G. Dep Murder Confession Video Released

UPDATE: A video of G. Dep confessing to the 1993 murder of John Henkel has been released.

After walking into a New York police precinct and confessing to the 1993 murder of John Henkel, G. Dep has entered a plea of not guilty in his ongoing murder trial. Nearly one month ago, G. Dep (real name Trevell Coleman) told officers at Harlem’s 25th precinct that his conscience was getting the best of him after he shot Henkel during a botched 1993 robbery. The Manhattan Supreme Court quickly charged Coleman with second-degree murder—a charge, which carries a 25-to-life sentence.

Coleman’s lawyer, Anthony Ricco, said his client still stands by his account of shooting Henkel, and that the not guilty plea was more of a procedural move to give him more time to examine Coleman’s confession.

“We want to make sure what we’re dealing with the reality of what actually happened that night,” Ricco told the Wall Street Journal. “Some will call what he did stupid, but I think he’s doing it to get things right between himself and God.”

Ricco added that Coleman had struggled with PCP use in past years, and his confession may have been linked to the practice of making amends that many rehabilitation programs promote. Both Ricco and members of Henkel’s family have stated they believe the murder would have remained unsolved if Coleman had not stepped forward. In addition to the murder charge, a grand jury also indicted Coleman on manslaughter and criminal use of a firearm charges; he is due back in court on February 10.

[January 14]

UPDATE: A chilling video of G. Dep's confession to the 1993 murder of John Henkel has been released. Watch the clip below (via RTNY).


  • j

    justice for John Henkel locke g-dep up

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    No statue of limitations for murder. You do the crime....You must do the time! He's probably better off with a guilty plea.

  • Jazz

    My prayers go out to G DEP and his Family. Keep your head up brother. SHALOM...

  • Hypestyle

    Idiot. People have to learn to do better in life.

  • Anonymous

    He is a dumb ass. He got away with murder but could not live with himself.

  • F. Rap

    He probably murdered a family member ova some b.s.? It is wat it is..

  • Anonymous


  • FromFlorida

    GDep is a Snitch. GDep better watch his back in prison! GDep is going to kill GDep! GDep put a 100K contract on GDep!

  • 44Texas

    Thats that man life and he can do what he wants..R yall willing 2 do that time 4 him? Didnt think so...Live yo own life

  • Anonymous

    the legal system needs refining. Being guilty is a black and white... you shouldnt be able to politic yourself out of serving more time... how can an admittedly guilty plead "not guilty" and be listened to? Makes no sense.

    • Powerphi

      In addition to the well said comments by Big Liss ^^^, it's important to keep in mind that the burden is always on the government to prove guilt. This is why the most red-handeded defendant will always plead not guilty despite the preponderance of evidence at the point of arrest. Here, although G Dep apparently walked into a precinct where he admitted guilt, any lawyer worth his weight will examine the confession. As such, a not guilty plea provides time for that examination.

    • Big Liss

      As they said, it's a procedural move. It's formality. I work in the court system and EVERY lawyer that stipulates to receiving a new case initially pleads not guilty. It gives him time to discuss the case with his client and get all of the facts before deciding what to do going forward. I don't know an attorney that DOESN'T do this when receiving a case.

  • mikestreet

    Its for publicity people dis nigga been quiet for awhile nd the so called "last freestyle" was for his name to get back out there if thats the case he would have been confess dont u think 93 dats 18 yrs ago C'mon Sonnnnn

  • Murda mitten

    yo this cat has more balls then yall bitch ass crtics will ever have!!if he said not guilty read bettween the line his defense made em make that move fucking idiots i havent listen to this dudes music but yall be saying some dumbass shit! and at least he told on himself bet most of yall will snitch on someone else this goes to the niggas below this comment u pussy righteous ass muthafuckers get a life he doing something right im not from ny but stand up yall got the real nigas like detroit pussy niggas talk shit n point where they do that at below thats where!!

  • Nico 3

    Our legal system is just dumb enough to get this guy off.

  • murdock

    this guy is stupid..tell on yourself the plea not guilty?wow

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Honor, yes. I admitted i shot the guy 3 times in the chest and confirmed deceased but um yeah, i would like to plead not guilty sir, ahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    NYC thugs tell on themselves. Where they do dat at??? NYC thats where.

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