Drake Talks Kardinal Offishall And Grammy Nominations

While explaining what it means to possibly win a Grammy, Drake gives props to Toronto's original Hip Hop ambassador.

Long before the world knew who Drake was, Kardinal Offishall served as the most notable Hip Hop artist from Toronto. Over the years, there was at least the perception of beef with Kardi shrugging off any Drake comparisons, and Drake taking offense to Kardinal using his “City of Mine” beat. But those conflicts—real or exaggerated—have since been settled, and both artists have supported each other at recent events. Drake reflected on his earliest memories of Kardinal when talking to Tyrone “T-Rexxx” Edwards of Much Music’s “Rap City” about joining Kardi on stage last year.

“That’s important…Kardinal he is that guy,” Drake said. “He is what I used to get excited about. I told him the other night I saw him at Yorkdale Mall one time, and I felt like that was the first time I saw a real star. I definitely wanted him to come out, and it was great for the city. The city loved that moment.”

While Drake’s civic pride didn’t manifest itself in the form of winning a Grammy Award last year, he says his line about not throwing away his potential acceptance speech still holds true. Drake is nominated for four Grammys in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Rap Solo (“Over”), Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group (“Fancy”) and Best Rap Album Thank Me Later.

“Of course I’m gonna take my mom, and I’m gonna bring my boys,” Drake added. “We’ll go out to LA and we’ll have some fun. If we win, we win. If not, we’ll just come back, make some more music and try and get nominated again. The acknowledgement is great for us…it is the highest and most accomplished award I could receive in my mind. But if I don’t get it, I don’t let it eat away at me.”


  • Don West

    Wow. I WAS AN IDIOT! I used to chase people to join just like you. Now I pull in $6,000 or more every single day and people are practically begging me to sign them up.See for yourself!

  • Haha

    Dude said Yorkdale Mall. Oh man. It's nice hearing celebrities talk about malls us Canadians go to regularly LOL.

  • Mandy Sandy

    man, fuck flake and feminem. watch jay-z! and kanye west win all there grammyz. there da true mastaz of da game. RNGMB BITCH!



  • Tyrone

    I thought Drakes album was very good. Selling records is his job, so he should try and appeal to as many people as possible. Personally, I don't like Em. Although, I will acknowledge that he is a very good lyricist. He wines about life and screams to much for my taste, but that is just me.

  • SuperGucciRap

    This nigga sucks. Watch my nigga Justin Bieber win Best New Artist. That nigga is more talented than any musician in the world. Never Say Never! Justin Bieber should be worshipped. It's Gucci Time!

  • Vanquishh Demons

    Drake won't win one Grammy when the highest selling-rapper in hip-hop history has 2010's highest most commercial album It's not just sales Recovery is light years better than anything Drake can release despite Recovery not being nowhere close to being a classic eminem is taking all come february

  • Anonymous

    some of you will come on here and say Thank Me Later isnt true hip hop and in a sense, it isnt because he sings as well but you also have to take into account that the Grammys arent very knowledgeable of hip hop to begin with. The panel of people that make the decisions arent hip hop experts. They listen to the music and if it sounds rock then its gonna be classified as rock. If its someone singing in an urban style its gonna be classified as r&b. If it sounds more for dance floors its gonna be call pop and if theyre rhyming to a beat with an urban style its gonna be classified as hip hop. Simple as that Now do i think Thank Me Later is Grammy worthy? No. And this is coming from a huge Drake fan. So Far Gone was much better and had way more diversity. He brought out people like Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn, Santigold, and dj screw samples. TML was obviously half him and half for the label. Songs like Fireworks, Karaoke, The Resistance, Miss Me, Shut It down, Unforgettable, Ceces interlude, Up all night were original drake shit. Where as Fancy and all that other bullshit was strictly for commerical purposes. So like i said, TML is not grammy worthy, and this is coming from a drake fan.

  • truthenola

    Thank me Later , is grammy worthy. he wrote it and had 100% input on all concepts, the album was very introspective,. he was himself 100 on that joint, he definatly taking best new artist , forget anything else eminem is in though....didnt buy the album ,. but ya know 3.5 mill cant be over looked.

    • Vanquishh Demons

      wtf? You really think TML is better than Recovery? You seriously need to get your head checked! Name a verse on TML better than "No Love" On fire's first verse is better than all of TML combined!!! Wake up you are obviously dreaming..and NO! I don't think recovery is in the top 5 albums released this year just stating an undeniable fact

  • Derrick Suryal Selasie Avornyo

    You will get it.. Best New Artist

  • Ddot DOuble

    "it is the highest and most accomplished award I could receive in my mind." lol! What a joke!! Everyone knows great hip-hop rarely wins grammy's. Go back to watching Winnie the Pooh and combing your eyebrows ya punk bitch.

    • Anonymous

      True, hip hop never wins Best RAP Album... duhh But, on that note, his album wasn't a rap album, so why is it nominated in that category. Besides it's definitely not Grammy-quality. Distant Relatives should win, maybe more suited for best collab or something like that, but it won't, but IT MUTHAFUNKIN SHOULD!

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