Lord Finesse, Large Professor & O.C. Form Group, To Release Album

Two of the greatest producer-emcees may be teaming up as The Alumni, one of the latest D.I.T.C. spin-off projects.

In a recent concert review at Hip Hop website Unkut.com, it's been reported that Bronx, New York emcee/deejay/producer Lord Finesse told show-goers of a new group: The Alumni.

Per reports, the trio will feature Finesse's Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) band-mate Brooklyn emcee O.C. as well as Queens emcee/producer/deejay Large Professor. No additional information on the group is known at this time, though Finesse allegedly told those in attendance of the Australian shown that an album will be released this year. The legendary producer for Big L, Notorious B.I.G. and Fat Joe is also planning his long-awaited fourth solo album and a remix project to his Return of the Funky Man album, reportedly featuring work from DJ Premier, Mel-Man and Madlib.

O.C., Large Professor and Finesse all worked the 1995 album, The Awakening.


  • waxcat se7en eight

    oohw shit! that,s sum dope news no wonder they decide to put out an album again. if you look at all those mainstream bullshit fake mc,s . bring it back that ol new york rap1

  • BOOM!

    YES YES! BRING THAT BeaT baCK BRING IT! Lord finesse and Large Professor are some of the most realest in Hip Hop, OC is a top tier MC proper, Whoever said no one is checking for this - how you get on here then? Fool Im checking and looking forward to this, and i know a million other heads are waiting for that nasty grimey 90's boom bap sound with actual rappers! not some mumbling uneducated un streetwise chorus flirting jaw swinging, casio watch bleeps n claps, younger loving weirdos...

  • HipHop

    Would be nice, but seriously I can't believe this. Where's Random Axe? So much promised release didn't see light of the day. When a project from Sean Price doesn't get a release, how high are the chances for this LP? Would be nice, but sounds too good to be true.

  • Rick

    This will be nice. I doubt it'll happen tho. I saw LF at a show back in 04 and asked him about the rmix project. He told me that it'd be dropping soon. ...going on 7 years and nothing....if tghis project does happen i just hope they can bring back the mid 90's feeling...OC is mosdef a top 20.. Jewelz is a solid album, not quite classic but almost there...large pro's beats can also be hit or miss.

  • Anonymous

    everytime these guys get together they kill it with that old school shit. learn the biznizz youngins without these dudes some of hiphops greatest records may have never been made IF YOU FEEL ME CLICK HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg a blunt smokin beer drinkin spic who tells it how it is

  • Anonymous


  • A1W

    thats whats poppin we need some elders to bring the fomula back cause after we DETOX wit Dre ...WHT REAL HIP HOP GON DO!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    dope idea but to late they are done. they just had do this 20 years ago

    • Anonymous

      dumbasses nobody is checking for these rappers. they once were dope but not anymore.

    • go at'em!

      Nobody is done and it's never too late fam...There's choices in life what you choose whether it will affect the history of your music career or not...Guys like Lord Finesse,Large Professor,and O.C. simply do not care at this point and are just having fun with creating music so it's never too late and it's better late than never...

    • Anonymous

      this internet thing has cowards hiding behind identities to make disrespectful comments ..they're done ? sounds like another rapper/writer who didn't make it..get a life

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Thank Goodness! Hopefully they will actually form the group. Hip hop artist are always throwing out these kind of unions but never see the light of day.

  • Jason Smith

    definite purchase.

  • cardan

    O.C. is easily in my top 10. FINESSE & LP are doooooooope too. GET PREMIER ON THE ALBUM & I MIGHT PASS OUT.

  • NY

    Hip hop is showing signs of life, there have been good music from Mello Music Group, Wu-Tang is coming back with solo albums & now this cd. I want that grimmey 90's sound and these are two of the greatest producers ever and it looks like a great group with all of them being legendary.

  • salty doh

    oh hell motherfuckin yeahhhhh

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