ABN's Trae Tha Truth and Z-Ro Reunite for "It Still Is What It Is"

The ABN duo leave behind whatever was keeping them from working together for years and link up for a new album.

The Houston Press recently reported that, not only were Trae and Z-Ro reuniting, but they were also shooting a video for an upcoming group project. The ABN associates linked up again after it seemed their bond was shaken. While few details have emerged of a problem between the two, they have not worked together in some time. This video marks the return of ABN to the music video world, a place they last saw in 2004. 

The forthcoming album they are working together on is a follow up to It Is What It Is. Noting that nothing's changed, their new disc will be titled It Still Is What It Is. For their supporters, this news has been well-received. 

According to the Houston Press, the video shoot took place in various parts of the city, including an old dilapidated warehouse. More importantly, they reported that Z-Ro and Trae looked to appear confident with one another, positive news for those thinking the two were forced to reunite. 


  • Anonymous

    I thought Trae was mad at Ro becase Jayton was with him when they both got arrested.

  • the truther

    hell yeah! jus dnt get a lex lugger beat and go HAM

  • Thegiftpromotions

    Seems like Wiz Khalifa aint the only one killing The Black & Yellow for his hood. Rising Icon of 2011- The Gift- Red & Black is rocking all over the Maryland area it's arguably better than Wiz Khalifa's verison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCk79SBe3mU

  • minnesota slick

    AllHipHop.com: Right now, there’s no plan for future collaborations? Z-Ro: I don’t know what he would have in mind. But as far as that goes, that’s a closed chapter in my life that’ll never be reopened. Well, you know, I’m focusing on Z-Ro’s career. I’m not real crazy about doing too many records with muthaf***as other than Z-Ro, unless Farris tells me otherwise, or some s*** like that. Nah, that’s some s*** that got too personal. There’s no bad blood between us now; but, we’re both going to hold a grudge until we take our last breath. There are two things in my life that I’m positive about. Number one is I will die one day. And, no, I will never do music with Trae again.

    • Desperado

      AllHipHop.com: Around what year was your first beef with Trae; why’d y’all get into it? Z-Ro: Well, s***, it ain’t never really been no beef; so, I really can’t say beef. Dont believe what the media says u dumb fuckin shit. U dont kno shit down here yes everyone has problems at times but it was never beef, like 'Ro said. So therefore hiphopdx is retarded like i said.

  • minnesota slick

    Desperado: Hiphopdx is retarded they never split up. Their last album was released in 08, like 2 n a half years ago. They were just busy doin their own thing. actually youre retarded...read any interview with ro and he talks about beef wit trae AllHipHop.com: They say that blood is thicker than water. Along with your cousin, Trae, y’all formed A.B.N.; how do you prevent the business/creative relationship from negatively affecting the family relationship that you have with Trae? Z-Ro: Well s***, obviously we didn’t. Because, the God’s honest truth is, we are not related at all. Ain’t none of us [are]. Doug is not my brother, Trae is not my cousin, and you know; but, Jay’Ton and Trae are really brothers. But I mean, you know, wasn’t none of us in the Guerilla Maab immediately related, or in the first A.B.N. So, I really look at it like it really couldn’t be no real love there to be fam; because, if it really was, then it would have probably ended up being on some different s***. When we did come together to do a record, we’d come together to do a record and just stay cool long enough to get a record out, and then it’s back to, you know, f*** him, f*** me.

  • Desperado

    Hiphopdx is retarded they never split up. Their last album was released in 08, like 2 n a half years ago. They were just busy doin their own thing.

  • Anonymous


  • Young Lou

    YES! YES!! YES!!!

  • Lemar 'Mista' Green

    Best news I dunn heard all day aside from H.A.M.

  • Anonymous

    z-ro last album was rap-a-lot doings... they threw some shit together and he said fuck it.... he just did some street video for it

  • Anonymous

    these niggas raw, check out z-ro new single... "these days" for his solo

  • Atl2Trill

    Glad they're back together. I'm gonna be checkin for this album.

  • wickwickwack

    These 2 were forced to reunite ,lmao @ z-ro last interview on AHH but i could care less,good music is good music i m happy they re doing something

  • koth561

    SWEET!!!!!!!!!! Two top best rappers of the world are reuniting. This better make up for Z-Ro's Heroin album. Damn a happy how I am right now.

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