G-Dep's Wife Speaks Out For The First Time

Crystal Sutton, the wife of former Bad Boy artist G-Dep, speaks to Vibe about her husband's incarceration and more.

Weeks after former Bad Boy artist Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman turned himself into police for a murder that took place well over a decade ago his wife Crystal Sutton is finally speaking up about the recent happening’s involving her husband. Although the couple has been separated for a year Sutton shared a great deal of incite on Trevell in her interview with Vibe.

Sutton spoke on Trevell’s past drug habits, gave her thoughts on Trevell turning himself in, and more.

In her interview with Vibe.com Coleman even recounted the exact moment when she found out her husband was in jail for murder.

“All I could do was stare at my boys,” Coleman explained. “So many thoughts went through my mind. All of these emotions are going through me and I’m just trying to stay calm and register all of this. I was smoking a thousand cigarettes. I was on the floor of my room crying and praying. I couldn’t eat or do anything.”

When asked if she would be surprised if Trevell was found guilty of murder Sutton boldly stated that her husband is not guilty.

“Yeah. It’s not him. Trevell doesn’t even smack his sons for doing something wrong,” said Sutton.

Trevell turned himself in to police in mid-December of last year for a murder and robbery that took place in Harlem in 1993. Since turning himself in Trevell has plead not guilty to the murder. 



  • nyekcrv

    he is pleading not guilty after turning himself in for a murder he wasnt wanted for?... doesnt make sense. he is tryin to get a lesser charge if anything by not pleasing guilty. but dude, 17 yrs later u admit hoping for a lesser charge is not going to happen, u killed someone... case closed.

  • r.pgh

    not smacking your young kids doesn't exactly mean you couldn't have committed a violent crime 17 years ago.

  • cleezy

    wow "he his is innocent" wtf lmao.. he admitted it. this is so stupid. it shows how ignorant people can be. lock him up and smack his dumb ass wife

  • Anonymous

    this is truly a dumb ass nigga and a dumb ass mistake to turn yourself in after all that time.even the victims family said he was a stupid ass nigga for that.This guy was clearly on drugs to even be thinking about some shit that hard from 17 years ago.let god be the judge fuck it.i love my peoples but we have got to be the most setback race of all.

  • Anonymous

    so he turned himself in for a murder and then planned not guilty...the fuck?

    • Big Liss

      He didn't plead not guilty. His attorney pled not guilty for him. EVERY attorney that receives a brand new case like this initially to get more information about the case. They can always change the plea later if they need to. I work in the courts and EVERY attorney I work with does this.

  • grammar

    incite. really? typos are understandable but it's hard to respect a 'news source' when your people constantly pull garbage like this. i'm sure there's tons of literate people dying to write for hiphopdx. maybe dx can hire someone who knows how to 'insight' an audience.

  • Keith Free-ti Bussey

    dust is a helluva drug

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