Gucci Mane Collabs With Britney Spears, Shoots Reality Show With Waka Flocka Flame

Gooch tries his hand at reality television, and links up with the princess of Pop.

Gucci Mane's reps have confirmed reports that he will be filming a reality show with fellow rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Rumors have been circulating regarding the show, and Gucci's publicist, Kali Bowyer, confirmed that the series is looking to be featured on BET.

In addition to the reality show, reports XXL, Gucci Mane has also been collaborating with both Pop star Britney Spears and former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland. The Atlanta rapper has also been busy filming music videos.

"We've been running around all day," Bowyer explained. "We've been shooting a video. And then we'll be shooting another video with Kelly Rowland. Gucci's been working with Britney Spears. All while filming a reality TV show."

There is no word on when the show is set to premiere, or when the singles will be released.


  • Tidomann

    The world is getting retarded...JOKE ON ALL THIS GUCCI BULLSHIT. Fuck this lame-ass cat Anonymous on this site...MUTHAFUCKA!!

  • Duke

    it will be called either "Wack Ass Rappers" or "Doin' Time With Brick Squad"

  • Anonymous

    its so sad to see that bet are letting out the retard house they may as well get bubba sparxxv back in the business along with other retards like mc hammer vanilla ice FUCKING BULLSHIT well time to bump some talib kweli reflection eternal PEACE..................

  • Steven Ireland

    I just don't get it....of all the suthorn rappers Brittny could do a collab with she picked gucci mane?? Do white people like wack rapper or what?? Also Kevin Bibbs is fucking retarded. Anyone here that even bumps one gucci mane song should kill themselves

  • G

    Who would wanna watch a retard on TV? I didnt even know this retard could speack english..... he belongs in a hospital, or a mental institution.

  • Fuck it...

    It's official...I'm never watching BET again.

  • Nico 3

    All that's left is for Gooch and Waka Lame to conquer Hollwood. Maybe they can remake Belly.

  • Anonymous

    FACT: gucci and waka are two of the wackest ever in the history of music! FACT: gucci hustle is supreme, can't knock a man for getting money! FACT: 98% of you bloggers will never see that kind of money! FACT: 85% of you dudes on here are from the east coast and despise the south for outshining the eastcoast! FACT: 60% of yall are white boys that got a few black friends and now you think you are a gangsta! FACT: 99.8% of you dudes is haterz! FACT: the south ain't going no where! In the wordz of the late great pimp c, "quit hatin the south" bitches!!!!!!!!!! gucci may suck, but he on his grind while you bitches probably broke as a joke still living with your parents! GET A LIFE!!!!!!

    • ?

      @atl2trill - Drugs will dull your brain overtime. Im thinking thats why his music gets worse and worse. Odb is a perfect example of how drugs will fuck you up. His music got pretty bad after his first solo album.

    • Atl2Trill

      @Kevin Gucci has gotten wack over the last few yrs. Gucci made listenable music when he was independent on Big Cat records. Check out Trap house and the Hard to kill albums. His new shit is horrible and too stupid to me.

    • slapyobitchass

      @Kevin Bibbs. Underated? Nigga what the fuck you be smokin. Gucci is garbage. He makes radio friendly songs with no substance at all. lemonade? what the fuck. nigga you need to stop listenin to garbage and try real music. you probably one of dem niggas that rate soulja top ten MC. fuck outta here.

    • Kevin Bibbs

      Gucci is not wack! You just have to learn to like him. I didn't like Gucci at all last year...until I heard Lemonade...then I was like ok this goes...then I heard Stupid Wild and then I became a fan...after that I listened to Mr. Zone 6 which is argubably his best mixtape to date...I really became a fan. Gucci can give you a catchy ass hook...hilarious punchlines...perfect adlibs at the perfect time...and rides the beat and doesn't let the beat overshadow him. Honestly he is underrated. Period.

  • slapyobitchass

    Nigga Gucci tryin to appeal to them little white girls that buy Wayne's album. This nigga is gonna get a shitload of exposure to middle America doin songs wit Britney spears. Good financial move on his part, really bad for music because Britney's music is garbage and all niggas know Gucci is one of the 3 wackest rappers out there.

  • Bauce

    bahahaha I hope they have subtitles.

  • Ed0n

    I thought Britney was an ignorant dumbass until '' Gucci Mane '' who tattooed an ice cream icon on his face wanted to do a song with her. Is '' Gucci Mane '' a faggot or just an ignorant idiot who can't rap for shit and doesn't move his lips at all in his music videos? 'Lemonade'? Lol, get the fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA so u saw this wack half ass rappers lemonade song too for real on some real shit when i heard bricks the song FUCKIN CRACKED ME UP LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT IT WAS MY DAILY COMEDY HAHAAHAHAH THIS NIGGA GUCCI MANE IS MORE THAN SHIT HIS DOGS SHIT SHITA


    Eyyyyyyy, bout got damn time the world is recognizing a real mc. The world needs more Burrrr! and less Lasers. Cant wait for da reality show ya dig? Gucci Mane for president 2012!


    thats wasup ill check it out when it come on

  • big roc

    i guess 2012 isnt the end of the world, that would be the release date of this show......and to whoever likes Gucci music.....plainly deaf!!!! and to whoever would watch that show....p.b.s. airs muppets and pupppets every morning and at least you can get a bit of learning watchin that.....PLEASE dont do that to yourself!!!!!

  • hellrazor

    as if american television wasnt saturated enough with attention seeking cunts. as if hip-hop wasnt already in enough peril. this has gotta be laid on us. God help us all.

  • SuperGucciRap

    See, 2011 is the year of the GUCCI MANE. Gucci is gonna run hip hop. We got a reality tv show with my nigga Waka Flocka. Number 1 selling reality tv show. As for the anonymous faggot who can't reveal his name. No one asked you to respond. Gucci Mane will murk your anti social bitch ass in a freestyle. It's Gucci Time!

  • LJbigbang

    Does anyone actually watch these reality shows? I don't even watch the music channels any more.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Wtf, out of all the rappers there are, why the hell, would Britney want to work with that retard

  • stuntmoney

    whatever happen to the days of rap city, hits from the street and teen summit now b.e.t wanna do a t.v show wit gucci mane and waka flocka flame and dats your black entertainment huh fuck whoever is in charge of this shyt

  • geminiman7

    Ok I get it now. Mid-life crisis

  • Tidomann

    2 mentally-unfit, disabled goofballs with no purpose in life collaborating with each other...I don't even wanna hear Gucci Mane again after 2 terrible songs I heard from him when he came out. I wondered who's smokin' what when signing cats of that wack calibre in Hip Hop. Same goes for his Wacka Lame friend. I heard bullshit rap fans have made the clown a platinum seller for that 'No Hands' shit. Bunch of dick-heads 4 real!

  • Anonymous

    the show should be aired on mtv right after jersey shore.

  • what a joke

    my chain my chain. dont u like my chain mane.. keep shuckin and jivin.. go kill yaself Gooch.

  • Waka Flocka Flame

    Someone please buy me out of my contract

  • SupperGucciRap

    Waka and I gonna be the next Kim and Kourtney. We taking over this year. Soula Boy gonna be our Chloe. Britney keeps it real. She not like them other which bitches. Plies wishes he hit that but he only rap about white bitches. Gucci put it in no prob. They see the ice cream on my face and they love that shit. And Gucci Mane got a foot fetish and Britney got beautiful feet. OOOOOHHHH WEEEEEE.

  • Anonymous


  • Kevin Bibbs

    I feel bad for Gucci his new album could have gained him so many new fans but it just wasnt good but it wasnt guccis fault i blame the producers

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Bibbs is dumber then a box of hair. Gucci is the CEO, flagship artist, and top rapper on his label, you blame the producers?? Who do you think is picking the beats!!!

  • Kevin Bibbs

    The show gonna be censored every 5 seconds lol all

  • Sane Mind


  • Atl2Trill

    Crazy recognizes crazy. Britney Spears doesn't have have it all neither. A Gucci and Britney collabo is perfect. lol!!!

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