50 Cent Invests In Company TVGoods

The ever-enterprising 50 Cent enters into a new business venture.

50 Cent is no stranger to investments, as the multiplatinum emcee has made much of his considerable fortune via his stake in Vitamin Water.

Now, the Queens rapper has revealed his latest foray into business: an investment in TVGoods, a direct marketing company selling directly to consumers on networks such as HSN and QVC. They company also sells in retail outlets, and online.

Fif took to Twitter (@50 Cent) to make his announcement:


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This me and steve from TVG I invested in TVG. If you can by stock in it. I don't care If its only 500 dollars http://plixi.com/p/685365649:41 PM Jan 7th via ÜberTwitter

The company has reportedly managed over 500 infomercial spots, which have generated over $4 billion in revenue. Owned by H&H Imports, Inc., TVGoods also controls MilitaryShoppingChannel.com.

Among the items the company is selling on their website, tvgoodsinc.com, are the LiarCard, Aloe MED and the iHeater.


  • dboy313

    get yo money fif these niggaz hatin cuz they broke as young buck

  • Nico 3

    All he's doing is buying shares in these companies. He's not creating actual products, or developing new ideas. What's worse is these companies are so hard up for promotion, they'll part with millions just in hopes his fans left will flock to whatever he endorses. The business world is corrupt.

  • Anonymous

    Fif love standing next to white folks. I'm waiting to hear how many people from the "hood" he hired since he's such a good pitchman er.. I mean businessman..

  • Anonymous

    50 a hustla he got money to play with so he not jus gonna sit on it and not do nothing with it. jus cuz hes paid already dont mean he gonna stop makin movees feel like saying FUCK THE WORLD? click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg a blunt smokin beer drinkin spic who tells it how it is

  • Anonymous

    Fif love standing next to white folks. I'm waiting to hear how many people from the "hood" he hired since he's such a good pitchman er.. I mean businessman.

  • Shareef2679

    SMH, no hate; but this is a start up company, there not traded on the NYSE; and their Financial Statements are not posted on their website. This may not be a good move for 50.

  • Anonymous

    i think some of theses dudes hating wait up all day and night for a 50 post to hate, little do they no he was one of the realest to do it, yes he is wack as hekll now but he as real as they ever came inn terms of putting in work

  • Anonymous


  • SuperGucciRap

    HAHAHA this nigga sucks so bad that he can't sell his lame ass songs anymore. Rapping about Candy Shops and Technology lmao. What a deep throat has been. Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber will murk this nigga. It's Gucci Time!

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    haha, lame ass nigga, keep shoveling snow

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Nigga curly gotta invest in this shit cuz his CDs and the rest of the Units ain't sellin shit. Rozay destroyed these niggas career. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heat-357

    BISD sold 600,000... And. HFM2 "shaking my head 2" as you lame morons with bad jokes call it has sold 80,000 and will ev entually sell 100,000... lol @ You!

  • Issac Perry

    50 always on his p's with wise investments, regular consumers can relate to. Best of luck

  • nascareerisrelevant

    man nas career is alive ! new york niggas are very known outside new york ! fuck you haters ! lupe's music is da shit and is so popular and when it comes in the club makes me crunk ! royce da 5'9 is such a succesful rapper ! fuck lil wayne , waka , and gucci, they are not hood and are not popular !

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z will alwayz have this nigga card, women, money, rap skills, respect...50 looks up to him and disses him so much but Jay and Master P made the blueprint to being a business man not a business man, so 50 need to get back to his business man...

  • bb

    these haters still living with the moms, they dnt like that this nigga is succesful

  • onelove

    gotta respect his hustle, from being shot in the street to keep stackin up his millions. his music is shitty tho, but i aint hating

  • drekng29

    you idiots talk shit while he gets richer and you get nowhere in life

  • Anonymous

    SELLNG HEADPHONES ON QVC!!!!!! LOL B.I.S.D 110k & SMH2 45k will do that to you!!!

    • Dave

      Hey Sludge, When I was rimming you on Saturday night and you were kickin' your wicked freestyle rhymes, that shit made my dick hard. Can't wait to engage in some further man-on-man action with you again next week. Please have some more dope freestyles like this one ready for me...

    • Sludge

      U weak as fuck and I'm fly as a stealth U go by the name anonymous cuz u ashamed of yourself... You dumb as hell defeating you wasn't hard Another fool just got destroyed by a poopy butt fart! PBF album dropping this spring on youtube! Peace Ya'll!

  • Anonymous


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