Tracklisting Revealed To Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill's "Heavy Metal Kings"

UPDATE #3: Guests and producers have been revealed, including DJ Muggs, Reef The Lost Cauze, DJ Lethal, Q-Unique and Slaine.

Jedi Mind Tricks' front-man Vinnie Paz and longtime Non-Phixion/La Coka Nostra emcee Ill Bill have long been discussing the release of their collaborative project Heavy Metal Kings. It was announced yesterday that the album is now planned for April 5, 2011 release, through each's labels, Enemy Soil and Uncle Howie Records.

The 16 track work features production from DJ Muggs, DJ Premier's protege Gemcrates as well as Ill Bill. Vocal guests will include Reef The Lost Cauze, Q-Unique, Slaine, as well as another Non-Phixion alum, Sabac Red.

The duo will be promoting the album through extensive touring.

Paz and Bill have worked together going back to 2003's JMT album, Visions of Gandhi, and have worked together on a number of songs since.

Last year Vinnie Paz released his solo debut, Season of the Assassin, meanwhile, Ill Bill teamed with DJ Muggs for Kill Devil Hills, an album that was among HipHopDX's Top 25 Albums of 2010.

(January 25)

UPDATE: Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz have announced the following tour dates in support of Heavy Metal Kings:

4/2/11 – San Bernardino, CA – Paid Dues Festival
4/3/11 – Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones
4/5/11 – San Diego, CA – Casbah
4/6/11 – Los Angeles, CA – Key Club
4/7/11 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
4/13/11 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar Lounge
4/14/11 – New York, NY – The Studio @ Webster Hall
4/15/11 – Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
4/16/11 – West Chester, PA – The Note
4/17/11 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
4/19/11 – Ottawa, ON – Ritual Nightclub
4/20/11 – Toronto, ON – Opera House
4/21/11 – Rochester, NY – Dub Land Underground

(February 5)

UPDATE #2: The tracklisting to Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz' Heavy Metal Kings is as follows:

1. Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Produced by C-Lance)

2. Eye Is The King (Produced by Junior Makhno)

3. Impaled Nazarene (Produced by Grand Finale)

4. Children Of God (Produced by ILL Bill)

5. Blood Meridian (Produced by Gem Crates)

6. Oath Of The Goat (Produced by Vherbal)

7. King Diamond (Produced by ILL Bill)

8. The Vice Of Killing featuring Reef the Lost Cauze and Sabac Red (Produced by Sicknature)

9. Devil’s Rebels featuring Crypt the Warchild (Produced by Shuko)

10. Age Of Quarrel (Produced by Jack of all Trades)

11. Metal In Your Mouth featuring Q-Unique and Slaine (Produced by Jack of all Trades)

12. Terror Network (Produced by C-Lance)

13. Leviathan (The Spell Of Kingu) – (Produced by DJ Muggs)

14. The Crown Is Mine (Produced by C-Lance)

15. Splatterfest  (Produced by C-Lance)

16. The Final Call (Produced by ILL Bill)

iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track: Blood Meridian (ILL Bill Remix)

Napster Exclusive Bonus Track: Santa Sangre (Produced by DJ Lethal)



  • Anonymous

    Vinnie paz is incomparably the best rapper alive, You can have your most Favorited, but reality is vinnie paz is legitimately untouchable

  • Neesh Christina Melanie

    West Chester, PA with Weerd Science? Absolutely cannot wait! The new music video is off the chain!

  • Hidden Darts

    Stoupe produced the banger that birthed this project. If his production is excluded from this project then it will be a fail.

  • Natasha Roye

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  • Brizz

    Looks promising but no stoupe is kind of dissapointing. Hopefully one of the highlights of 11. pz.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    definitely gonna cop that. have to.

  • hellrazor

    i cant wait to hear that album!!!!!

  • Northwoods

    I'm not sure if i'm understanding this right but is Ill Bill saying hes a satanist. he said hes the son of satan is he supporting satanism or what . I know hes related to Necro and Necro is a devil worshipper so idk what to think , someone break it down for me?

    • Slug-o, on the seventh floor

      Who cares if they are....either way, it's just as dumb as if they were jesus worshipers...because neither exits, so why does it matter? They know how to spit so let's leave it at that.

    • HAHA @ TIM

      Tim Wilkens is a typical underground white fanboy who thinks Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill, Necro and Celph Titled are the best rappers out there and thinks guys like Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne and Eminem are freemasons. Wake up, AOTP are satanists themselves. Don't believe me, look up their lyrics.

    • Tim Wilkens

      Necro isnt a devil worshipper hes Jewish, him and Bill are both very vocal about it

    • hellrazor

      necro and ill bill are siblings.

    • Singe Sabre

      I think they are just really into it for the shock value and the darkness of it, not really seriously worshiping, it's all a part of the image

  • Glen

    I have enjoyed both artists in the past, but VP is sounding fatter and fatter with every release - you can hear the struggle in his voice. Likewise with Ill Bill. His delivery is getting raspy and loud. Lose some weight you pair of fat cunts - it will help with the vocal delivery.


      @Malcolm Thanks again cunt. I appreciate you identifying my inadequacies for me.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Hey, don't get mad at me cuz you're an idiot. Whining about voice raspiness and stupid shit. That's you being a pretentious fuck. Real Talk.

    • Glen

      @Malcolm Thanks cunt. I'll take all of that shit on board.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Vinnie Paz has a metal grill in his throat, so it's not due to fatness. If that were the case then Big Pun's trademark rapping without breathing for long periods would not exist. And Bill's kicking 40 years old this year. He uses his voice for heavy metal since 14. If the sound of rapper's voice turns you off then find a new style of music. People used to give Canibus shit too for his voice but he's still respected for lyrics. Now Lloyd Banks' voice sounds fucking stupid.

  • von james


  • Anonymous

    haha how is this dude below me gonna go at vinnie p?? vinnie would rape your face with the lyrics he spits bitch

  • Anonymous

    So I guess they gonna be driving Vinnies moms minivan all over the country huh? Who gives a fuck about these nobodies. I cant believe he's coming to Baltimore MD. Dont nobody round here fuck with this fat white boy. We listen to street shit, not white people tryna be hood. Fuck Vinnie Paz you getting fucked up when you come down here watch. Sonar right around the corner from me too

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up you clown

    • Anonymous

      son you dont know shit about Hip Hop Vinnie Paz is dope on the mic n has been tearin shit up for years his last joint was bananas n bodied almost everythin else released that year Baltimore must jus be full of cornballs

    • Ronnie Guess?

      Go kill yourself!! fuckin clown!! Vinnie Paz is a underground hip-hop legend!! His album was fuckin crazzzyyyyy!! Better then that eminem bullshit!! peace



  • Dale Cooper

    wish they were coming to higher ground VT!!!! you havn't been to VT in years Vinnie and ILL BILL never been to H G VT

  • SuperGucciRap

    Yes, finally real Hip-Hop. Not that faggot ass Nas/Damien Marley bullshit. Vinnie Paz, Hopsin, Canibus, ICP, Justin Bieber and Gucci Mane need to make a collab album. Best album of all time if that happens. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      I replied because that what you want Your Welcome BITCH

    • Anonymous

      not faggot ass nas/damian marley shit huh?,,, colab with bieber. dont be posting weak ass shit like that on hip hop dx cuz. nas is one of the illest mc's to date and marley colab-in is one of the illest reggae/hip hop mixes ever. i'll give you can-i-bus but all that other shit is wack! how bout colab-in wit smif n wesson. bring it h.m.k.

    • Anonymous

      loool i crack up with this comments everytime ! you got it backwards ma nigga , nas/damien marley , vinnie paz need to collab , and gucci and bieber should have butt seecks!

  • No, YOUR name

    this album is going to be crazy as shit

  • suicide slang

    OMG I CAN'T waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiitt

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