Dr. Dre & Eminem's "I Need A Doctor" Official Cover Art Revealed

UPDATE: Interscope has a cool visual to the huge sneak-attack Internet smash.

From mid to late November Hip Hop fans were treated to a lot of big songs from Eminem. A couple songs from the reunited Eminem and Royce Da 5'9", a collaboration with T.I. and two more with Lloyd Banks. The biggest of the bunch, in fact the most listened to song on DX in the past 6 months, was Dr. Dre and Eminem's "I Need A Doctor ."

There has been some speculation as to what album the Alex Da Kid-produced song will appear on, but it appears that it will be released officially soon. According to HipHop-N-More the song will impact radio on February 1.

Days before this track leaked Alex Da Kid speculated that we would have a new Eminem album before Christmas, presumably a companion album like Relapse: Refill. While that obviously didn't happen before the New Year, and those types of projects are usually tailor made for the holidays, there is still a chance this song could be for an Eminem project rather than Detox. 

(January 12)

UPDATE: The posted cover art has been officially released, via Amazon.com.


  • Find Doctor

    Thanks for your post.I am much benefited from it.......

  • aaa

    dre in electro group to the nwa to the death row to the aftermath

  • Eminemfan

    funny, on 2001, a lotta songs were all like 'I'm still kickin; I'm still gangster!' so if dre was still gangster ten years ago, then what is he now?

  • Rollo

    Man this song is dope for those em fans... Lets you inside the mind of two of hip hop greatest figures and their friendship. It's an honest song and that's what makes this song dope. Don't expect Dre to rap about stupid shit no more, he's 40 something. He done growed up. And the same goes for em. People this is hip hop, evolution is in the center. If ya'll true hip hop fans ya'll would know that and not stick to old formulas.

    • Renzo rollin

      Lyrics are cool, but it's mostly the hook that makes it corny, poppy and unoriginal.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Exactly, Dre is first and foremost and innovator he is forever changing from NWA to Death Row, to Aftermath, then to Eminem and on to 50 game and so on. Chronic and 2001 didn't sound anything like each other so how are people going to possibly expect to predict what Detox will sound like. He said he wants to change the landscape of music again. And another thing Dre did not invent G-Funk Warren G did let's get that cleared up.

  • Tduma91

    Doesn't sound much like what i'd think would be on Detox but i could see this track being an intro or something, Em giving Dre thanks for breaking him into the rap game...

  • Anonymous

    straight ass cheeks

  • Vincent Salamatino

    First off everybody on here hating is exactly what is wrong with hip hop. If you don't like Em on the song then why did this article even catch you eye and then you go even further to take time out your day to leave a hate fueled comment....Allow me to be as clear as possibly...YOU DUDES ARE FUCCIN LOSERS WITH NO LIFE...And I aint hiding my face is pasted to this comment because I aint a pussy like like most of these other fag posters. As for the song...I think it's a good song, but it is an obvious album cut and should not be a single...And this is not the album version. Hasn't Kanye taught anybody anything? Never take a leaked record and rate it because everything will be cleaned up by the time the album comes out, the levels will be adjusted, the vocals will be crisper, and other subtleties will be added...We are talking about DRE here. He ain't take a decade to release an album that at least won't be polished and engineered to a half an inch of it's life.

    • Vincent Salamatino

      I have not only both Dre albums but most of the albums released from their camp around that time. One of my favorite albums from that time is actually DPG's debut Dogg Food..In Fact that is IMO the best album because it was the best combination of lyrics and west coast vibe. Daz and Kurupt are true lyricists especially back then when they were hungry. Dre never wrote his raps whether it was the D.O.C, Ice Cube, Mc Ren, and then Snoop, and now Eminem, Dre never needed to write his lyrics. But Dre's first Chronic album changed the soundscape of music because it was a sonic masterpiece. It was ahead of it's time and brilliant and back then everybody in that Death Row camp was hungry and leaning on Dre to produce the MONEY they aint have. Dre did it by making the best music he could. But notice that Chronic was also an amazing album because it was completely different from Dre's work with NWA, do you know why? Warren G is the real creator of G-Funk. The best song on IMO on 2001 is Still Dre mostly because of the keys in that song, and Scott Storch did the keys to the song and JayZ wrote the lyrics. Knowing all that I still got respect for Dre because all in all he is the orchestrator. His name is on it at the end of the day and he is a TRUE ENGINEER more then anything. Dre has given out numerous Detox rumored beats over the last decade from most of 50's debut GRoDT, to the first Game album. As for classic West Coast music this is what i am talking about you have to wait til the final version comes out. You don't think Kush is a classic West Coast banger? Ur crazy not to think so, once them keys drop in and Dre's voice comes on it's classic West Coast. Everybody heard the song's Monster, and All of the Lights months before the album came out but once the Kanye album dropped them songs were altered to fit into the theme of the album. Dre will no doubt do the same thing. All Dre has to do to the song I Need a Doctor is add a funky synth and have another voice over on the hook, plus once your hear the mastered version of the song it will not sound like the garbage quality they have on this site. It was Leakd not mastered. Go read The Producer's Corner interview on Andre Dawson and he will tell you how important it is NOT TO LISTEN TO LEAKS. If you heard the song Forgot About Dre before the album came out you would of thought it was suppose to be on an EM album but Dre made it work it in the context of the album Another everybody overlooks is that Chronic and 2001 sounded really nothing alike sonically. When them albums dropped Dre gave listeners something they haven't heard yet. So for you to try to anticipate what Detox is going to sound like don't because you will be wasting your time. It's not going to sound like what you think but it will be a great West Coast sounding album regardless. One more thing 2001 featured Devin Da Dude a lot an he's an Houston artists to give the album that laid bacc feel.

    • kendrick lamar needs to be on detox

      first off, little kids pick up both chronic albums..listen to them..this song dont even belong on the same level..lets say Detox has more pop sounding songs, like this one, and no westcoast songs like Chronic 2001 had..im sure MTV would eat it up, but theres a reason why Detox is over hypped..The Chronic,The Chronic 2001 were true west coast albums that changed rap.NOT POPPY ASS EMO SONGS.dont agree? PICK THE FUCKIN ALBUMS UP, THEN TALK

  • Anonymous

    Seriously man this song is NOT hot. I can't even remember the last time I listened to it.

  • Anonymous

    Interscope, AfterMath, Shady Records is WACK.


    Watch the new up and coming artist. Shit goes in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSxkhZEqSxs

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    LOL @ the arrows pointing Dr. Dre & the Detox lab in opposite directions

  • Anonymous

    this song sounds way better with the Beats Pros .. I listened to it twice, once with computer speakers, second with beats on... wayyyyyy better!!!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem ruins this song completly with his wack ass flow and screaming voice he created after relapse , people seem to fuckin forget where eminem came from , those who know don't like the so called recovered eminem dre's ok but not good enough to save this song , so I ain't give to shits for this coverart neither

    • dmize-one

      i remember where eminem came from, and i like the new em.. so dont use your personal opinon as fact there lil guy.. his flow isnt as crazy as it was when he was using, but now he spits more real life shit, and hip hop could use a little bit more reality if you ask me..

  • Jon

    The signs for Dr. Dre and Detox are in opposite directions!

  • paulo

    why does this song have feater skylar grey why is liz rodigues name not there



  • Jake Lopes

    I think his production wasnt on point,em doesnt need the effects on his voice,take off some distortion on the sample,make it a little cleaner.....and the people who like this will go up 10% guaranteed...Dre did better than i thought he would,and he had his voice clearer than em's,way clearer

    • Baller16

      nahh thats the effect the dude who leaked it put on. just to let people know that it was him who leaked it, but i dont get one thing lmao, why is dre not producing this himself?

    • Mohith Subbarao

      i think the one that was leaked wasnt completely finished, so the one released on itunes will probably be clearer

  • Renzo rollin

    Cover is nice, but the song is the corniest Dre song ever.

  • Robert Douglas Kaplinger

    I love Dr Dre,but you people need to stop looking to him like hes gonna save hip hop overall.People are pissed off because this dosn't sound like The Chronic or 2001.Those were classics,but Dre is aiming for a different sound on this album.Let the man do as he pleases,hes blessed us with 2 classics,your relying too much on just one person to save hip hop.

  • JSelby

    Yep, and we can trust that this is the official cover art, since it uses the old Parental Advisory logo.

  • Brandon Payne

    It's Cool, as far as all the Controversy over whether it's "weak", Or "not", I do know that they jacked the concept of this type of hook from evanescence type bands, sort of the same way they used Haley williams for airplanes, after they tighten it up, mix it and master it and you get the final product I"M SURE most you with negative opinions will change your minds and if not, then Your Loss...

  • 2 LATE


  • Anonymous

    dont like this at all

  • Sam Sneed Ghostprod for Dr Dre

    I think dre must do a song called: Forget about Detox?

  • Mike

    Everyone shut the fuck up saying "awhh, this better not be on Detox" - this is not 90's gangster rap any more, this is 2011. Times are changing - change with it. This is straight from the heart - it's mature, Dre is leaving - this is DETOX. Show some respect.

    • wtf?!^^

      all these kids need to stfu about rap "evolving". its going to shit is what its doing. dr dre, em, slaughterhouse, lupe, shit even 50 are tryna save it and bring it back to what it once was. respect THAT fags..aka Mike.

    • Hmm

      Mature? Dre hopping on the 2011 disco bandwagon is not mature. Looks like Dre's back to his World Class Wreckin' Cru days!

    • Renzo rollin

      Just because it's 2011 doesn't mean it has to be corny, poppy and unoriginal.

    • NY

      What you need to learn is that hip hop has regressed since the 90's. Hip hop used to intellectual with witty and clever rhymes but now it's all about making a catchy hook. Back during the early 90's when the Chronic came out it was all about lyricism with dope beats and you don't see that anymore, that's what people want when they say take it back to the 90's. People are disappointed because it's been 12 years since he put out an album both of them were great albums and classics but the singles coming out for Detox just sound like they're rushed.

    • kennyken

      i am with you on that mike. i just don't follow trends. dre is settting trends. i appreciate dre for that and i really feel the fans will once detox drops! boss thug

    • Fuck Detox

      what do you keep talking thats it not 1992 and 1999 and that dre is mature??? And this is 2011?? why does dre makes then a song called the kush? isn't this not the same music as the chronic? And then you are saying dre is mature? LOL

    • yup

      word up^ people from the chronic and the chronic 2001 generation need to realize that its 2011. everything including music has evolved, which means there won't be the same tone to everything. thats reality, it sucks.



  • Paulie

    Alex Da Kid sucks. I want Dr.Dre production. This song sucked to much to be on Recovery then they better not put it on Detox.

    • Anonymous

      yea he isnt all that "great" but he gets alot of work strangely enough. his best beat imo is the last track on t.i. album feat christina A. but all his beats sound like some other producers style..

  • SLM R

    No. No. This better not be on Detox. I like the song but we've been waiting a decade for Detox, I want Dr. Dre Productions it.

  • imeafk

    da kid never spoke about new eminem album. Get your facts right....

  • AnonymousUser

    I don't trust none of these news sources. It's gonna be "Detox".. no it ain't, Alex Da Kid don't know what he's talkin' about.. it's gonna be on a new Eminem album! Nah, it ain't.. man, which is it ffs? I hope the track gets cleaned up and tweaked at least before it gets officially released. The track *does* feel like it belongs on an Em album, but it could work as a intro or something to Dre's album. Bah, who knows..

  • hustle812

    obiviously nobody on here goes to mtvnews.com cuz if you did you wouldve saw that they reported right when the song leaked that it was gonna be on detox...alex da kid even told mtv news that it was

  • sicoyall


  • Dustin6595

    they should make a Forgot About Dre II, and have Em rap in his SSLP voice

  • toppdogg

    song sounded more like an Eminem track than a track for Detox

  • Anonymous

    i dont like the song hook is toooo softtt

    • Anonymous

      @michael Please with that syllables song Dr.dre,Jay-z and 50 cent are guilty of focusing on a nice beat and catchy hook,they just look hypocrytical(nothing new for 50 though) plus,that song has to be at least 5 years old and it sucks

    • AnonymousUser

      Sometimes, the haters get a right. Sometimes. Does the good Dr. ever remember who is fanbase is? Does he remember what "2001" sounded like and does he care to achieve that same kind of sound and image again? Going back to the leaked track, the chorus *is* pretty damn soft. It's good, don't get me wrong, I like a lot of Dre & Em's work, but it just doesn't seem as if it'll fit in with the rest of the much anticipated "Detox" album. Anyone can tell you this.. I just happened to take a chunk of time out of my day to type this out! Hehe.

    • Michael

      Number 1, it's a leak and can tell it's not finished yet idiot. Number two you should listen to syllables talking about theres more to music than a chorus and a hook fucking retard.

    • Shaddyyy

      Not every eminem song has to have a hard or aggressive hook, stop bitching and enjoy good music.

    • Jason

      You seem to be negative about everything.

  • marty mar

    Damn, Shady misses his mentor.


    hope its not on detox

  • Ran

    Yo this song made for them dre headphones,lol. Glad another single droppin.

  • Dashing

    This should be on Detox. It's the best song that I've heard from Dre in recent years.

  • P

    Vinny from jersey shore dropped a harder version of black and yellow....black and guido.

  • Thegiftpromotions

    Seems like Wiz Khalifa aint the only one killing The Black & Yellow for his hood. Rising Icon of 2011- The Gift- Red & Black is rocking all over the Maryland area it's arguably better than Wiz Khalifa's verison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCk79SBe3mU

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