Olu Dara Talks Son, Nas' Success

Jazz veteran and father of iconic New York emcee Nas, Olu Dara gives his take on the success of his son.

While the legacy of Nassir Jones is one even he couldn’t have fathomed from the outset, his father and acclaimed musician Olu Dara says he had foreseen greatness since his humble beginnings in Queens, New York.

In a recently liberated interview from 2009, Olu explained that, much like his father once set a standard for him, he too did the same for his oldest child. “I never thought, wow, my son is this and my son is that, I expected him to be on that level.”

He also stated that these high expectations never clouded his appreciation for Nas’ abilities. “I’m really proud [of him], and not proud because he is an icon in the Hip Hop world, I’m proud of him because he’s a good son with a good talent that I respect and his family respects.”

He added, “[Our] whole family expected him to be that way no matter what he did. Even if he was a garbage man, we would have been just as proud.”

Watch below as Olu Dara discusses his own musical travels with Fokis.


  • Anonymous

    u r retarded dont ever speak of that shit ass rapper gucci maine and first of all u have no appreciation for real rap that is y u listen to shit ass gucci maine and i hope u go deaf

  • SuperGucciRap

    This proves that Nas is an illuminati tool. He begged his father for a rap career just like that bitch ass Drake did. Don't give the crap about popularity doesn't mean shit because back then this nigga was everywhere and all you dick riders stopped following him when he made that Nastradamus crap. All his albums sucked including Shitmatic. Gucci Mane murked that nigga in a freestyle. Nas is a spawn of satan with his 5% beliefs. It's Gucci Time! PS- I'm being honest. Nas thinks he's a God.


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    • fuckyoubitchassdumbasspricklookingqueer

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  • G

    ^^^^^that's me, G, just forgot to put name, so if you have a response I'm willing to hear it

  • optimus rhyme

    Dav and anonymous, you dummies. How could you not know how to spell the name of an artist you listen to?? It's Nasir, not Nassir. I may sound fussy, but its still a lame error on the writer's part.

    • Special Ed

      Lol... Not again... How do you call Nasir Jones Nassir...lol.. I need to apply for a job as editor... HHDX, y'all taking it a bit too far with these spelling errors...

  • Nico 3

    To be the GOAT, you have to have both the sales and the popularity, consistently, basically every time out. Everyone knows Eminem has the sales, and Jay Z the popularity, so what exactly is Nas doing that makes him the best? Illmatic was good, but that was a thousand years ago. Now he's older, richer and seemingly lost the grip on his career.

    • Glen

      @ Nico 3. I have posted some nasty things about you in the last few weeks, but have now come to respect your views. I publicly apologise and hope to squash the beef. Your comments here and elsewhere are appreciated - you seem to know your hip hop.

    • Powerphi

      Nas may not be the GOAT, but his overall catalogue of work places him very high on the list of All-Time Great MC's.

    • Anonymous

      @ Nico Your logic is severely flawed. Using Em and Jay-z vs the REAL greats of the game shows that you are uninformed. Even J. Cole and Hopsin who are both relatively young would shit all over both of them. Go listen to the radio is all I have to say to you.

    • G

      Illmatic may very well be the greatest of all time at least top 3, but IMO Nas has never reached that status again. "True" hip hop heads know that the case can be argued for Pun as well. I like Jay Electronica more than I like Nas. Does that mean Nas is wack? No I also like Lupe more than Nas as well. Same goes for Shad. I'm one of those people that think there is more than one GOAT, so there really are no GOATS, just legends of the game.

    • NaSty

      you sir are a dumbass. illmatic is "good"? first of all, its only the greatest hip-hop album of all time. popularity doesn't mean anything, neither do sales. True hip-hop heads know NaS is the GOAT

  • Sin

    Nas is one of the best to ever grab a mic, nothing else needs to even be said.

  • L-Boogie

    Nas is the greatest of all time!!! Fuck the haters and sensitive ass Waiting to exhale niggas like Drake,Kid Cudi, Kanye West etc. Nas been doing it big since Pac and Big were alive and his flow still gets better with age!!! You fools think he's washed up???Well apparrently you're just bandwagon dickriders like Super Gucci, fuck outta here! I mumble better lyrics in my sleep than Gucci's wack ass lyrics!!! Nas is the GOAT!!!!!!!!!! Esco Let's Go!!!!!!

    • HipHop

      Co-Sign. Nas is the GOAT and Illmatic is the best album of all times. Even real rap legends admit that. And LOL @ anybody who thinks that Jigga is better. Can you see the difference? Jigga is a stan of Nas since the beginning. He literally begged for a feature and sampled Nas many times when Nas didn't give a shit about Jay. He doesn't know one line from his songs when Jay knows every single word from many Nas songs.

  • Nico 3

    Shut up old man. Your son is a dis-illusioned has been, who didn't even want to pay his child support.

  • g

    I love how Mr Dara ended "life's a B****h. classic

  • Salami

    hala bck Olu, ur son is da best afta ma son... like the consistance in his career. Dope mcee

  • optimus rhyme

    What's a Nassir? Silly error right there.

  • Beez

    That's how I feel about my son; he's a prophet sent to better the world. Father and son looking fly in them suits. Big Up to the best emcee and his pops!

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