Snoop Dogg's "The Doggumentary" Tracklisting Revealed

UPDATE #3: Full tracklisting for Snoop's latest now available

Long Beach, California emcee Snoop Dogg is finishing up his eleventh solo album, Doggumentary, due for March 28, 2011 release on Doggystyle/Priority/EMI Records. The veteran is promoting his album through the Get Wet Tour, taking its name from The Cataracs-produced "Wet" that Snoop recently gave as bachelor party gift to England's Prince William.

The Get Wet Tour dates are as follows:

January 18th – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
January 19th – Montbleu Resort – Stateline, NV
January 21st – Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
January 23rd –Civic Center – Great Fall, MT
January 25th – Cabooze on the West Bank – Minneapolis, MN
January 26th – Club Fever – South Bend, IN
January 27th – Rapids Theatre – Niagra Falls, NY
January 28th – Tsongas Arena – Lowell, MA
January 29th – Pickle Barrel Nightclub – Killington, VT
January 31st – The Canopy Club – Urbana, IL
February 1st – Orpheum Theatre – Madison, WI
February 2nd – Blue Note – Columbia, MO
February 3rd – The Cotillion – Wichita, KS
February 7th – Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN
February 8th – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
February 10th – Club 101 – El Paso, TX
February 11th – Rialto Theater – Tuscon, AZ
February 12th – Fox Theater – Pomona, CA
February 13th – Majestic Ventura Theatre – Ventura, CA
February 14th – UC Davis Freeborn Hall – Davis, CA
February 15th – Senator Theatre – Chico, CA
February 25th – WVU Coliseum – Morgantown, WV

(January 18)

UPDATE: The cover art to The Doggumentary has been revealed. It is posted above.

(February 8)

UPDATE #2: A promotional poster for Snoop Dogg's 11th album reveals the producers and guests joining the Long Beach legend. Production will come from the likes of Kanye West, Scott Storch, Lex Luger, The Cataracs and longtime collaborators Fredwreck and Battlecat. Guests include Kanye, E-40, Gorillaz, R.Kelly, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, T-Pain and more.

(February 8)

UPDATE #3: Here is the tracklisting for Doggumentary, which looks to be lacking some detail still. According to a promotional poster, Jeezy, E-40 and Kanye were slated to appear and none are listed at this time. No word if that is an omission or those tracks didn't make the final cut. HipHopDX will keep you posted.

1. Toyz N Da Hood (Feat. Bootsy Collins)
2. The Way Life Used to Be
3. My Own Way (Feat. Denaun Porter)
4. Wonder What It Do
5. My Func House
6. Peer Pressure
7. I Don’t Need No Bi*ch (Feat. Devin The Dude & Kobe)
8. Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly)
9. Boom (Feat. T-Pain) (Prod. Scott Storch)
10. El Lay (Feat. Marty James)
11. We Rest In Cali
12. Gangbang Rookie (Feat. Pilot)
13. This Weed Iz Mine (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
14. Wet
15. Take U Home (Feat. Too $hort, Kokane & Daz Dillinger)
16. Sumthing Like This Night (Feat. Gorillaz)
17. Superman (Feat. Willie Nelson)
18. Eyez Closed (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend)
19. Raised In Da Hood
20. It’s D Only Thang
21. Cold Game (Feat. LaToya Williams)


  • GC

    Oh yeah, pretty much every album snoop did was not horrible. It just wasn't as consistent as doggystyle, but had dope songs on each albums! -Look out for Gangbang rookie too classic snoop!!!

  • GC

    In my opinion Doggystyle & No Limit Top Dogg is his best albums! The Doggumentary looks to be decent. He got Bootsie with the dopest intro, he got dj battlecat, mr.porter, terrace martin, fredwreck, tracy nelson, wiz, goldie loc, uncle chucc, the lovely Latoiya Williams, and dj khalil did a monster with snoop kobe & devin the allstar cast, but then you got songs like wet, boom, kanye, willie nelson, gorillaz. Thats why its decent as opposed to classic.

  • Anonymous

    tracklist sounds better than i expected- good job expect the wet

  • Anonymous

    Doggystyle (5)-enough said Doggfather (4)- sound good while playing but no standout songs Game is to be Sold (2.5)-sound like it was make in 3 days Topp Dogg (4)-Reunited snoop with a lot of westcoats artists. slept on Last Meal (4)-cool album but no too many producers Paid Cost (3.5)-see doggfather R&G (4)-A lot of hidden gems on this album Blue Carpet (4)-Prob his most complete/focused album other than Doggystle Ego Trippin (3)-Tried to do too much for me Malice (3.5) prob not a good album, but 6 or 7 songs are best in years. Too bad he didn’t combine with ego trippin

  • Young Lou

    I don't believe this tracklisting is the final. No KURUPT? We'll see if it changes.

  • Mylie

    can't wait to hear he Gorillaz song

  • Sensual Seduction!!!!!!!

    again a waste of time this album. Snoop is really a clown nowadays. It's surprising that he didn't have a song with justin bieber on his album or willy nelson

    • jose

      HOw you saying snoop is wack when ur name on here is SENSUAL SEDUCTION... I BET YOU WERE MAKING LOVE TO UR LADY WITH THAT SHIT TOO.

  • Joe Budden

    Snoop Dogg is WHACK

  • TAntonio Parker Jr.

    That track with davin the dude and kobe is a classic in my eyes. as far as if the album will be good. i don't know for sure. I'm waiting to hear what Kobe has to offer for his album. Dude can sing i think.

  • MarcDog

    Wish the producers were listed here. Iono about this one though

  • Its Um

    You know why doggystyle was a classic besides having Dre producing the tracks, it was like 13 tracks deep. Snoop needs to tighten up the tracks more to like 13 or 12 songs of his best produced and lyrical content, new comers should only have a list that long since we don't much about them, or really talented artist who really knows how to leave little to no filters. Snoop really needs to retired his solo career.

    • Tony Viera

      his last album have like 12-13 songs and all was whack!! at list in the 21 songs like 12-13 were gonna be good (i hope) and the rest ok i think with more songs the possibility for more standout tracks gonna be more you know what i mean!! The Blue Carpet Treatment was like 21 songs and like 17 songs was the standout of 21 is exellent see(Doggystyle is the exception but we need to admit snoop nver gonna do another doggystyle)

    • Untitled

      There were 19 tracks on Doggystyle, fool. In other news, the original post says that Kanye isn't listed. He actually is. Track 18, Eyez Closed, FEAT KANYE WEST and John Legend.

  • orlando humphrey

    And don't forget that blue carpet treatment..that shit is where it's at.

  • Mitch

    Snoop is just a novelty act nowadays, like Hip Hops Willie Nelson, nobody cares about his new music but folks will show up to hear him sing his classics....... Last time I cared about this guys music was The Last Meal, Once he got down with Pharrell I stopped paying attention, he just doesnt intrest me anymore, all he does is hop on the latest trends to stay relevant In 89 he jumped on the No Limit Bandwagon, then Back to Dre for the "Up In Smoke" Era, then to Pharrell when his shit was everywhere, Now he's got that ass producer Lex Luger doin his beats and spittin with Wiz Khalifa...... Snoop aint never met a Fad he didnt wanna dickride

  • Anonymous

    looks like a kanye west cover

  • Bryant Carter

    I like how Snoop keeps going no matter what. On another note a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. Also feel free to view my youtube link @

  • Kristel Wilson

    The last song Snoop put out that I was really feelin was That's That Sh*t with Kellz back in 06.

  • Carmen

    I didn't like "wet" when I first heard it but now its beginning to grow on me. Can't wait to hear the other tracks.

  • CF

    you so stupid sometimes you don't even listen to his albums and keep on judging what you dont't know. Maybe his last album wasn\t that good but Ego trippin' was the best album he put out in the last 10 years you all should listen first and comment after

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i think Topp Dogg was better than both. but i see ur point, i get tired of people just repeating "snoop hasn't had a good album since Doggystyle". peopel don't even listen to music, they just see what others say about it and follow

  • Stramlyn

    #2 Tha Last Meal!!!

  • JoshK

    Slaughterhouse's Microphone Freestyle by Samzee. Sick!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG not again another Snoop album. This dude is so wack nowadays.

  • gaetarick

    Let's hope his producers and guest can carry this album, cause Snopp hasn't been able to carry an album since "Doggystyle" ...

  • DemandKid


  • Anonymous

    Snoop has the possibility to make a good album, but he has to be focused. already know the lex lugar track is garbage, lets hope for some good tracks on the rest.

    • Evan Nielson

      Yup. The Lex Luger track is guaranteed to be certified ass crack... Just like every other fuckin song he has produced. Every song dude touches sounds like a slightly modified version of BMF. Smh.... Still looking forward to the album.

  • MusicFiend

    I hope Snoop nails it with this one. Honestly, egotripping and malice had some dope cuts, but even if you took the best of the 2 and made it into one album it still wouldn't be up to Snoop's caliber. All snoop goes well with weed though :-)

  • Nathan Helton

    Am i the only one that thought R&G was snoops 2nd best album

  • Anonymous

    One of the biggest lies online: snoop's only good album was Doggstly. i guess no one has heard Top dogg or blue Carpet Treatment. I hate when peopel who haven't heard albums just repeat what's popular.

    • Hope

      Snoop have a lot of good songs that people need to just go back and listen to. Yes Doggystyle was his best album and possibly the best rap album period, but Snoop hasn't put in his best effort lately because of wack producers not really Snoop and Snoop has also tried to be too creative instead of sticking to the G sh*t.

    • MusicFiend

      Yeah, Doggystyle was a classic but like dude said, that doesn't mean lesser albums "suck". Every artist has the one album that shines a bit brighter than the others, it doesn't make all their work shit outside of the "best" album.

    • Anonymous

      "They sucked compared to doggystyle" most albums do suck compare to classics. doesn't mean they are bad, lol

    • Doggy Dogg World

      nah sorry both those albums suck compared to doggystyle, snoops next good album will come when he decides he wants to flow like Snoop Doggy Dogg again. i dont know what it is with Snoop and Shyne but how u gonna go take a step down from a great flow to a shitty flow? like seriously snoop doggs style of rappin in the death row dayz is one of the best styles ive ever come across and it was hard to duplicate too thats why no one has ever rapped like that since snoop, even jay-z admits he was inspired by snoop doggs impeccable flow back in the death row era


    that wet song goes hard fuck what yall talkin bout

  • JackMothwa

    It's funny how a story about a brand new CD cover makes people question the cred the artist has built over the years. CD sales don't really mean sh*t to artist nowadays, it's the love you get when you perform the songs that you have put out all these years. If record companies were hoping to have platinum artists on their rosters, they wouldn't even sign one artist. I guess suckers need to learn how to pick up a CD and pay for it before dissing the artist about the lack of CD sales. I have bought every album by Snoop and as much as some songs disappoint me, I had to understand that he's speaking to 5 or 6 different markets. The overall product is not bad...I dig most of the sh*t he does. Next time just read the story and never bother to comment because that makes you a very confused person. Why would you entertain sh*t that you don't really "follow"...

    • CEE-WALK

      u bought every snoop album? why the fuck would u do that? Should have stopped after doggystyle with the exception of doggfather and dead man walkin

  • Almar

    Gangbang Rookie is a hard fuckin song, if he can make consistant songs like that then the album should be dope, but if he makes songs like the ones on Malice then it'll just be another failure like his last couple LP's.

  • The.Watcher

    I like the cover, too bad the album will probably suck. I've lost all faith in Snoop.

  • Bryant Carter

    a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a coma. Before I say anything else I do ask that you pray for her recovery. I was recently interviewed by a west coast magazine, and just had the interview published to the mag site. If I get enough FB likes my interview will go into the actual magazine. The link is I just ask that you take a look, and press like for me. I made it an honest interview so I'm sure that you will like it. Also feel free to view my youtube link @

    • MusicFiend

      It's not a good look to say something that provokes sympathy and then follow it up with a plug. Not saying that was intended, just can look that way. Heart goes out to your friend though, I hope they make it and w/o any permanent damage.

  • k

    snoop sucks ass, aint no one lookin to buy his sell out albums unless he goes back to the deathrow glory days....nigga fell off soooo hard....i bet if pac came back he would be dissapointed as shit in the music snoop has put out

  • Jesus

    Dudeee i took a shit and wiped my ass and the sound that made was way better then everything off the No Limit Cd's and Ego trippin' oh and Malice In Wonderland oh and the sound of two gay guys fuckin will sound better then this new album. Fuck snoop





  • hoodstars

    snoop dogg bin wack since he left deathrow records in 97 - snoop doggy dogg is the real artist i know - hes albums have bin straight shit since he left the deathrow- over the counter doggstyle doggfather everything else is straight horse shit!!!!

    • kingDon

      Last meal was a banger, Blue carpet treatment was a banger i.e his music been banging back when he had beefs (east-west / suge knight) now he 2 happy and wacky

    • Almar

      Aint Nothing wrong with those No Limit Joints he made, people change styles and sounds, look at your obvious favorite rapper Eminem, He made a steaming pile of shit called "Relapse" and then he made another steaming pile Called "Recovery", talk about fuckin straight shit.

    • Gemstar

      Doggfather? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    say what you want but the most famous rapper in the world. sorry jay/kanye, but even my grandma knows who he is lol

    • Anonymous

      no way luda or 50 is more recognizable than snoop

    • Addictive

      i am from greece and the rapper that EVERYBODY knows all around the globe is eminem....i mean here in europe the top 5 most famous rappers must be: 5.ludachris 4.jay-z 3.kanye west 2.50 cent 1.eminem snoop dogg is famous as well but c'mon even my grandmother knows eminem...

  • Ryan

    Wish he would've came back to Cleveland. He's actually really fun to see live which kind of surprised me, I was hesitant to go at first but he did a very good set list last year. Played a lot of his verses from the chronic, doggystyle, and even threw in some tupac. I was mad that he showed up two hours late and had the shittiest opening band imaginable though haha.

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    i don't like the cover... i hope at least the music will be good :)

  • Evan Nielson

    This news is so late.... Seriously. Half of these shows are already sold out. It's rather frustrating about the small venues as well. Don't get me wrong, small venues are great for an up close and personal show in a small town, however when you are an artist of Snoop's caliber, you can easily sellout crowds of thousands, especially in large cities. Perfect frustrating example: here in Sacramento, he is performing at a 1200 maximum capacity auditorium. He could have easily sold out Arco Arena. This concert sold out so fast I didn't even have a chance to get tix. Lame status.

  • Houston

    You're going to El Paso but not Houston, Dallas, or Austin? Way to go, Snoop.

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