Drake Hints "The Throne" Belongs To Him & Lil Wayne

Drake jokes about the "other guys" making an album together, talks Tha Carter IV

While across the pond in the United Kingdom, Drake did what every rapper does and stopped in for a talk with Tim Westwood. There he talked about how Wayne is doing and joked about those "other guys" making Watch The Throne.

When talking about collaborating with Wayne, Drake took some friendly jobs at his two former collaborators. "We still got to do that album. I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too. There’s two other rappers are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea but… I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it."

Speaking of Wayne, Drake says he's on his game right now. “He’s in great mental shape, he’s in the zone right now. I’ve heard a lot of music on Tha Carter IV, its going to be an exciting album. When Wayne makes me nervous it’s a good sign. He makes that music where you’re like ‘mmmhh I should of thought of that…’"

For the full interview, check out Miss Info.


  • Mandy Sandy

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  • bballslim42

    All these young money fags do is hype each other up. No other rappers waste their breath on these bonified scrubs.

  • Nastynas4life

    Lil Wayne and Gay Money are trash.

  • Ryan Huerta

    "I'd rather hear a lil wayne, lil Zane Duet."

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I have a confession...... I eat pussy.

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • Marcus P. BoisAubin

    Really Drake? Jay-Z and Kanye are the "other guys." Okay this comment may be playful or whatever but as far as I am concerned you dropped one fucking album! Jay-Z is one of hip hops pioneers of modern entrepreneurship , and Kanye is the father of the new school. Not dick-riding the nigga but before Kanye brothas was on that gangsta shit HARD. Kanye made it cool to be a middle-classed preppy person of color. Before him I really cant think of anyone else. What I just described as Kanyes "swagger" is basically is what Drake is emulating. Kanye put in SO MUCH work to make a callbo with Jay. Staring when Ye was a yong producer on the ROC when Jay wasnt even fucking with Ye as a rapper.Now 10 years later or so a collab! Thats what i call putting in work, something in Hip Hop that used to be valued. Drake dropped one album with Wayne with no real work put in. If Weezy said this shit I would be pissed, but WAYNEput in like 12 plus years of work and development. Drake is an overprivileged failed C-list actor, who's bland style sky rocketed him to the top. He's easily marketable and he's biting Phonte's and Kanye's style so hard no one says anything about it. So before Drake can even jokingly make dumb comments like this, put in some more work!

  • aHLOJA


  • Ronin

    lol drake is feeling himself too much

  • Sir-Wendell Rowe

    I can see Takeover part 2 coming before 2011 out...

  • anonymous

    ha drake is a little pussy all he does is suck waynes dick... and now hes tryna take a stab at jay-z... are u fuckin kiddin me?? same fag that was on a gay ass show called degrassi... watta joke nooone would even kno who the fuck he was if it wernt for wayne.

  • Andre Katomski

    if anybody dare say that drake or wayne are better then jay & kayne west.. you need to shoot yourself and you are the reason hip hop is dead.. not saying drake is wack but people need to know they place.. BTW Drake was the same guy sucking hov off just like wayne now they got a little fam and wanna throw jabs?? please

  • Oberia L. Pierce

    i like its when people who are both hot work with eachother its good for hip hop thats where new york fucked up thme niggas barely did songs together they was all doin they own shit now that them is cold as ice now they wanna branch out like 50 cent !!

  • mmmhmmIKnOwWhatITis

    all of you are white

  • magmatic123

    people was sing rapping long before drake. i guess its more believable on a light skin. i heard that they by spots to sell their cd's... you know, cook the books!!!

  • Anonymous

    all yall just gotta stop hatin. yeah these guys dont deserve the attention they get, but drakes always had a solid flow, with good punchlines and an easy voice to listen to, while waynes got personality, and it makes complete sense why their popular to the masses. just face it, mf doom will NEVER be accepted by the masses as he doesnt have the appeal, his flow is different, and it makes complete sense why hes underground. stop hating and be happy vanilla ice isnt the popular one.

  • Nico 3

    Those other guys can do an album together just because they want too. Face it. Drake needs Wayne like Wayne needed Birdman. It's all about money. Wayne probably hates Drake, but he pretends to be down because he stands to make shitloads of money off him.

  • Jonathan 'Rankss' Reyes

    if Lil Wayne & Drake suck so bad, why does everybody compare theirselves to them, why does everybody want them on their tracks, why do they sell out everyplace they go, why did Lil Wayne sell a million in 1 week & whyd Drake sell 500,000 in a week ,?? if thaats beinqq terrible thenn iiwannna be terrible too!! obviously there doing something riqqht if Youur on this paqe, if Youu donnt like Wayne er Drake then donnt take Youur time reading a whole page on em, PLAIN & SIMPLE ,!!!!

    • Ryan Huerta

      Serv is right. They are commercial garbage..

    • Jonathan 'Rankss' Reyes

      @Organized Well Youu have ta BE skilled to selll records aperantley, people arent going to waste there money on stuff thaat is supposably "garbage", im pretty sure eminem is skilled and all he does is sell records, Eminem would still crush aybody at freestyle ,!! And Serv, "who cares about record sells" thaats like saying who cares about money ,!!

    • Serv

      wtf? nigga are you a fucken record company executive? if not then what th FuCk does anyone care about sales? wayne and drake are commercial garbage...anyway speaking of Organized Konfusion wheres PharoahMonch?!

    • Organized

      Ehm Sorry but when did record sells have anything to do with skills? I dont remember Organized Konfusion selling 1 mil or even 500 k, so what they suck because they didnt sell? And if you say that Organized Konfusion suck then i guess your brain is depleted like muscles without amino acids


    Drake is trash i'm so tired of the hype on this dude his album was garbage his raps are so wack and now nobody is better than him and wayne?? c'mon son stop that bullshit!!!

  • Tony

    Really drake really! You made your first album this past year and it was pure trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! When you and wayne make atleast 2 or more classic albums that actually consit of real lyrics then you can talk about being on the throne! your classic albums better not have the following in each song money,cars,girls,and waynes buggati... Why cant someone just rock Drake in the face hes so fucking cocky!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      if hip hop is changing so retards with a broken caps lock button doesnt like it anymore, i could seriously fucken careless. theres plenty of good music out there being released if you learn to look in the right places.

    • Anonymous


    • Troof

      No Bull...never understood nigz that hate on EVERYBODY...it's almost like "Nigga what DO you like???????" ***knocks head to Cinderella Man***

    • Steven Ireland

      damn nigga you might as well stop listening to hip hop then.

  • frank

    Drake doesnt mean anything by these comments.. but for anyone who thinks these 2 clowns are on the same level as jay and kanye need a punch square in the nose. "weezy" and "drizzy" will never come close to these 2, unless youre in high school you might think differently.

    • Steven Ireland

      damn nigga you might as well stop listening to hip hop then

    • IroNick

      I agree with you mostly, but drake has potential to be on their level. you might not see it now based on the recent stuff he's been puttin out, but he used to be the man. On his first mixtape "room for improvement" he had amazing flow, and really gud content and lyricism not like the nonsense he's doin now. If he had not gone commercial, and if he had kept his same style then he would be on kanye and jay z's level. I believe if he goes back to his old style he can be.

  • Scottie Minor

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    • Oberia L. Pierce

      hey idiot this sight is not just for black people its for anybody who likes hip hop

    • Jay Unique/Manic/Jay M.

      C'MON SON!!!

    • Anonymous


    • k money

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    • dhdhjhfdj

      of all the racists comments on this article, this one takes the cake....i guess hhdx shouldnt post Eminem songs then?

    • LeJames

      You are such a hypocrite. You talking about other races making racial remarks and saying that this site is only for black people and that the other races needs to go away. That is racial segregation fool. This site is for any people who enjoys and appreciates Hip-hop/rap and you dont need to be black.


      This site is for Americans only please, I hate when people from Asia decide that they are now black too. Also I believe you are the epitome of absolute Ignorance and Stupidity and that no matter how you respond I now have another dumb person to reference when talking about the "Morons of the World." BITCH

  • Mylie

    JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST ARE LEGENDS! AND SINCERE ARTISTS! fuck this nickelodeon jewish fakkit Drake. th nerve if this idot. stay in your lane you are not top tier.

  • king05

    Kenneth Thomas..dog that wayne kissin birdman shit is old now like fuckin 4 years ago he evn said it in a song so get over that shit damn.nigga not gay gaurentee he gets more pussy then you'll ever get.so if you gon hate on wayne figure out somethin new to hate on

    • Jonathan 'Rankss' Reyes

      @ihatespics is thaa only one thaat is speakinqq thaa truth on thiss subject ,!!

    • Anonymous

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    • ihatespics

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    • SuperGucciRap

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    • Chris Hernandez

      Don't matter how old it is, the man is outside in public kissing another grown ass man.. So he said it's old on a song now it's alright that this dude is gay? .. The only thing he learned is not to do it in public anymore.. And lil wayne doesn't make good music point blank.. well unless you're a 13 yr old..

  • Stro

    "When talking about collaborating with Wayne, Drake took some friendly jobs at his two former collaborators." It's "jabs" not "jobs." I hope the writers don't get paid for these articles.

  • Malz Mula

    i dont think drake really meant anything by it. it seemed more like a joking gesture. Im excited to both Kanye and Jays album and Drake and Waynes album these are 4 titans in the game and it should be two extraordinary pieces of art. FOLLOW ME @MALZMONEY Facbook.com/MalzMoney

  • LED

    That one white boy rules all. Mute point.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Drake's just playing here, some of yall are more worse then the gossip blogs tryna stir up non-existent beefs. Not only is Drake a stan of Kanye & Hov, he'd definitely not be stupid enough to diss them

  • I agree partially

    I agree if Drake was referring to the "HAM" track because that shit was awful. I mean Lux Luger is only good by making beats to mediocre/terrible rappers. I can see guys like Nas or J. Cole get lost if Jay or Ye can't even rhyme well on that beat. Drake is the better half of the duo with Lil Wayne but I'm sick of that duo. Drake needs another artist to collaborate more often. Kid Cudi, Wiz or B.o.B (two rappers who blend well in the rap and pop world).

  • Suggamatic

    maybe if mos def and talib kweli would make another album like they keep saying they will...

  • foij

    everybody dissing drake quiet down.....this is tongue in cheek, THEY HAVE ALL DONE RECORDS TOGETHER theres clearly no beef here just a youngster makin a joke.....settle down children (ps shame on hhdx knowing this would get page views)

  • MR718


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "Other Rappers" > Lil' Wayne & Drake

  • Drizzy

    diss me and you'll never hear a reply, but if i diss you better reply

  • FourSix

    both Drake and Lil Wayne suck. to be honest the whole of young money/cash money suck.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Man this album is going to be wack. Drake the Flake sucks balls. What a fucking moron. Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber is a real Hip Hop collaboration. New album called: The BURR! It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous


    • Taylor Gang Jet

      this guy lol. YM only consist of three ppl whose eva gonna drop an album and the rest are just cheerleaders who are gonna drop mixtapes...get this wack nigga or whateva out of here lmao

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      da only label theyll destroy iz themselvez. suck on dat! RNGMB BITCH!

  • lol

    The "other guys" are garbage.

  • kcadence

    Does wayne make drake nervous right before he shoves his dick in his ass?

  • 2dope

    I like Lil Wayne. I just like otha niggas betta

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Lil Wayne kisses men. Don't believe me? Look it up.

  • David James Robinson

    Those "other guys" can lyrically whoop your ass, and when you do drop the collab album with Weezy, Weezy's going to murder you with every verse.

  • amchri3.

    I seen the video on worldstar this nigga is mad cause jay z and kanye gonna make a better album them two niggas lol. He acting like him and wayne came up with the concept of the duo album lol somebody could easily say they biting method man and redman. sucka ass nigga. I bet them niggas cant put out something that tops How Fly by Curren$y and Wiz if they tried ten times. lol some rappers just tickle me.

  • Atl2Trill

    Drake is wack and a Lil Wayne clone. A Drake and Weezy album would be very shitty and so pop. They have no throne at all.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cyanide... you kyke

    • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

      Suck 1 you racist pig... you just mad eh? Good, stay anonymous. You can hate on the fact he's getting paper, dissing on the "other guys", but if you think hating on him cause of his race, religion or creed, well, then you're pathetic! Especially on MLK Weekend douche. Suck 1. TalentDisplay.

  • Schmoe

    So we got Jay/Kanye Drake/Wayne Eminem/Royce ??????? Who wins for real?

  • The.Watcher

    I am not a fan of Post-Black Album Jigga or Post-Late Kanye, but even in their current pop/dumbed down-state they will annihilate Drake and Wayne, who, let's face it, basically can't rap period.

  • Schmoe

    Look unless any of these niggas sold 3.4 million albums, are nominated for 10 grammy's, are in talks for a movie, or just signed a lyrical supergroup, they not really sittin on the throne. I'M SORRY!!

  • Judah Fearless Prescott

    When da hell is somebody gone shut des weakass niggas down smh

  • Anonymous

    rappers like banks, lupe or j. cole that deserve to be on top are way underrated drake and nicki are so damn overrated

  • RealMoFo

    Are you joking? Bad meets Evil Em & Royce da 5'9" are taking the Throne. No Gay-z & Ganye West or Lil Gayne & Fake, I mean Drake.

  • DKF

    Please, Drake needs to listen to some G Rap and learn what a flow is before he talks about thrones. Similar having flow ass mufuckas in today's rap game.

  • 44Texas

    YMCMB R FAGS..All you young skinny jean wearing kids dont knw shit bout music..We use 2 make fun of the white boys that wore tight ass wranglers(called the Kickers) and now black people r wearing tight jeans...What is the world cummin 2!

  • omariononmyass

    Are the other guys making an album Souljaboy n OMARION??? I'm cumming as we speak!

  • white milk

    im willing to bet everything that if you saw the actual interview you would see that he was joking but u simple mf's jus wanna be emotional. so many "men" are nothing more than females in males clothing these days

  • Almar

    Drake Needs to stop Talkin like he Deserves all of this respect, When He was on a song on Bun B's "Trill O.G" he said he was the "Young Sweet Jones" and all this gay shit, I Bet if Pimp C Was alive he wouldnt fuck with Drake, Drake is a soft undeservedly arrogant punk.

    • SMH

      Pimp C was cool with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind Drake. As IT said, you what is pathetic and gay? when niggaz speculate what the fuck Pac would say? You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective.

  • Vigan

    fuck drake Em's the best rapper alive even if hes old stuff was better than now, and im saying ems new shit is sik but drake is shit, i stop listening to hip hop because of artists like him and gucci man and tiger HIP HOP

  • Anonymous


    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • Chupps

    I don't know how Drake can even be cocky when he's not even into his sophomore album and didn't have a classic debut despite the potential. A Lil Wayne, for all his bragging and sales, is complacent and not built for longevity. Meanwhile the "other guys" have delivered multiple classics in their time and look to be bringing back real quality to hip-hop - something i thought we all wanted - which YM/CM are a threat to.

  • Anonymous

    i hate you drake fake fuck

  • hovi

    this nigga about to cry. somebody gotta smack this bitch ass nigga.

  • blabla

    friendly "jobs"....lol who is the editor for this site? I see stupid mistakes like these in almost every article.

  • Anonymous

    you fuckin young kids need teaching! Did you dad school you on what Real Hip Hop is? WOW! he must have been one giving props to the wackness that was played in his era......

  • Truth

    Should've you have to make better music to be this cocky? Jesus Christ. You'd think "Thank Me Later" and "The Carter 3" were Illmatic and The Chronic.

  • Beezlebud

    Drakes a fuckin cornball n his wack ass isn't worthy of even mentionin the word throne let alone claimin it, I'd smash his bitch ass over any beat he can even spit his best written n I'd go off the top BEEZLEBUD hit me on Twitter my peoples


    whos this Drake character?

  • i wanna kill wack rappers

    great. more homo tracks from young money. just what hip-hop needs...

  • Matt Tompkins

    It was probably just his white half being sarcastic...

  • Anonymous

    DAMN this dude got all cocky and shit. Bring back REAL HIP HOP!! FUCK THE MONEY LOVIN INDUSTRY

  • slapyobitchass

    Jesus christ this site is becoming troll center. Niggas ridin too much dicks and stans takin over. You got: Superguccirap - who is obviously trolling because no one can believe any shit this nigga says. Mandy - this nigga is ready to give Ye or Jay a handjob on every post and hates on anything young money there's that nigga whos always talkin about the south running shit. Niggas need to get a life. I think I speak for everyone on this site when I tell these troll ass niggas and stans to shut the fuck up!

    • People I hate here

      Belzebud... Wow, you name yourself after a demon and a lame weed reference. ATL2Trill- Sounds like one of those lame southerners trying to get respect by naming "real" hip hop. any douche who uses FB or twitter here- Really? Do you want people to check your profile? Anyone who uses Anonymous- Can't think a creative name so they chicken out.

    • Anonymous

      seriously... ive started to hate coming here. i go to other sites now. I used to come here alot, but between the deliberately poorly written articles to get more comments, and the trollers.. I have to get my news from else where. Can't stand this shit anymore

  • pico presi

    Wayne's a coke syrup head and all Drake talks about is being a victim up success, money and pussy. GTFOH, you and wayne are the best. Niggas come out with one album and suddenly they rule everything... This is why I only fucks with the following emcees: 1. Curren$y 2. Jay Electronica 3. Nas 4. DJ Quik 5. Wiz Khalifa 6. Cool Kids 7. Kanye West These are real emcees. Drake is just a silly wapper...

  • The187Worm

    Crooked I would eat these muthufuckas by hisself!....fuck both these cats...Drake has the same old fucking flow man...doesn anyone realize that shit...its garbage!...and Wayne is just trash....how come his muthufucka wasnt the best rapper alive when he was with Cash Money? corny ass muthufucka...and Kanye just a fucking dick who makes decent beats and is lyrics are ovrrated...

  • Rick

    hahaha the THRONE OF WACKNESS! ..hahah this ugly mug just got beat up for 12 rounds looking muthafucka gets wackER by the day.

  • RichD

    ...Am I the only one that's confused how someone could even compare drake and wayne to ye and hov? personally, i dont like anything that young money does, but that's simply cause they're not my style. Hov and kanye have accomplished far more than anyone in young money or involved with them, and they'll continue to do what they do longer than drake and wayne, i guarantee it. Its sad that people can even argue that wayne and drake are at the top. Whether you like them or not, no one can deny that Kanye is a legendary producer, and hov is still one of the tightest rappers doin it. Hip-hop is on life support if this is even a question.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to see a Drake/Kanye album and a Eminem/Royce album and compare them.

  • Gucci#1

    Fuck these fake ass rappers drake ye gay z lil fake Gucci & Waka Floka takin over 2011!

    • murdock

      get the fuck outta here the dude can barely talk his tracks are wack as fuck and he has no skill...dont bring that bullshit over here to say that youde have to be a fucken asshole.

    • Yeah Gucci!

      I agree with Gucci! I like listening to shit too!

    • D

      Srry dawg gucci gon be locked up in a mental hospital, face tattoo lookin a million times worse than games butterfly, soft ice cream bitch he is.

  • Timmy Althaus

    Did Drake also comment on himself coming out of the closet?

  • JX

    ummmm drake kill yourself. you suck and your career's soon to be over they used you to keep young money afloat while wayne was locked up. you were there as necessity. now you're a luxury and if you get to expensive guess wat you're gonna bounce and a bitch is a better rapper then you go kill yourself getting murked by a chick every track you soft.

  • wishworks

    alright now first drake and wayne. both are good in there own right, but i don't see a hole record off niggas singing on songs and trying to go hard, it does work but, they sound better to me any way when the just go in. Now jay and kanye, nothing beats the fact you have one of the mcees doing the beats, add in the fact ye is nice and his own right, if this wasn't the case there would be no Grammies MTV awards American music awards ect.same said for jay, so buy sales / shows / and just knowing that the over all project will more complete, more so than drake and wayne who have collab in the past and it was alright but it was not up to the same level as jay and ye and i hated haters and HAM but is that your bitch was that shit,just one example of how watch the thrown could take off and a direction that hasn't been seen before.

  • Wat?!

    lol @ drake for suggesting that!



    • Anonymous

      And if you listen to an entire Kanye West album you could wake up with a dick in your butt.

    • GetOn!

      WIZ + CURREN$Y NUFF SAID NUFF DONE??? RFLMAOOO!!! If that's the case, you might as well grab a nice pillow,a big comforting blanket,and some nice suiting weed because listening to an entire album from those two from start to finish will definitely put your ass to sleep in about at least 5 minutes and by the time you wake up you won't even be able to tell your homie about what the fuck you even heard on the album...Epic Fail for that one homie!

    • ???

      That would be sick but not the same league! those guy are hat atm but no chance of them being around in 5 years, there pop an album out to quick! one newcomer that will stay around is j cole!!!!

  • Actually

    Its a tie...Theyre all wack as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    So of corse mr west and jay are the better of the 2 groups of collaborators but i wanna know where people would put nas and jay electronica it this?

  • Anonymous

    So of corse mr west and jay are the better of the 2 collaborators but i wanna know what people think nas and jay electronica would fit in to this?

  • Truth

    Drake needs to clarify his statement but Lil Wayne and Drake would destroy JayZ and Kanye. The future is now sons!! y'all goin to follow Jay to the retirement home and still fall for the now 41yr old overhyped mc. Jay is not the same rapper he was back then, realize.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Drake does lipsynch, watch the video on youtube when he breaks his leg on stage (falls off stage) and is still singin' (not), LOL

    • Anonymous

      im talking about them being as wack as them you dumb fuck.... all 4 suck as much as you do!! ..wayne and drake are talking over POP maybe not Hip Hop...Now go stand in the corner until you know what the difference is bewteen real hip hop and pop corn music...hahaha! wow! You must be a teen! hahah didnt your dumb father teach you what Hip Hop sounds like.....oh wait....i left your ass years ago...you're just as dumb as your mother.

    • Truth

      Milli Vanilli got caught lipsynching IDIOT! When the hell has Weezy or Drake tried doin that? Go back to school son. Jay doesn't have that hunger, that drive, the energy he once had. His music is still good but up Weezy and Drake are taking over the game.

    • Anonymous

      hahah youre late for school idiot!..and you forgot to do your homework...Drake & wayne are the Milli Vanilli of this era.

    • blaklex

      Hip hop fans got to be the wackest fans alive. Hip hop fans are not loyal at all. Why does an mc have to make the exact same music that he/she made that made them famous for fans to continue to listen to them? The moment an artist matures and tries to make new product, they're considered sell outs. Obviously, an mc that comes into the game with little money and eventually becomes successful is not going to make the same musich 10 years later after they've matured and collected more cake.

    • anonymous

      Since wen does hip hop have an age limit. ppl always seem 2 put hip hop in a box full of young artist. white rock bands can make millions at 60yrs old ie; U2, rolling stones, bon jovi ect. they can sell out tours world wide but a rapper whose 40 and still selling records world wide cant be relevant 2day is bullsh*t. check da stats on jay z resume stop haten "men lie, women lie, numbers don't"

  • Anonymous

    Just for the sake of argument I'll post this equation: 2 good emcees + (x) hot producers versus 1 good emcee + 1 overrated emcee/ 1 good producer Seems to me Wayne and Drake would win with that equation. I still think Jay Z would kill both of them in one song by himself, though.

    • wtfnj

      stupid... Kanye is a great producer, and between him and Jay-Z ... they have the ability to work with any producer they choose.

  • RealTalk

    I'm open minded to a Drake an Weezy collab but it would most likely be an album with tnhe same old content about "cash money", "the hoes", and all that. But honestly, Kanye and Jay's album will probably be the same.

  • malone

    These children naw a days are really funny lol, J make that lil nigga pull his own switch then whoop his ass. Wayne + Drake= bullshit Wayne + Tpain a joke you lil niggas need to stop it. First try and get baby money, then try and get his lady money then ill consider you relevant, but right now gas better yet Ass!!


    kanye and jay-z's rap sheet is a billie times longer than these milli sissies.. please, drake.. how's that hand of baby's feel up ur ass? never seen a puppet that don't need a puppeteer.. kanye's collection of work is better than anyboby's first four albums.. ANYBODY.. front to back, get their first four albums out.. NO WAY.. not even close.. the producer, the rapper, the executive producer.. the a&r.. the artwork, the marketing.. gtfoh jay-z has four albums on that level, but not in sequence.. kanye's just getting started.. and correct me if i'm wrong but the carter III involving Kanye and get a jayz beat from swizz beats for Dr. Carter and a feature by Jay-z helped wayne get over the top.. not just a lollipop

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    fuck pussy flake and lil gayne. mad cuz jay-z! iz da master and kanye iz at da top of hiz game rite now wit an album dat getz 5 starz from evrybody. da throne don't belong 2 flake, lil gayne or n-e-1 else at cum money. it belongz 2 jay-z!, kanye, and soon j cole, jay electronica and evry1 else at roc nation/good muzik. jay-z! and kanye destroy these foolz wit there pinky. RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE NIGGAZ! FUCK C4, FUCK FLAKE'Z SECOND ALBUM AND FUCK DAT FLAKE/LIL GAYNE COLLABO ALBUM!

    • Kevin

      Mandy - are you breaking up with me?

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      why da FUCK do u keep respondin 2 me? don't u have sumthin betta 2 do instead of stalkin me and watchin my evry move evrytime i post sumthin? WUT DA FUCK?! ur such a faggot azz creepin azz nigga. stop worryin bout me and worry bout urself u bastardized homo cumbag. and for da love of god, stop tellin me to lick ur goddamn fuckin nutsack. keep ur aidz, clapz, gonorhea and herpez 2 urself bitch azz nigga. NOW B GONE!

    • Kevin

      Seriously Mandy - I think you really need to lay off the keyboard for a while and get yourself some cock. I know Jay Electronica would be your preference, but you will probably have to settle for some ordinary dude. I nearly forgot - LICK MY NUTSACK!

  • unterschleif

    I will never understand how can lil wayne be successful. His shit is trash and he ruins every song he is featured on. His album sales and critical acclaim remain a mystery to me.

  • beatman88

    drake and wayne aint ready for jay z

  • Zachary Goulbourne

    No one take this seriously and throw hissy fits. If you ever seen a Drake interview hes always joking and clowning around. Based on that first Hov & Ye single tho I would say Weezy and Drizzy would make a better album

    • Schmoe

      People confuse album with mixtape. Drake and Wayne would probably make a great mixtape but album? Naw

    • William Scooter Jones

      hahaha.. a better album?? go play in traffic!! i've seen Drake interviews and i know for a fact he's just joking around.. but to say wayne and drizzy would make a better album?? go that away yo!!!


    Wayne? Ok but Drake's catalog is about as deep as a rain puddle in the Sahara desert. Does he really think his skills even comes close to anything from Reasonable Doubt onto Blue Print three? Put So Far Gone or the name of that other LP I already forgot up against The College Drop out and My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy. C'mon Drake, these boppers & a little success got you gassed!

  • Piltch

    Wonder who's writing this new carter for weezy. He's already run through Gillie and Drake, got some next rapper signed to cash money/young money, locked in a basement writing rhymes thinking he's gonna make it. Little does he know. . . .

  • cccccccccc


  • Anonymous

    You need more than 1 album to have anything... sayin tho

  • KoD

    If he's hinting that they stole the idea from him then I should tell Drake that you and Weezy aren't the first rappers to do this >_> wake up dumbass, and Jay and Kanye's album will be way better than yours, I'm sure.

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