it or should I say Dre has Storch's or Mel Mans sound all over Chronic 2001? Mel-Man gave Dre thos HARD drums....see Xzibits - Los Angeles Times!..Have you heard those drums on any of Dre produced songs since Chronic 2001? And I agree with Knuckz...Quik is soooooo under rated. He is so versatile with his sound.

    • beatrixkid

      exactly- that's why all those so called helpers have put out so many hits on their own before or since then. Besides Scott Storch which cat up there is even relevant as a "producer" in the rap game. Dre is a genius. Sure, he's not 25 anymore trying to make money and when you got money it make you do greedy things but dre was the puzzle piece that is common among all of those guys you mention and without him they haven't done anything production wise (besides storch. even storch's best work IMO is with dre by his side)

    • gaetarick

      totally agree with you!

    • Knuckz

      Co-Sign. Quik is better than Dre too

  • Anonymous

    DOC was telling Dre what he needed to hear: he's to old to be rappin about blunts and 64's, leave that to the game. but jimmy and dre thinks that's what will sell, so their gonna go with the tired, tied and true subject matter.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Wow I condider myself a music historian but I didn'trealize behind the scenes how much DOC impacted Deathrow, ruthless and dre overall. Its seems that everything that I consider classic he was the man behind it. So if Detox is a bust I now know why, no DOC. I hope you get that voice thing taken care of so you can make that G funk shit I miss soooo much. West coast don't even sound westcoast anymore except for Game. Snoop and everybody else sound eastcoast like a mother. Not that their is anything wrong with that but I remember when you use to put a westcoast record on and knew where a nigga was from right from the jump. I remember great music and that was a long time ago.

  • EliRootZ

    As the days go on the more hope i have for real hip-hop. Take a minute of your time to hear some real hip-hop.

  • Chupps

    Hoping them stem cells fix his voice, The D.O.C is real hip-hop

  • Anonymous


  • Fuck Dre

    dre is a bitch. first sam sneed and now the doc who tells the truth about dre. those rappers don't think about the music anymore but only the money. Dre keep your detox bullshit lp.

  • Max413

    The D.O.C isn't a west coast rapper he's originally from Dallas Tx,The name stands for Dallas Oak Cliff

    • bayou318

      Change is good! Check this out though! DAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!

  • Brizz

    Wow, im not even gonna bitch about not getting the whole interview right away cause this was some shit. Dre looking so detached from whats real in the world right now that its not even funny. Big up to DOC for telling like it is, stay strong and get some shit out there.Definetly not buying Detox before downloading now when it all makes sence why the leaks not living up to the hype. Every person he used to work with seems to be gone and all thats left are the yes men, that some sad shit. pz.

  • Anonymous

    not d.o.c but similar to the letters no one can do it better. the doc coulda been one of the greatest had he continued recording imo taking no credit away from what hes already done

  • Anonymous

    NOW I understand why Snoop's first album was amazing, yet everything since has been weak. The D.O.C. wrote his f*cking rhymes.



  • P

    I hate when yall just don't drop the whole interview. Fuck yall got to wait and split it up for

  • Mastermind

    @LeJames Um cuz you're dumb? Listen to Doggystyle, listen to Chronic, listen to Chronic 2001 etc his name is mentioned in a few songs on those albums. "funky as the the the doc" - snoop. he was talking about doc not doctor dre cuz doc has a classic album and a classic cut called "funky enough"

  • LeJames

    Damn you learn something new everyday huh? If The D.O.C. was so influential, why dont those rappers he helped give him his props? I never heard of him before until now.

    • MadLoveToDoc

      the money changes them. thats why they didnt give him props

    • achpe2

      100 co sign% Ego and Fear, that's why you havent heard of the D.O.C. Pick up "No one can do it better" it was a tradegy that he lost his voice. Example of this - Kanye say that Little Brother's song "The Yo-Yo" was an inspiration to him, but he never has big uped LB cause he was afraid that LB would become bigger than him. This is the reason why I got so much respect for E Sermon, he did not hold back Redman or Keith Murray even though they were better MC's than him. Talent is talent. As I been saying all along Detox is a publicity stunt. You crazy to sitting around to 10 years waiting for a myth. It may come out but it will never be as good as the NWA or the Chronics.

    • NAPALM

      Ego and fear is all I can assume...D.O.C. was definitely light years ahead of alot of rap cats back in the yourself a favor and cop No One Can Do it Better...

  • gimik313

    i didnt search to far into comments but seems yall are forgetting not only did he not put sam sneed nor DOC but no Ice Cube either. Ill prolly dl detox before i buy it if its supposed to sound like that pop commercial. em jus put out a mature record why cant dre lol

  • JackMothwa

    D.O.C will always remain a genius with the creative songwriting. I feel that Dr. Dre has to come up with his side of the story because I believe there's a lot that Dre, Suge, Snoop did for him but for obvious reasons, he won't mention it. D.O.C must remember that he's dealing with seasoned veterans...Dre is not in his 20's anymore, he knows exactly what he needs to put out there.

  • nativetounge

    dr dres new shit is wack to me , Kush is a weak song . he need to stop bullshitting and trying to stay relevant to these pop rappers and do him . keep it D.O.C . he knows hip hop

    • Kevin S. Perry

      WOW...I feel for DOC but we all know Dre dont write his rymes he is a producer and one of the best. WHy wait until now to try to diss someone when his album is dropping? Maybe he should have got a lawyer when Dr. Dre told him...Always listen to the Dr.

  • Bfieldboy

    Greatest Debut album ever????? I give D.O.C. major props but thats basically saying it was better than Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die.......hell I could name another 10. Wack statement

    • Terje

      What's really wack here is the fact that so many heads are so brainwashed by the nas and jayz-hype that they cant belive that someone actually likes NCDIB debut better. Lets look at it soberly, even if every song on illmatic where pure dope (wich I dont think it's the case). There is still lots of albums with more than 10 dope songs. Illmatic is great yeah, but so is at least 100 other hiphop albums too. I think NCDIB has quite more dope tunes than Illmatic, and if you get spasms from reading this you should open your brainwashed mind. PS I love hiphop dx for writing about old heroes like the doc.

    • David Huh Wat

      huh?.... rap started b4 half these bucks was born...nas shit was dope... but listen doc...paved the of the 1st lyrical west coast rappers....go back n listen yungstas

    • jack johnson

      lol thats exactly what i was thinking, no one can do it better was good but not better than Illmatic

    • Doo

      It was because of DOC those other albums came out he set the bar..put it up against anybody today..hell kill it! hip hops finest

    • Nigga, Are You Serious???

      When the D.O.C's shit dropped....EVERYBODY bumped it! Are your fuckin' serious????

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      Reasonable doubt and Illmatic better than No One Can Do It Better? ahahaha, F*cking kids these days. Those 2 albums came out 5 and 6 years later and you're comparing those albums? Go back to 1989 and tell me 10 albums that was better than No One Can Do It Better or shut the F*ck up

  • Special Ed

    That is a sad... Such is life though... The D.O.C, who is the trues definition of 'Ghostwriter' is in a worse position than Memphis Bleek, who is the true definition of 'waste material'? I hope Jay helps him out with his projects, which sound super-nice... This dude needs more, so much more... Stay up D.O.C, and keep creating... Love and respect from Botswana (Africa)...

  • problemz/problema

    There isn't any loyalty or ethics in the music industry.D.O.C is a legendary MC..that It's funky enough and the formula joint got burn in NY before the west coast took over for that Death Row era..Dre and D.O.C are going in different directions..that shit happens all the time with any relationship..hope it all it works out...

  • Sneed_Doc_Who_is_next

    You muthafuckas would stop comin up to me Wit your hands out lookin up to me Like you want somethin free When my last cd was out you wasn't bumpin me But now that I got this little company Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease But you won't get a crumb from me Cause I'm from the streets of Compton

  • Anonymous

    D.O.C Better do exactly like Snoop & Show dre that he can stand on his on.Although I have to say Dre & Snoop are a better duo than Em & Dre.Is this why Muzik he's put'in out here lately soundin fuck Up cause tha D.O.C iz Missin in the lab?

  • Inglewood Heez

    Damn!no D.O.C that hurts! A true west OG. He did alot for dre-i cant be like this can it? Well the industry is a ugly place for people u think have your best intrest at heart. Come on Dre get your ear and heart back! And surrond yourself with the right people!

  • ThaNickelNut : Bloody Nickel

    Texas Artist's are the most underrated in the game.But the Most creative & talented.What it do Dallas,H-town...

  • insanemacbeth

    very, VERY big interview.

    • RICK

      ^ youre a dumb fuck! you need to respect the legends. If not, go find some other music to listen to...IDIOT!

    • who cares

      guy cant even remember his "artist"'s names lol what a joke this fucking guys washed up and dre knew it go play golf you old bastard


    For You YOUNG-HEADS That Don't Know.... DO Your HOMEWORK On D.O.C. Before You DISRESPECT Because He Was A LYRICAL BEAST Before The CAR ACCIDENT.

    • H.I.T.T.M.A.N

      The D.O.C. is still mean wit it. We were on the same bus during the Up In Smoke Tour which resulted in countless freestyle sessions & please believe he ain`t fall off 1 bit. He actually got more stlye than before. I wish yall could`ve heard the verses he wrote for Dre to the Still D.R.E. beat...

    • RIck

      AMEN!!!!!! These youngin's dont know man!!! To be honest dude would be up there with Nas if it wasnt for the car accident.

  • brick

    love doc and sam sneed but y when detox finna come out now everyone got something to say they wanna bitch and complain about dre this game is the record business its like you obviiously didnt stand up and get your business straight like u supposed to say yea i want credit or publishing who likes not getting paid for their work if you chose not to stand up and think my homies got me all this loyalty shit i help write a record didnt want credit cuz it was for the fam dont be mad you got what you wanted and you didnt want credit and you sitting there wit yo hand out like u my homies got my back all this fuckery bullshit the doc sold his publishing to easy for some fucking jewelry you basically slaved yourself to the record company love that young guru video he did on the record business its very educational

  • SoSo

    Dre probably wants to go CLUB with his records... and i bet DOC wants that hard drums westcoast shit Kinda like Documentary/chronic2001 etc.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Man fuck this guy. Who can't write real shit. This song is real hip-hop. It has a real message. Check out the lyrics. I got lemonade and lemon teeth Lemons watch me mix the shit Lemonade complexion, east-australian girl be killin me She say i be killin her, i say i be feelin it Four days then im sick of her, cause her brain is lemonhead Cocaine white exterior, Interior Lemonade Yellow wit da off-white trimmin I call that da super drank Yellow diamond pinky ring Call that dere da lemon rock Jewelry box a lemon bin, my earring size a apricot Yeah i smoke that strong alot, yeah i need some of what you got Half a pound of lemon kush, call that pack the lemon drop Canary yellow lemon watch, big bird yellow top Yellow Polo, Polo, slippers white and yellow polo socks Gucci Mane be pumpin dawg, he dont got all he say he got Just stash one Lemon homie, i can supply them the 50 glocks Yellow boat parked at the dock,Yellowbone gon' make it drop Flip da flop mine up the top, then go buy me a yellow yacht BURR! GUCCI! It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    Its funky enough right down here too

  • Almar

    Damn Shame D.O.C. Was in that Car accident all those years ago, Im only 23 but i've been bumpin "No One Can Do It Better" since i was 17, that shit is classic, and for anyone who dosent know what im talkin then look it up, because this guy had a truly original Voice.

    • J

      I picked up 'No One Can Do It Better' on CD on 8 December 1989! Damn that was a long time ago. Loved that CD back then and will dig it out over the weekend for another listen after reading this great article. I recall loving 'Whirlwind Pyramid'...

    • Anonymous

      @josh, say that. my sentiments exactly.

    • Jason Smith

      DOC is one of the dopest MCs to ever touch a mic.

  • TBD

    Damn Dre, not only did you dissed your fmr. producer/protege/homie, "Sam Sneed". But you dissing "D.O.C". of all people . The man you co-wrote a lot of your hits, for no money up-front. Damn, Dre's legacy is going tarnished because at lot of his old associates are coming out of the woodwork and saying how he did them dirty. Remember you may have all the money in the world, but you can't take it with you, when you die.

    • Savvy

      @anonymous... You're clearly not a true hip hop fan... bandwagon, radio dick ridin' pussy! GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ Dre's rep being Tarnished, nobody really cares about that type of shit man Only thing that matters is whether or not the record is good or a letdown, all that other shit, that "He said- She Said", nobody cares, people mouth off about each other all the time, it never makes a diffrence

  • Jon

    Now Dre should come to his senses and leave Kush and INAD off Detox. Put the D.O.C. writtens on the album. Otherwise, it will be unbelievably wack.

    • Anonymous

      Yea leave I Need A Doctor off it even though its probably gonna be a hit record, he should say "Fuck makin hits, I need this Internet respect, these stealin niggas gonna respect me if its the last thing I do!!!"

  • Jay Monaco

    Holla at me DOC, we Globe Trotta's man...we got italy in our back pocket.

  • Brian Smith

    Biggest lie on a track ever. "Who you think brought you the oldies? Eazy-E's, Ice Cube's, and D.O.C's The Snoop D-O-double-G's and the group that said mother-"Fuck Tha Police"" The D.O.C. is the real "Doc", and with out HIM none of those guys would have had a career.

  • kennyken

    man honestly, jigga, and dre are 2 birds of a feather. they have the same tactics. but both of them are highly successful, so i wonder is that how the game has to go to be highly successful?

  • Wendell Kelley


  • Anonymous


  • wilson101

    i know what he thought was wrong wit kush....nate should have been on the hook akon sounded like shit on that fucked the whole track

  • Clarence Rogers

    "greatest solo debut in hip hop history"??!! I beg to differ...try Illmatic, Ready to Die, or Reasonable Doubt! Dx y'all are seriously wildin...

    • Rick

      hahaha Clarence.... NOCDIB was / is as classic as those you mentioned. IMO better than reasonable doubt..maybe even with Ready To Die. ...if it wasnt for dudes accident, he'd be considered one of the best EVER. As it is, hes already up there with only ONE album!!!!!

    • Dave

      'Ready To Die' if you like soft, commercial Puff Daddy shit.

    • shadyaftermath

      and get rich

    • Anonymous

      respect your pov, but D.O.C.'s album was flames - lyrically and sonically. There is def an argument for that joint as hip-hop's best debut. Undoubtedly one of the best hip-hop albums ever made.

    • Jahbari Townsend

      Not on an actual "skill" level i.e. lyrics and such, but as defining an entire rap genre and/or bringing the hip hop torch straight to the West Coast...then yes.

  • Grizzle

    Dope and insightful interview, damn...

  • jack johnson

    maybe he saw all the comments about the shitty song "I Need A Doctor" :D

  • Anonymous

    DOC=truth. West coast version of rakim/kane if not for accendent. dre made a huge mistake.

    • Sneed_Doc_Who_is_next

      "You muthafuckas would stop comin up to me Wit your hands out lookin up to me Like you want somethin free When my last cd was out you wasn't bumpin me But now that I got this little company Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease But you won't get a crumb from me Cause I'm from the streets of Compton"

    • your funny

      why would dr.dre need this washed up old fuck he can get a better ghost writer any day you cant say for one second dre had good lyrics looks like dre told him to beat it and doc is trying too act like it was mutiual detox will probably suck but it wont be cause the d.o.c didnt help with it

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