Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Gets March 7 Prison Release Date

One-half of Mobb Deep will be a free man once again in a matter of months.

Although Ja Rule is headed to the pen in February, New York will be getting one of its seminal emcees back in March.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep will be released on March 7, following a three-year sentence for gun possession.

The release was confirmed by the other half of Mobb Deep, Havoc, on Thursday (January 20) night.

Prodigy is currently being held at the Mid-State Correctional Facility in New Jersey. He joins Lil Wayne and NFL player Plaxico Burress to fall victim to New York's zero-tolerance gun laws.

The prison sentence stems from an October 2006 arrest, when police found a loaded handgun in the bulletproof SUV he was driving in.

In a 2007 interview with, Prodigy shared his thoughts on the arrest, indicating that the infamous "Hip Hop Cops" were behind his arrest.


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  • MyName

    When "Shook Ones" was written, Alchemist & Mobb Deep were not friends then. Do your research...

  • pancho via alien nation

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    fuk da illuminati

    • Deknowz

      If the illuminati is a powerful "secret society" they should really fire their PR guy, someone let the cat out of the bag. "/

  • lo godfather

    It's actually been a good while since we heaed anything. i wonder what state of mind he'll be on

  • murdock

    ill be glad to hear dope music because cats are trash now.

  • Loopy

    Can actually say Im looking forward to hearing what he has to say when he gets out. The freedom should be good

  • imamme

    haha he gona come out and expose these illuminati fuckers

  • EddieMurrrphy

    much bigger deal than weezy. he been gone for a minute people actually miss him. plus we aint gettin daily twitter updates from him... he doin big boy time. i aint glorifying i'm just pointing out.

  • DOPE

    I can't wait new P's things! FREE P!

  • insanemacbeth

    positive newz.

  • Jefferey Mason

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  • Anonymous

    P is legend!! how dare they throw in something about ja rule in this article.. ja rule is nothing!!! i cant wait for p and banks to get in aganin and make a hood banga

    • EddieMurrrphy

      my thoughts exactly!!! saying seminal emcees then bringing up ja rule what the fuck?!?!?!?! those last two projects from prodigy that came out in 08 shit on ja's career

  • yo

    Cop Prodigys book when it comes out people! trust me

  • Big Tone

    I wonder how stretched his asshole is after all that prison time...

  • BWS-Fish

    good to see him gettin out, but all of you comin out with stupid shit like "Mobb Deep gonna take over the game again", u need to shut the fuck up. Mobb Deep are legends, but they havnt done anything important or noteworthy in years, and 3 years out of the game becoming even less in touch with the current hip hop scene is definitely not gonna hav done anything to change that.

    • Up North

      Mobb Deep doesn't need to be in touch with the current hip hop scene. Of course, that strongly depends on the scene you're talking about. As long as they continue to make their brand of music, most if not all Mobb fans will be satisfied with that. They've already done what many will never do.

    • Callum Mitchell

      That's the sad truth there, eh


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  • junMaf*ckn

    "Up The Ladder of Success Wit Techs We Build an Destroy..." 'Still Climbin Still Shinin' U Stoopid? a hunnid niggas form around me... like forcefields... We pack places and make moves like a spaceship. Im coppin that book in April my Genius.

  • vexxouds

    Can't Wait for P come back home. The Mobb is going to smack the game all over again.

  • Powerphi

    Not that it's all that important, but dude is confined in Mid-State Correctional Facility in NY not NJ.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping for some Mobb Deep material after his release, 90's type of shit. Not the G-Unit crap they put out last time.

  • i bet you didn't know...

    50 put your dumbass in jail

  • Anonymous

    cant wait!!! still bumpin HNIC2 and product of the 80s......alchemist and prodigy = HEAT!!!same goes for sid roams too ........................ just fookin release him now 1

  • Gshit

    free p bring mobb deep back foreal dun

  • Dick Tony

    P hasn't done anything hot since Hell on Earth minus a few verses here and there. The Infamous and HoE are two of the best albums from that NY era in my opinion

    • murdock

      you dont what what your talking about his first solo is bangin.he killed verses on all the other mobb say hell on earth is the best but he still killed all the other joints

    • Anonymous

      return of the mack that album is fire Mr Flamboyant or fag

    • GaBoy247

      Really? You ever heard murda musik or HNIC?

    • Mr Flamboyant

      In today's episode of "dumb asses who say dumb ish"... "P hasn't done anything hot since Hell on Earth minus a few verses here and there. The Infamous and HoE are two of the best albums from that NY era in my opinion" Thank you, Dick Tony, for winning such a recognition of a dumb ass. Now go suck yourself and leave the hip hop to those who know what they're talking about. Dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      product of the 80's was good too, not as good as return of the mac but solid.

    • Anonymous

      return of the mack, bitch

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