Tom Hanks' Son Chet Hanks Pursues Rap Career As Chet Haze

Chet Haze raps about college life on 'White And Purple,' a remix to Wiz Khalifa's 'Black And Yellow.'

While many would expect the son of award-winning actor Tom Hanks to pursue a career in acting, Chet Hanks is taking another route. Hanks, who goes by the stage name of Chet Haze, is actually an aspiring rapper.

He’s even released his own remix to Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Black And Yellow.” Haze’s remix is instead titled “White And Purple” and is somewhat of an anthem for the school he’s currently attending, Northwestern University.

“He is an up and coming MC with a flow that does California proud, partnered with lyrical intelligence that complements his attendance at Northwestern University,” reads a bio on Haze’s Facebook page. “Living the college life, Chet's days consist of chilling with his boys, attending class, and taking care of business. However, his nights consist of absolutely murdering tracks, and living what he is really spitting.”

On “White And Purple” Haze takes on your typical college rapper material: marijuana, shots, fraternity life, and more.

"White kicks/ Purple kush/ This is college, hittin blunts after hittin books," Haze raps.

On top of “White And Purple” Haze has also released another song titled “West Side L.A.”


  • Sir Chet Haze, esq.

    White and Privileged (Box of Chocolates Remix)

  • Stro

    Tom Hanks should be ashamed.

  • Bowski

    So I'm predicting this dude is gonna be just as big or bigger than Asher Roth, mark my f'ing word. It's 2011 for Chris'ts sakes, listen to how ignorant you sound hating on dude cos he's father rich and he has a love for our music? C'mon be serious and tell me we're not really that ignorant right?? The thing is he doesn't even sound bad. I mean if he sucked then I'll entertain that fact, but the truth is that he blends in with what we're already used to. He's Tom Hanks' son, and of all the things he could be doing he's showing love for our music and repping the college boy life. He aint steppiing on your toes GANGSTA!!! GTFOH ya'll are a bunch of creeps, crawl back into your shoe box and die already........

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Is chet gump serious?? please stop reppin 310, im fucking embarrassed.

  • Anonymous

    This kids dad has like what, a 200 million dollars. I don't have a problem with him rapping but trying to make money or even more so a career at it is just despicable and pathetic.

  • frustratedhiphophead

    The best thing we can all do is just ignore him and wait for him to become obsessed with whatever the next frat boy fad is.

  • Anonymous

    he sounds like every other trash white youtube rapper with 200 views. why the fuck does this kid have his own article?

  • Preston Bell

    he pretty much copied Wiz flow just changed the words

  • senseinewton

    ok, bash him because his flow is not that tight.but you guys CANT bash his because he's a privileged kid..i mean honestly, how hard to you think Drake had it coming up? get real

  • Brandon Caminero

    dudes not bad`im sure if he keeps spitting he can be nice one day! he gets a 4 for potential

  • XiK

    Ughh! another college white boy trying to bury hip hop deeper into shit DIE!!!

    • William Scooter Jones

      Yea pump ya breaks son.. even if the kid was black this shit is pretty garbage.. he does have a "grain" of potential!!

    • Stale Ass Cracka

      your a fuckin moron...wayne..flocka gucci...shit like that buried hip-hop into shit..just like your miserable life...get off that white shit...mama boy basement livin ass nigga...

  • tiger vidmar

    good job...positive vibes... would like him to rap my message song.. "suit up your going the cards you got a winning hand" go to

  • Josh Corleone

    Hey, long as he rapping about shit he does. And he sounds like he from the burbs lmao. His voice makes me laugh. I wouldn't buy his cd obviously. He can always get better though.

  • Mylie

    privialeged white kids think they can rap now because there parents are either famous or own a major record label. fukk outta here


    HAY ANOTHA REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for wiz's offical album to end this remix bs

  • Tidomann

    Smoking what blunts...Oh come on DX. I bet after u help him get a record deal, some fellow college boy is gon' come forward claimin' 2 be the ghostwriter. Fuck Chet Haze

  • EddieMurrrphy

    most outrageous thing i have ever read. and that track was too painful it was unbelievable. what a cheap whitey white on the mic stiff as a board. i would laugh at the hilarity of this article.... but i feel too sick to laugh.

  • why

    wow...stole wiz's whole swag and kinda ownership of his own style..fuck this shit....

  • Anonymous

    check out this Ohio rapper Outta Ohio Young Tay and tha united Gangsta Family...Tracks are Raw...

  • Anonymous

    cool track!!keep doing ya thang mane...

  • Atl2Trill

    WTH? What a swagger jacker. Nobody should take this rich kid seriously.

  • Anonymous

    man i dont care what your politically correct muphukkers say, if you born with a silverspoon up your ass get fuck out of hip hop. Fuck yall with your dont hate comments, your plying yourself..this is wack as fuck, tom hanks son getting news coverage when some REAL up n coming artist,(yes Real)could and should get that nod instead...Fuck DX..and the rest of yall with your hip hop is for everyone..

  • Ruckus

    Fuck the haters, Tom Hanks is a O.G: And to think that you'd have to be black or only speak about street life to rap is ridiculous. This dude ain't any more Hollywood than Jigga or Kanye or Weezy these days.

  • Duke

    his about 1000 times better than some waka or any of those brick squad retards or any simple rapper. he did jack whiz's flow but checked out the west side l.a. track and his flow is similar. is he good as just a dude tryin to rap? eh, he may have potential, doubt it. is he good to be tom hanks son? yeah.

  • Rachael Misek

    here we go again.

  • Anonymous

    What's sad is that he completely jacks Wiz' flow, down to his punchlines. It doesn't matter what color you are, you better come with something different if you are going to rap over someone's beat.

  • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

    Aaahhh... Regression at its finest.

  • Boo Boo Romero

    Don't hate! Congratulate! LOL! It's not the end of hip hop! It's a new era! New Generation! Time for something new and inventive...All them rappers start to sound alike after awhile!

  • clockwork

    (In my Forrest Gump voice) "Rap is like a box of never know who is gonna spit!!!" LOL

  • Boo Boo Romero

    Doesn't sound like a suburban White Boy! He sounds great!

  • HRH

    this is abraham lincoln's ancestor grabbin' the mic?? Don't let this happen. What's next, Bill Gates Jr??

  • Grandson

    Rapping is just like sports. Anybody can do it, but only a few really have the talent for it. Plus I highly doubt that his dad would like him talking about hittin blunts. LOL!

  • The.Watcher

    lol Lil' Forrest

  • Ozep

    To be completely honest at this point even if its Wiz im tired of the fucking beat. Gotten so bad if i like a song im tired of it a week later because i've heard too many rappers/aspiring whack rappers rhyme over the beat of the week

  • Ama Hussla

    *but NOT everybody of course...

  • Ama Hussla

    "now everybody on earth wanna rap"-guru "salute 2" but everbody is capable, because of guys like him hip hop ain't respected as it should be, people don't consider it to be an actual because anybody seems to be able to pick up a mic and rhyme...

  • Anonymous

    all lil wayne , 50 cent & rick ross do is rap about money chains rims and that's allowed , it seems to fuckin sell too , and any fuckin body of y'all buyin a cd of these clowns are the reason hip hop is dying , being rich and rappin about being rich ain't hip hop , eminem feat nicki minaj ain't muthafuckin hip hop no matter where the fuck he came from , this tom hanks clown is not the problem , cuz after this we will never hear his name again

    • thewhat

      Wtf u mean- 'eminem faet. nicki minaj aint hiphop no matter where he came from' ..?? wa u tryna say, what cos he's eminems white? eat a fat dick u racist faggot. whiteboy rhyme ur ass into the ground! i guess some humans still aint evolved beyond basic thought

  • Adelaide

    The problem with this is that because he's using Wiz's flow/style on this song it's an imitation, not a remix. No way to tell if he's actually good or bad without knowing what HIS flow actually is.


    This nigga sound like Forest Gump rapping

  • Chris

    Has an already established name (father), appeals to a certain market, IS/CAN/WILL be marketable thus meaning $$$. Whether you like him or not, prepare yourself. Another product is upon us!

  • AnonymousWhiteMale

    As a white dude, I view almost any white rapper poppin' up these days as actually kinda wack. It's 2011 and I just feel these dudes are just faking the street life and talking slang to be cool. That's just me though.. then again, I'm sure there's still lots of lost and forgotten youth out there waitin' to be found.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      plenty of decent white rappers out there. you just have to look harder

    • Anonymous

      I feel you on that...Im white and have felt the same way for years since the whole Eminem phenomena. Like 95 percent of white mcs are garbage as shit and when I say that certain friends will accuse you of being a reverse racist or some other shit. But in reality, most white rappers are garbage including this idiot in the article. Im not saying all black rappers are good either but Im almost certain the record labels/radio stations have been signing/promoting the dumbest of the dumb black mcs just as a way to make the white mcs look better. Its the same shit they did with rock music and jazz....It just takes more time for them to completely overtake and control hip hop due to the internet though.

  • krime

    My nigga Chet just went in on this shit cuzz!

  • Assassin221

    Idk man on the one hand I'm not one to get caught up in all that realness and shit, if the dude can spit the dude can spit, but at the same time this shit is a long-ass way away from where hip-hop started out at. Either way it sounds like another Asher Roth so I'll pass.

  • DickMack

    oh and northwestern cost at least 80,000 a year plus a beer/weed budget= toms gotta do some more movies

  • Sensaye252

    I guess rich is the new poor. Hip-Hop is wack.

  • DickMack

    serious? ha he just changed a few words used 100% khalifa flow thats embarressing... oh and northwestern? yeah thats hard he should say fuck rap and start singing about being gay like mike posner

  • thewhat

    im tha 1 line i meant to say that youd probly get laughed at hard after ice came n fucked it up for a white mc

  • thewhat

    Yo fuck this we dont need another asher roth. this guy tho is even richer, his dads a fuckin millionaire movie star. hes just guna bring a bad name to a white mc tryna get up in the game. with his priviliged ass. im white an from the city an i can rhyme motherfucker believe that but if u get too many of these comin out u guna be laughed at still like back when vanilla ice did before em blew up. only reason he getin exposue cos of his dad, he dont deserve no fuckin exposure

  • Erik Quinty

    DX NEXT DEFINATLY!!!! haha whatta joke

  • Erik Quinty

    DXNEXT DEFINATLY!!!! hahahahahaha whatta joke

  • lol

    What's wrong with this kid rapping? Not like he's talking about toting glocks and shit. Oh wait I get why most of you teenagers are hating, he's white! OH NO, THE CULTURE IS BEING RUINED! Fuck outta here.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      no but he talking about flapping around college like a fairy which is worse and way less entertaining to listen to in my opinion

  • Anonymous


  • bswift77

    This is evidence that the rap game is oversaturated. Tom Hanks son...spittin? C'mon son.

  • XO

    Be apart of something greater Have you heard of Rockstar Muzik?

  • murdock

    dont tell me tom hanks son is thugged out ..bahahaaaaaaaa..get outta here

    • AnonymousWhiteMale

      @Mind_Yo_Manners In a perfect world, yeah.. everyone would respect it. But people see where this dude is from and can't help but judge. It's just the way it is at the end of the day.

    • DJDakayungdan

      good music is all about the struggle, the highs and lows... his high was probably when forest gump came out and his low was not getting into a better school than northwesteren with all the $ his pops has

    • thewhat

      @mindyomanners.... ur clearly rich to be puttin up an arguement

    • Mind_Yo_Manners order to be a thug you have to be poor? soo... to be a rapper your dad can't be rich (Diggy Simmons and any rappers kids im sorry...) soo... because your dad is rich, there is no reason to pursue any dreams or aspirations of your own. soo...your argument is weak and pretty fucked up.

    • murdock

      am i sying you have to be thugged out to rap??no im not but tom hanks son rapping and having a pic of himself looking hard just doesnt fit at all.hes rich allready his dad is paid so why rap?yall just dont know the elements of this shit anymore and its sad.

    • BLACK

      Mr.Tom Hanks son cursing wearing his pants off his ass busting ryhmes? B-rad! Don't be hatin! lol!!!

    • Anonymous

      you dont have to be a thug to rap u fuccing idiot and u dont have to be blacc

  • Anonymous

    Uhhhhhhhhh Stupid is as stupid does, momma said.

    • BLACK

      Gucci or Soulja. That's not really saying much.

    • Tony

      I just listened to it. Sad to say he is a hundred times better than soldja boy and gucci mane

    • So tired of haters

      For some, yes! I mean, is this life? "Black stripes/yellow paint/them niggas scared of it/but them ho's ain't" College is a reality that millions of people actually endure. The fast life is reality only for some. I'm not saying that this kid should go platinum or that he's even good. I'm just answering your question. Yes, this is life.

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