Swizz Beatz Owes Over $2.6 Million In Taxes

Mr. Game Time's tax problems come to light.

While Swizz Beatz can hang his hat on a successful career, a recent marriage and the birth of a son, his finances aren't entirely in order.

Swizz joins a bevy of artists who've failed to pay their taxes on time, and detnews.com's "Tax Watchdog" segment has revealed an itemized list of what he owes.

The list includes a $283,562 lien against the producer, filed by the IRS on Monday (January 3) with the New York City register; a $134,738 tax warrant against him and ex-wife Mashonda filed by New York; and various other liens filed in 2008, dating back to taxes owed from 2006.

The address on the newest lien is Swizz' mansion in Ponoma, New York.

Other Hip Hop artists who're now in Uncle Sam's debt include Xzibit, Lil Wayne, Flavor Flav, Nas, Fat Joe, Doug E. Fresh, Omarion, Method Man, and others.


  • Anonymous

    man taxes suck ass. theyre illegal anyways. tired of bland boring music about shit you cant relate to? check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg hes a blunt smokin beer drinkin spic who tells it how it is

  • JG3

    Its funny to hear all these artists talking about "getting money" but none of them can "stay on top of their money". Them alphabet people ain't playing.

  • TokenReefer

    Mo Money Mo Problems

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne made 24 million already this year.

  • smh

    dont you love you turn on the tv and see lambos,aston martins,phatoms,expensive champagne poured on bitch's,yaht's,jets all that good shit and the kids love it but when the camera goes off uncle sam's still pimpin.this is why niggas (broke or with a lil money)priorities fucked up.stop trynna impress everyone else before u got your own shit strait.swiss got publishing out the ass tho probably so he got bread but everyone else aint got it like that

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    swizz has some sick beats, but he is annoying as fuck on other rappers tracks and his fucking hooks are even worse, like his track on kanyes new album, i skip that track just cause hes annoying

  • monique

    So thats why he married alicia. i bet if they get a divorce he gonna ask her for child support. I still love his beats tho!

  • Eminemfan

    youd figure someone who produced a ton of hit songs would have enough money to pay taxes. Or at least remember to pay them.

  • Lenny

    I'm still mad this nigga bagged Alicia Keys... Them 2 are an odd pair, like Mariah & Nick, but a little more mature

  • J.M.

    The Feds are gonna re-po his African village!

  • sharksbreath

    How stupid is Alicia. First thing you check before you get married is a person's financial portfolio. Especially since she has so much money. When they signed the prenup her lawyer should have made his cash was right. She did sing a prenup. Didn't she. Fuck love. Marriage is a business decision. For her to mess with him in the first place let me know she was a dummy. I give them three years.

  • Anonymous


  • pompypo

    just aswell he married a rich woman who can help him out

  • Anonymous


  • JB

    to quote swizz from one of his shitty songs "I think i just might give away a million bucks" ...apparently 2.6 mill is pushing it though.

  • SMH...

    So what? That's on them...but it's obvious Hip-Hop is still under scrutiny by them there powers that be...

  • SMH

    What the hell is it with black people never paying their taxes? Can't pay your bill, can't pay your taxes. SMH...

    • Anonymous

      Chill out, homie! This is a BLACK website! There are a bunch of WHITE movie stars in the same trouble, sir! Val Kilmer, Nicolas Cage, and more...

  • Hood aint seen shit of it

    Fuck the taxes. They'll go to military and useless wars anyway.

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      And yet he's still right most of the tax man goes to the endless military budget

    • Atl2Trill

      You sound ignorant as hell. Taxes pay for roads, schools, infrastructure, etc. Go read a book dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      LOL Yeah man, your right, fuck the taxes, just because the government is fucked lets all make our own rules up and just refuse to pay them!!!! .......Until you wind up in jail with Wesley Snipes fighting you for your last rack of cookies SMH, when its a perfect world, let me know, until then, pay your taxes like the rest of us have to Swizz

  • whoknows

    CotDAMN Mr. Keys! Pay your taxes! If my broke, college student ass can pay taxes then SURELY you can. Rich people kill me with this tax evasion bullshit. And FAIL for trying to be Arab b/c one thing Arabs don't do is fuck up the money. Sit on down.

    • Lankh

      I agree. It seems like the more you're rich the more you fuck your country. they get 000000 on their checks but they fuck taxes... Damn some Americans have difficulty getting 000 and they pay fuckin taxes. World's wrong

  • Anonymous

    damn crazyy CHECK THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Atl2Trill

    Either these rappers aren't paying their taxes on purpose or just mismanaging their fortunes. Fuck going to the feds over a tax evasion charges. Niggas need to learn from that Wesley Snipes case.

  • Nico 3

    Maybe Alicia can cut the check and save her broke hubby.

  • Grizzle

    He's made so much money, how can he not have a financial adviser on the payroll to make sure his shit is in order?? I just don't get this shit, when I hear about these rich mofos with tax issues. Tho Swizzy is still my hero for bagging Alicia Key's fine ass.

  • Iaintnojoke

    Just another sad example that shows its not about how much money you make but about how you manage it

  • SuperGucciRap!

    and why is this nigga/arab so skinny, he cant afford to eat or summit?

    • SuperGucciRap

      LOL Epic Fail! You can't diss the guy who produced the best song in Hip Hop History. It's Gucci Time was the reason why Hip Hop was invented. That song has existed since the Alexander the Great was alive. Did you know the Fur Elise sampled It's Gucci Time? Beethoven loved Gucci Mane's work so much he sampled it. It's Gucci Time!

  • SuperGucciRap!

    well this is one arab who aint getting arab money

  • kennyken

    damn i don't understand these dudes. i guess being busy so much you forget that you make a lot of money that the gov't wants.

  • sunzofboyz

    These niggaz ain't balling like they claim....or else they wouldn't owe taxes...bottom line!!! People stop believing the hype. Its hard out here for "everybody"!

  • Anonymous

    hows wayne on that list

  • Anonymous

    uncle sam don't play his money.

  • taylord

    the list of people they named makes sense cause some of them have straight up vanished... kinda sad lol

  • mooki

    So it took 2.6 million to win Alicia Keys rite?

  • Curtis Jackson

    Funny how deez cats love to big it up NOW....only to wind up owing big taxes LATER. SMH

  • XB

    what the fuck this guy has dough. Why are these stupid ass rappers not payin taxes but buying million dollar cars

    • Anonymous

      because there all dumb ni$$ers...same reason they drive down the wrong way in parking lot aisles and look at you like your the stupid one or why the cross a street and slow down when they see a car coming their all ass backwards

    • Spawn of superguccirap

      The only way you will ever find gucci on that list it will be because the man just want to keep him down. They already trying by locking him in a mental ward but even from there gucci is writing some lyrical heat thats going to put some knowledge in your brain.gucci is the true street poet fuck nas

    • coooool breeze considered the champ freddie calhoun the coolest cutter in camp!

      Please just please:SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! with that Gucci Mane bullshit...I hope you know that Gucci Mane has mental problems and was sent off to be mentally evaluated so don't be surprised when you finally see him on that Uncle Sam's debt list under 'and others' that you see written right off Method Man's name because I'm most willing to bet his simple ass is on there...If Wayne is on there then you can best believe that Gucci's on there as well so stop worshiping a dude that's simple...Or maybe you are just as simple as Gucci yourself so that's why you stay worshiping him...

    • Spawn of superguccirap

      Cause they aint as smart as Gucci mane.he would never do dumb shit like that when he knows the man is after him. Gucci learned from al Capone and he pays his taxes. Yall need to listen to superguccirap cause he speaks the truth

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck?

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