DMX Stars In "The Bleeding," Gets Tortured In The Film

X is back on his acting grind as he stars in "The Bleeding," a new film where he gets tortured.

From Belly and beyond, DMX has tried to venture out of his comfort zone in Hip Hop and he's gotten a few roles. His latest is as Tagg in a new film, The Bleeding, a movie that will be released in May, according to The Internet Movie Database.

The film will not be in theaters but X supporters can find it on a straight to DVD release.  


  • ogh

    oh man that was so terrible it was funny hahaha.

  • Jeremy Orr

    Thats actually a good look for X..unlike some rappers/singers (50,Chris Brown,Ne-Yo,Luda,Lil Wayne..etc) DMX is a pretty good actor!! #darkman

  • Rellik

    Crack withdrawal doesn't count as torture.

  • hmmm

    some movies just should not be made. this is one of them. also michael madsen wtf he is actually actor who has been in some decent movies (reservoir dogs, donnie brasco, sin city, kill bill)


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  • stuntmoney

    DMX stars in "The Bleeding" a new film where he gets tortured....hmmm sounds like an amazing movie

  • alex

    man that was difficult to watch him act, especially when im fan.. but hey it is a straight to dvd for a reason..

  • Anonymous

    I thought this nigga had lost his head..............

  • Nico 3

    DMX gets 4th billing... Nobody cares. The bigger question is what is Michael Madsen doing in this shit?

  • wolfman

    fuckin haters... only thing any of you star in is your boring, insignificant, ass crack, hole in the wall of a life. So, shut the fuk up!

    • bitch slap yourself

      how many hill billies do you see standing in front of the red box renting low budget movies?shit loads! you know when they see DMX on the little movie poster square they are just gonna eat this shit up.personally,im not seeing it.i wont hate on DMX.dude did some time and he still working.mothafuckas hate that

    • EddieMurrrphy

      are you really gonna defend this movie??? watch that trailer and call me a hater for thinking the movie looks like ass cheese. if that is the case, if you think this movie looks sick... i laugh at you and call you a lame fuckin douchebag

  • dontgiveafuck.

    even when he acts he talks like a crackhead

  • L-Boogie

    I fucks wit X's old albums but he's a horrible actor LMAO!!!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    Wow a straight to dvd release? those never suck asshole... but holy fuck i just previewed that shit and it looks god awful. i seen better straight to dvd movies than what that shit looks like it offers. "Is this the evil magic you've been up to?" LOL wtf is that shit?

    • ugggggggggggggh

      lol..why you showing so much hate for DMX?shit is funny.let the nigga work.some mothafuckas are comfortable being on should change up that name.last i remember eddie murphy was picking up transexual niggas in hollywood lol straight up slobbering niggas in skirts uggggggggghhhhh whatever floats your boat

    • EddieMurrrphy

      you kinda killed the joke, mister i dontcare. the joke was this movie was so duck saucy that it might have a chance on syfy but thats it. shit like this aint worth pressing up and selling on a dvd format

    • idontcare

      I guess you didn't see the tagline trailer was the next video... All new Trailer for Bleeding available on dvd March 1, 2011..

    • William Scooter Jones

      lmfao!!! This shit will air ONLY on the SciFi network.. fuk a DVD

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