ABN's Trae Tha Truth and Z-Ro Reunite for "It Still Is What It Is"

The ABN duo leave behind whatever was keeping them from working together for years and link up for a new album.

The Houston Press recently reported that, not only were Trae and Z-Ro reuniting, but they were also shooting a video for an upcoming group project. The ABN associates linked up again after it seemed their bond was shaken. While few details have emerged of a problem between the two, they have not worked together in some time. This video marks the return of ABN to the music video world, a place they last saw in 2004. 

The forthcoming album they are working together on is a follow up to It Is What It Is. Noting that nothing's changed, their new disc will be titled It Still Is What It Is. For their supporters, this news has been well-received. 

According to the Houston Press, the video shoot took place in various parts of the city, including an old dilapidated warehouse. More importantly, they reported that Z-Ro and Trae looked to appear confident with one another, positive news for those thinking the two were forced to reunite. 

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