Raekwon Making "Only Built 4 For Cuban Linx...Pt. 3"

Cuban Linx will continue, will it be Raekwon's other album this year?

Early in 2011 Raekwon told Vibe that he was planning on a second album in 2011. He said the album would be "DJ-oriented" and "harmony-based" and will feature production from Just Blaze and Kanye West. Also that the album, which is already half complete, is tentatively slated for an October release. 

It looks as though this album could be the third volume of Only Built For Cuban Linx series. Complex is previewing Rae's upcoming Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang and revealed that Rae broke the news on a song called "Silver Rings."

In the preview Complex states "he says he doesn't know when, but that the time is coming" and "this album definitely isn't in the same vein as the Cuban Linx series. OB4CL and its sequel had an overarching narrative, but this record is more like a series of vignettes tied together by a common theme."


  • RedHoodBeatz

    I don't like trilogies because the thiord part always sucks; everytime somebody tries to regain the enegry that was on the first album he fails exept ob4cl 2 ; but a third part is too much 50 Cent--- Ghetto Like A M********** RedHood Version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk7eo46DLJQ creativity never dies RedHood follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/redhoodbeatz .

  • NY

    I like the possibility of having Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 3 but Kanye West & Just Blaze don't have the Cuban Linx sound, they generally do softer and more radio friendly beats. Get RZA on the production for the whole album or dig up for some old Dilla beats.

  • ElDuro

    most likely it wont happen, but rza sounds like the sound rae lookin for. hopefully he'll reach out to em for it.

  • Brizz

    obfcl 3 would be great but i think thats way premature now, he should really take his time and make it as solid or better than 2. pz.

  • sesame street

    yea rae is definetly goin outta the box he's got elmo droppin verses for big birds beats

  • kennyken

    lol, rae got elmo in his arms boss thug



  • G

    pretty excited about that. ob4cl2 was nasty. march is gonna be a good month for hip hop

  • Anonymous

    I thought ob4cl2 was great when it came out but I havent listened to it since then. The Roots, David Banner and Currency have filled up all of my music listening time.

  • Anonymous

    he should just do another lex daimond story chapter 2

  • Au Pied De Cochon

    Ass Omelette - An omelette made by injecting an egg mixture into one's anus, swirling it around, then expelling it into a frying pan. Normally, one eats the omelette with various spices and/or condiments. "Man, she made him the best ass omelette ever. Chives, cock butter, spinach, feta, ass fat and all."

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    LOL @ that pic, "Straight from the streets of Sesame nigga!" haha

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    As big of a stan I am for Kanye West production, I'd be disgraced if he called this album OB4CL3 considering it will sound NOTHING like the first 2 entries in the series.

  • Anonymous

    i'm still trying to figure out where rae said he's making cuban link 3? missleading title..

  • Truth

    If you've been following Raekwon's interviews at all, including the ones you've conducted, you'd know that Rae is planning an outside-the-box non-Wu album for fourth quarter 2011, with production from Kanye, Just Blaze, and etc. Yes, he's planning Cuban Linx 3, but that's by no means next, or coming this year. Take reading comprehension classes.

    • Special Ed

      I read the interview... I based my comment on what HDDX said... Y'all are right... No need to call a man dumb for mis-understanding...

    • Yeah I said it

      Spacial Ed, you dumb son. The other album is NOT Cuban Linx 3, and the out-the-box album is NOT Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang. The other album after Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is the Just Blaze/Kanye one, and then Cuban Linx 3 will come after that.

    • Truth

      @Spacial Ed. Sorry, but no. You're wrong. Rae plans to release two albums in 2011 - Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, and another album, that is not Wu, and outside the box. Then, after that, one of these years, Cuban Linx 3. Read his interview on HHDX and the last interview he did 2dopeboyz linked to. Sad when the commenters know more than the reporters.

    • Spacial Ed

      Well... The out-the-box Wu album is Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang... These guys may have a point... He gelled well with Kanye on Gorgeous, and everybody knows Just Blaze will pretty much channel any rapper and provide accordingly.. My worry is that after having a beautiful album series that seemed to close the chapter on OB4CL (I'm sure a lot of people went back to the 1st installment), he will destroy that legacy by giving us a sub-par album that will probably be good, but not as cinematic... I hope you know what you're doing Rae, you're NY's Silent King, listen to your subjects and change the title...

  • Anonymous

    He shoulda scooped up CANIBUS for this album n thrown him on a joint wit INS the albums soundin dope with obvious exceptions like Jim Jones who are so weak lyrically they'll guarantee this won't be a classic I mean look you got Wu, Black Thought n Nas so this could of been classic and lyrical and with that line up of 90s lyrical heavy weights he should of featured the 90s feature killah Canibus

    • Anonymous

      lol @ Canibus lyrics goin over the first responders head, his bragging barrs make up only maybe 10% of his overall lyrical content... AND THOSE BARRS ARE SICK

    • money mitch

      huh listen to canibus verse of the song desperados off the firm album, shit is so too lyrical anonymous you lose

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      I'm with Rival X, Canibus is great

    • Rival X Jordan

      you can't disrespect the canibus man. the boy is the lyrical king. and would assassinate jim jones.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ One weak guest spot making an album any less of a classic, quit being so anal about shit And Canibus isnt any better then Jim Jones, I dont know which is more boring, hearing Jim Jones Talk about Ballin or hearin Canibus go on about how he's "More Lyrical then the Exo skeleton of a lobster" or whatever other rambling bullshit he comes up with nowadays, lol

  • Anonymous

    Uh hiphopdx: It looks as though this album could be the third volume of Only Built For Cuban Linx series????? Raekwon never said this. So why do say this bullshit then???

  • Charles ExSavior

    "Only 4 For Cuban Linx"?! Wow HHDX edit your shit.

  • plato

    first... damn dats whats up. RAEKWON (top 10 dead or alive)

  • EddieMurrrphy

    HMMM.... just focus at one at a time man. one at a time. remember the two albums we were supposed to get in 2010?

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