Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Phife Dawg Weigh In On A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

In Q-Tip's absence, Ali Shaheed Muhammad encourages fans to go see "The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest," while Phife thanks fans and Michael Rapaport.

Q-Tip’s stance on the upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary, “The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,” is still somewhat unclear, as he’s only expressed his feelings about the movie via Twitter. Earlier in January, Q-Tip called the film unfinished and hinted at “being taken advantage of,” while talking about the movie on his Twitter feed. When director Michael Rapaport premiered the film at the Sundance Film Festival, Phife appeared but Q-Tip did not.

Tribe member Phife Dawg recently told New York magazine he also had reservations about showing up at the premiere of the film, but when he arrived at Sundance, he was supportive.

“I spoke to my mom and she pretty much put the nail in the coffin: ‘You better go and enjoy this, because it’s something that doesn’t happen every day,” Phife told New York magazine. During an emotional moment at Sundance, Phife addressed the crowd directly about his initial misgivings.

“I want to let you all know that I’m not that bad of a guy,” Phife added. “But it is real life and I’m glad Mr. Rapaport was able to bring it to you in such a great way. I listened to your guys’ responses throughout the movie. Q-Tip has no idea how many people love him…I just wish they were all here to witness how much love you guys showed this movie.”

Ali Shaheed Muhammad had a prior commitment in the UK, but he was also supportive of the film when recently interviewed by The Hip Hop Chronicle.

“I think you’ll be well-pleased with the documentary,” Muhammad said. “It actually premieres right now…in a few hours. I’m out here, and I wish I was there with the team to support it. But I think for those people who are real, true fans of A Tribe Called Quest, we felt that sentiment. We’ve heard it from other people, especially with certain things that were leaked out about the film. Believe that we are really A Tribe Called Quest fans in addition to being in the group. We understand.”


  • The Gambler

    There are rumors going about and speculation, but if you want the real story from a person who is there everyday, just hit up The FANALYST [featuring the 5fter Phife Dawg from A.T.C.Q.] and Sports Guru The Gambler.

  • marcus marshall

    Qtip should appreciate if somebody is tryin to do some type of documentary the group,they was cool but not groundbreakin or no shit like that.rappaport should have done something about public enemy or somebody

  • Bowski

    Ultimately Tip is a certified jerk (putting it nicely). He's been losing his mind for a minute now. I saw him recemtly in Manhattan rocking a Dashiki (not sure of the spelling) with a blazer and sneakers on. Dude was speaking in codes and I'm like REALLY? Is it that serious? It's as if he's trying hard to be weird. I'm willing to bet good money he's the only reason why Tribe hasn't been able to make that reunion happen

  • jack

    michael rappaport was the white delivery guy in next friday

  • I'm at work and bored

    ahahahaha, so Phife and Ali supports the documentary but Q-Tippy who supposely "speak for the entire group" don't? Q-Tip is a Sucka!

  • Ddot DOuble

    I got mad respect for tip, but whining on twitter is just about the gayest thing you can possibly do. If your against the shit, issue a press release like a professional, don't bitch on twitter like a fag.

    • Enlightened

      Coincidentally, I was just wondering to myself if that's why Q-Tip is so hot, because he doesn't want to be exposed as literally being a "fag." Dude has looked a little more and more suspect as time has moved on. Maybe he saw the movie and flipped out because the camera was catching that shit more than he could have imagined

    • truthenola

      Co-sign, you too grown for twitter dude.

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