Russell Simmons "Hijacks" Myspace Music As This Week's Guest CEO

Hip Hop's pioneering mogul is driving attention to MySpace with creative decisions on how to make the social networking site stronger.

Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons has been a beacon of taste for the culture for over 25 years. The Queens, New York native signed pioneering acts like LL Cool J, Run-DMC and Whodini to his R.U.S.H. Management company. Through his venture Def Jam Records, Simmons helped give the culture classic songs and albums from the likes of Slick Rick, T La-Rock and 3rd Bass. Now with ventures such as Phat Farm clothing and, Russell is lending a taste-making hand to MySpace Music.

Simmons asked users, "I'm new CEO (chief executive officer) for a week...Taking over MySpace next week any ideas... what should I do to improve it?"

This week, Simmons has "hijacked" the social networking site's Music section. He will guest-edit with daily entries and links to his brother, Rev Run's daily affirmations and more.

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