Will Smith and Jay-Z Developing "Annie" Remake, Willow Smith Would Star

Sony considering backing the movie-musical which would see Smith producing and Jay working on the music

Will Smith has already helped one of his kids become a movie star, producing last year’s The Karate Kid which starred son Jaden and took in over $350 million dollars in worldwide box office. Now, according to Variety, the former Fresh Prince has plans to develop another remake starring his daughter, Willow. The project this time out is Annie, the 1982 movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical. Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Shingle, is currently in talks with Sony.

Jay-Z, the head of Willow’s label, Roc Nation, is also involved. He is currently in conversations to work on the music of the proposed film. Jay would seem to have plenty of experience with the material having scored one of his most iconic hits when he teamed with The 45 King for “Hard Knock Life”, a song which sampled the song “It’s The Hard Knock Life” from the original film production of Annie.

Since the project is still in the early stages details are scant. But DX will keep you posted as more news becomes available.


  • Anonymous

    dang, ya'll already butchered the wizard of oz with the wiz...now this crap.

  • Anonymous

    The karate kid was beyond terrible.....enough with the shitty remakes already Hollywood.

  • Ddot DOuble

    This has "whack" written all over it.

  • Anonymous

    all the white people would have another I hate niggers day parade on twitter like they did after last years vma's.

  • This is for the Geez

    Will Smith needs to unacquaint himself Jay-z...

  • Jason

    so will smith is trying to buy ANOTHER movie for one of his kids to ruin? no one can even try to convince me that "the karate kid" remake was anything more than absolutely terrible. just because you made movies doesn't mean your kid can.

  • Neggero86

    Im not saying they cant...cus...i mean...obviously they can lol...I just hope...and PRAY they HONESTLY RESPECT the source material and dont "urbanize" it to the point of alienating the initial fan base from enjoying it.

  • me

    all u pussy are hating, whats wrong doing the remake. dumb broke ass niggas on this site

    • Anonymous

      His kids are talented! Of course they are getting opportunites because of their parents, but isn't that what it's all about, trying to provide opportunities for your seeds? It just feels unfair to you because they didn't have to "work their way up"...well, guess what, for too long the "privileged" didn't have to work their way up either- while others were given no opportunity or chance for success, so it's good to see!! Think about it...like the old boys network, except it's flipped now to the homeboy network...WHAT!?!!! That's what's up a black man with some power, even if it is just media. Didn't see Karate Kid, but he was good in that other movie where Will was homeless in San Francisco trying to sell them medical devices, forget the name.

    • Farnsworth

      @ me You sir, are misinformed. I am neither a pussy, dumb, broke or a nigga. Additionally, I find your language uncouth.

    • LilBabyHeysus

      We just think that Will Smith's kids don't have any talent and that a kid with actual talent deserves these roles. How about that?

  • 905

    I don't see that being a big hit.

  • kod

    nothing beats the original will smith in fresh prince of bel-air that was a classic comedy show!

  • Kolt

    Why can't you come up with your OWN original idea. Why do black people have to 'remake' a classic musical or movie for a black cast?

    • Anonymous

      what does race hav to do with anything? white people hav made more urban inspired remakes than any other race in hollywood. you're just racist. you'll probably go on twitter and call them niggers a day after it comes out. why are u even on this site. seriously

  • khordkutta

    yall two are wack, rival and dwel. This is how minority business, business in general SHOULD be done.

  • Rival X Jordan

    that is so lame.

  • Anonymous


  • C. Dwel

    Whats next? Will Smith's new album releasing under Roc Nation?

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