Lil Kim Hires Nicki Minaj Look Alike For Music Video

Nicki Minaj look alike to possibly appear in the music video for Lil Kim's 'Black Friday.'

Rapper Lil Kim had a number of people doing a double take when a picture was posted by of Lil Kim posing with a Nicki Minaj look alike.

The unknown woman is seen wearing a shoulder-length black wig with blunt bangs, a look Nicki Minaj is well-known for rocking.  

The pictures of Lil Kim and the Nicki Minaj look alike were taken while Kim was on the set of her new music video, “Black Friday.”

It is unclear what the Nicki Minaj clone will be used for in the video, but since “Black Friday” is a dis track against Nicki Minaj the possibilities are endless.

“Black Friday” was released in late November and was Lil Kim’s response to Minaj’s verse on “Roman’s Revenge.” On “Roman’s Revenge” Nicki Minaj raps, "Word, that bitch mad ’cause I took the spot? / Well, bitch, if you ain’t shitting, then get off the pot / Got some niggas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top."

Lil Kim’s Nicki Minaj look alike is yet another shakeup in what seems like a never-ending feud between the two rappers. 



  • Victoria Skeens

    lol i love this battle. Its so stupid, its all shxt talking and jealousy.

  • madwayn

    Kim should just let it go, that girl is really talented, she got the lime light and aint nothing Kim can do about it!

  • karare

    huh uh u know wat it is pink Vs black we all know who is better

  • phillychick

    ..and meanwhile nikki almost plat...

  • lav

    She copied Tupac. Hit Em Up ring a bell? "Don't fuck around with real G's Quick to snatch your ugly ass, off the streets, so fuck peace."

  • Anonymous

    definitely doesnt look like kim

  • Realtalk1

    It's like Nicki's a nigga and Kim is ridin' her paraphrase old school Queen B. Not a good look Kim. I don't like Minaj, but Kim gonna go out on some Ice-T Souljah Boy shit and get reminded that she's relatively a hip hop grandma.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me, or does anybody else think that doesn't look like lil kim?.

  • khordkutta

    Are we sure thats not a dude Kim is with!?!?

  • anon

    fuck both these fake ass hoes. Kim's played out and is just embarrasing herself now. Nicki was an embarrement from the start with great lines "flow tight like a dick in the butt". Where's the lauryn hills of this generation? god damn.

    • Joshua Paradox Crews

      well said even though i think nikki and kim can spit if they aint focused on the politics and maintaining a big fanbase! they dont have enough soul to be in the category of a lauryn hill! but i think both women are important in shining a light back on the female hip hop artists again so its good for hip hop if the albums are good! 4GET HYPE!

  • Lafayette

    Lil Kimberly from Bel Air, HA! She looks like a White Girl, sad!

  • kennyken

    kim still has a pretty good flow...rap music just doesn't respect pioneers. they respect them by giving shouts out, but they don't buy their music. and that makes pioneers do stuff like this. look at what ll did to canibus. i thought that was foul as well. lil kim has more talent than nikki in my opinion, but she feels she has to do this just to get a spark in the hip hop community again. sad

    • Anonymous

      no body hates lil kim, if she puts out music(good music thats not all about hating a fellow artist) people will buy. i like nikki, but be being 29 i was in the 90's era with kim and nikki cant take that away. people been hating on nikki since day one

    • Joshua Paradox Crews

      SO TRUE FAM! Its like once you get old our hip hop community shuns unless your business is right like JAY-Z! Its just harder for vets to stay relevant in their own way! They have to collab or follow music trends to catch the eye of the youth cuz they are brainwashed badly!

  • white milk

    i happen to see tweet on some website that nicki sent out yesterday. she'll be in london next week. kim will be making diss record at the age of 40... FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Lil Kim is acting stupid. She doesn't realise she's giving Nicki more attention through all this.

  • Anonymous

    who cares really.these bitches aint finna flex when they see each other either way.if you hold a lighter to both of the hoes its gonna smell like plastic burning.lil kim aint been hot since i dont know when and nicki minaj sounds like somebodys chokeing her while she raps and shes a biter .

  • Anonymous

    how are you gonna get a look alike that looks better than the real thing? what's up with that?

  • SupBoi

    Damn this bitch Kim is starving for attention!! If she thinks beefing with Nicki is gonna make her relevant again; wrong. Its over.

  • SupSon

    lil kim is stupid as fck, she making herself just look weak. she sitting there doing all she can to get at nicki minaj, while nicki just sits there and shrugs everything off like it aint shit. haa makin nicki minaj look like a big dog right now

  • Anonymous

    they lezzin out in the video....yaaaaaa

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