Audience Walks Out On A Late Lauryn Hill, Mos Def Cancels Dates Down Under

Fans get fed up and show their disapproval of the consistently erratic Hill and Mos calls of shows at the last minute on the eve of his tour

For the past decade Lauryn Hill has been known far more for her eccentricities than for her music. Her refusal to play by the book regarding her career, such as releasing new studio material, has garnered her a reputation as being a “troubled artist.” The former Fugee’s recent concert tour has done nothing to change that perception. Routinely showing up to shows late, sometimes up to three hours late, has begun to turn the audience against Hill. At a recent show in Atlanta, Vibe reports that concert goers already annoyed by the star’s tardiness were further irritated by the singer’s refusal to play her signature songs in anything resembling their original arrangements. As one concert goes is quoted as saying, “[Audience members] didn't walk out -- they stomped out!" Despite the poor notices Hill’s tour continues to see brisk ticket sales. Her next show is set for Tuesday at Minnesota’s historic venue, First Avenue and 7th Street Entry.

In other disappointing concert news, Mos Def has suddenly called off his tour of Australia and New Zealand just days before it was to begin. The Brooklyn emcee gave no reason for cancelling his shows but a statement was released by the promoters. It read, in part, “Hip-hop artist Mos Def will not be performing in New Zealand and Australia this week. We wish to advise that the near sold out Mos Def Auckland show at The Powerstation scheduled for Wednesday 19th January has been postponed…there has been an incredible amount of excitement around the concert and we understand that many fans will be disappointed by this news.” Make up dates are expected to be announced shortly and ticket holders to the canceled gigs are all eligible for a refund.


  • Patrice

    I saw Lauryn Hill in Miami at the 2011 Jazz Festival. What a disappointment? If it hadn't been for the other acts I would have demanded my money back. Let's be honest, I think Ms. Hill may need rehab. I couldn't stand looking at her, looking crazy and singing out of tune, so I left the show in Miami. Lauryn I will be praying for you.

  • Derick

    Mos Def you cock sucking prick. I took a day off so i can come and get fucked up with a nigga and what does that nigga do? Pulls a fucking nigga Houdini. Then i hear he be at a show in NYC dancing. You silly prick. There aint that many hip hop loving niggas in Australia and they be dwindling by the dozens cause these niggas promise shows and never rock up. A la a Busta.

  • L Boogie fan

    I love Lauryn Hill but she is suffering from a mental illness. She probably does not have insight to how her behavior is impacting her career. She is incredible but need treatment. I wish her the best. We need L Boogie back

    • Anonymous

      L. Boogie is her stage name/persona. idk her real info, but we need THAT lauryn back for she is L. Boogie. but i do agree that she MAY BE suffering from an illness, and doesn't understand the repercussions it has on her career.

  • GEKO

    Itz sad because they R both talented. Itz crazy because our generation iz so lazy from chris tucker 2 dave Chappelle 2 mos def they dont step up so the entertainment industry suffers. Playboy

  • i'm at work and bored

    ahahaha, look at this picture. wowzers

  • whatitlooklike

    simple- DONT buy tickets to see her. jesus u know she aint guna put on a show so why are ppl still buyin. fuck this bitch. she care less about her fans. But yo i might go buy a few copies of her album still... So her kids can starve! racist slut

    • youre a liar

      stop spreading false internet rumors... Lauryn Hill never said that thing about wanting children to starve. That was a rumor started on that racist Howard Stern show in the 90s and anyone that believes that ish is retarded.... you probably listen to Stern though... the fugees made their money in Sweden, Germany, alll over Europe. She never said any such thing ... its an internet rumor and you know it.

  • gasolinev

    damn, lauryn is gone....

  • Gucci Gucci

    Yo, I love them freestyles Eminem did with Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is fresh as a motherfucker...she really go HAM. She her own man like my dude Soulja Boy. Maybe Nicki can bring some lyricism to Eminem cause Eminem done went and gona commercial on our asses while we was all sleep. Either way, both of these bitches will lick the ice cream cone right off my face any time. Gucci

    • G

      Fuck this Gucci idiot. It could at least be funny if your gonna do it so damn much.

    • Jeremy F Taylor

      theres also "superguccitime" lmfao

    • Lsn22s

      what the hell?... how do you not get bored trolling this site with such weirdness? i mean, i work nights so i'm on here late, but seriously, you're on like every article with this off-the-wall shit all the time... do you ever leave real comments? do you even like hip hop? soooo strange....SMH

  • Gucci Mane

    Yo, I love them freestyles Lauren Hill did with Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is fresh as a motherfucker...she really go HAM. She her own man like my dude Soulja Boy. Maybe Nicki can bring some lyricism to Lauren Hill cause Lauren Hill done went and gona commercial on our asses while we was all sleep. Either way, both of these bitches will lick the ice cream cone right off my face any time. GUCCI

  • many mics

    tooo bad .... Lauryn Hill is EASILY the greatest lyricist in the history of hip hop music .... I just checked out that 2000 speech she gave that was posted on CL yesterday and she was also one of the most intelligent MCs ever..... I hope she gets it together cuz nobody is f*ckin with her rhyming schemes until this day.

  • EGo

    Good lord did a 5th grader write this? Check your fucking work before you post it online.


    Yeh this be the judah killer he be ahh ranting lil bitch if I ever see you I'm going cut your head off clown dis be real fake loser judah naz killer period

    • Anonymous

      why you hating on son? because you know he about his business and your pathetic ass hatin on him from your mom's crib?? whoever you are, I sense bitch qualities, change your maxi pad, and grow up, I'm sure their are more important things to stress about than a nigga making beats in Japan... You giving that nigga lay by mentioning his name stupid...just sayin #get off the nigga's nuts

  • Anonymous

    at this point being a fan of lauryn hill is like being a fan of Albert Haynesworth, sure you know the talent is there but she/hes just going throw tantrums and squander it.

  • mixnuts89

    MAN this really sux!!! maybe i shouldnt go to that mtl concert after all. Ms Hill, please STEP UR GAME UP!!!

  • She's alright, but...

    Man, I love Lauren Hill's talent. But he work ethic is the worst I've seen ever in my life. I mean, she quits her job as soon as she gets to the position every artist dreams of (don't give me that she was "too real for Hollywood" crap. I'm not buying it anymore). She constantly shows up late for work. She does what she wants when she arrives. Then, shrugs it off like, "Hmmph! Whatever!" GET OUTTA HERE!! I'm a Lauren fan like the next man, but I gotta call a spade a spade. Lauren's talented but this chick is straight up L-A-Z-Y!!! Damn, Lauren. Get your mind right.

    • i'm at work and bored

      no, J Roberts is not lazy because she don't show up to work 3 hours late everyday after taking 12 year vacation and say shit like "im worth a wait" Derrrrrrrrrrr

    • Anonymous

      it is lazy because when u say your gonna do something as a professional u better fuckin do it because alot of ppl pay good money to see her perform and take time out of their schedule to go see this so called artist. u dont see julia roberts not showing up to the set on her movies do you and besides that was a bad comparison quit tryin to pick a white wman out a hat just like a black person to make this a racial issue

    • t.u.j

      raising five kids is not L A Z Y. you forget she worked as a child. She was a child actor, 2 albums and tours with the fugees, one solo album and a mtv unplugged album with new songs. she grew her family like a lot of women. Is Julia Roberts lazy b/c she is a sty at home mom now?

    • deziboy5150

      hellsa tru bruh

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