Turntable Veteran DJ Qbert Unveils New Art

Following in the footsteps of the RZA, DJ Qbert has teamed up with L.A. art group WAIL to produce a series of pieces.

Over the past few years, rappers like the RZA and Kanye West have began reaching out to artists for collaborative projects, Now, DJs are getting in on the fun, as legendary turntablist DJ Qbert has teamed up with art production group When ArtImitates Life (WAIL) to release a series of custom art prints.

Titled "Bold As Scatch," the world famous DJ with photographer Trevor Traynor and the WAIL team to release a series of 250 canvases. The collection will mix photography, graphic art, found images and acrylic paints, and each of the pieces will be uniquely customized. "Bold As Scratch" set for a February 19 worldwide release.

DJ Qbert is a member of the cult DJ crew the Invisbl Skratch Piklz and a three-time DMC DJ World Championship winner. Fans looking to purchase one of the canvasses can order them at his website. Those who enter early will be in the running for a chance to the pieces two days before their February 19 release.

This recent collaboration with DJ Qbert isn't WAIL's time working with a member of the Hip Hop community. Founded by the World Famous Wake-Up Show's Sway and King Tech and the L.A.-based creativity house SceneFour, WAIL worked with the Wu-Tang Clan's the RZA and most recently the Hieroglyphics on art pieces last year.


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