Eminem, Drake, & Nicki Minaj Head Hip Hop's Huge Sales Year

Billboard reports that Hip Hop was the only genre to see an overall rise in sales

For the most part, 2010 was another down year for the music business seeing overall sales dip another 12.8% compared to 2009’s figures. But not everyone refused to part with some cash for their music. Fans of rap showed their support and helped that genre actually see an increase in sales for the year. The gain was only 3% but in this economy and in this industry any increase is something to celebrate.

In 2010 rap records moved 27.3 million units compared to the 26.4 million the genre sold in the previous year. A lot of the thanks for this can go to one of the biggest names in the music’s history and two rookies. Eminem, Drake, and Nicki Minaj all saw their 2010 releases reach platinum status, with Slim Shady beating all comers regardless of genre by reaching sales well in excess of 3 million units. Hip Hop sales also received help from Kanye West and a double dip by Lil Wayne.

The upswing in sales is also worth noting because it is the first time since 2005 that rap has seen an increase in units sold. For more complete analysis and exact numbers check out billboard.com.


  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Without Recovery this wouldn't have occured...

  • Anonymous

    tired of bland boring music about shit you cant relate to? check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg the future of latino emcees

  • Anonymous

    gudda gudda is king

  • Mrnoluv

    Em's numbers are the most in years, if it weren't for his album hip hop wouldn't have had anything in 2010.

  • Redz_World

    "MEN LIE WOMEN LIE NUMBERS DONT!"- Jay-z and on that note imma say fuck the haters YMCMB

  • letmethink

    @thinkharderdumbbitch you can kiss my ass, if you think for a minute, that hip hop is in a good place. First off nicki is a fucking gimmick from head to toe. How the fuck you damn near 30 yrs old and calling yourself a fucking barbie, and think that is ok. You sound real fucking stupid. You must be a barbie or a ken doll. Hip hop is not about the hood or having beef with other rappers, it's about SUBSTANCE, and nicki doesn't have any in her music. The other females talked about real shit and real issues that ppl can relate to. What the fuck is nicki talking about but being fucking fake, and plastic. Fuck you and YMCM. They are all fucking down low dudes anyway. Their time will pass just like every other fucking label in the game.

    • @letmethinkagain

      umm have you guys even tried to listen too nicki's pink friday..keep an open mind, she a genuine artist who is serious about her music .don't let her success get in the way of you guys recognizing her true talent..these other female rappers you speak are just a bunch of suckers who just can't get over their circumstances and keep whining and bitching about it(i've listened to them)..is that what you want from hip hop? she a real artist who is well respected by the best rappers in the game right now ...eminem(roman's revenge), weezy(ymcmb), jay z and kanye (monster)..so just open your minds

    • dlcrossdresser

      The realest shlt I ever read........aw i don't read much


      letmethink, i cudnt agree with you more. shit u took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Thomas

    Ok drakes fake for calling him self sweet James jones not cuz of his raps witch are just a ripp of spitas.2 nikkis flow and style sucks like most girl rappers if u don't believe me u try listening to yo yo Mia x or lil Kim. 3 em is getting old I'm sick of hearing about killing Kim and his mom or talking about proof. And ur right rap doesn't have to be gangster as my fav new rapper(he not really new as he was on no limit in 2000) is curren$y and all he does is rap about weed video games and bitches

  • letmethink

    First off nicki didn't go platinum yet, she only shipped 1 million, there's a big difference. I bet you Baby and Slim brought those records for her to make her look hot. This bitch is straight trash. Who is buying this album, but 13yr old little girls and gay boys. She is not hip hop at all. Her team made sure she went the pop route, and her gimmick is working for these little kids,cuz that is her fan base. They wanted to make sure she got in the lady gaga lane to sell records. That's why billboard named her the lady gaga of hip hop. She damn sure ain't the queen of hip hop. Poor Rah Digga, who is sick on the mic, trust me nicki won't stand a chance with Digga Digga. One other person that would destroy nicki's fake, plastic, phony, silicone ass is that chick Keys from Baltimore, but yall know Baby and Slim will shut her down with all the money they have. Believe me they don't want any competition for nicki cuz they know all this fucking hype around this fake bitch will die instantly. Let's see if she is relevant in 2 yrs from now.

    • JUICE

      ^^^ I see what you saying but this is part of the problem. Yall hip-hop fans aren't looking past the radio artists. You mentioned all mainstream artists along with j. cole, yealwolf, and cory gunz who i fuck with as well. However, as far as the music goes there is way better quality out there then what you hear on the radio but doesn't see the light of day. Thats what trueknowledge means when he says don't become an industry pawn. I can name 10 rappers that would rap circles around all of young money but the industry wont allow them on the radio. Just to name a few rappers: Joell Ortiz, Jay Electronica, Maffew Ragazion, Roc Marciano, Reks, MeLo-X, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, John Regan, Jon Connor, and many more. We need to stop allowing the industry to choose what music we listen to and start choosing for ourselves. The only reason people listen to YM is because thats all they hear when they turn their tv or radio. Young Money is cool but we need more of a variety of hip-hop to be played for the people. The media is only giving us a small chuck of Hip-Hop.

    • @trueknowledge

      yes i agree money does play a big factor in the game right now but the outlook is way more positive right now than it was a year back with new artists such a soulja boy and all dancing crew(new boyz, rangers etc.) shit...but now em, nicki and drake are actually diverting the path that hip hop was once taking .. weezy still drops mixtapes like he's tryna get a record deal, ye just dropped a classic..personally im waiting j.cole,yelawolf,cory gunz, tyga to blow up right in 2011 ... hip hop needs these people and just dont judge their music because of their success

    • RESPECT1st

      All you are doing with a response like that is proving TrueKnowledge's point. I don't know why you are concerned a rapper's money. Are you getting a cut of it? I didn't think so. It's not about the money to us fans. The only connection we have with an artist is through their music. So unless nicki is paying you to defend her on this website you shouldn't concern yourself with her money. And TrueKnowledge has it right anyway, the industry is fucking the culture of hip-hop up badly. It's not about hating, it's about standing up and defending the culture of hip-hop... something you prolly know nothing about.

    • branon

      Shut the fuck up...And stop hatin so got damn much..She getting money thats all its about so shut the fuck up

    • TrueKnowledge

      ^ Hip-Hop is definitely not in a good place right now. First off all the music is teaching the youth is that money and appearance are everything and secondly, hip-hop is no longer about the music it is strictly a business. Young Money is part of this problem. The only rapper that talks about relevant topics is Drake occasionally. Every rapper talks about the same things and they all rap the same way. There is no creativity or uniqueness in the art form that once was hip-hop. It disgusts me how hip-hop fans are so blinded by popularity and fall into the trap the industry sets. You talk as if you have knowledge on the topic but it sounds as if your are just an industry puppet as well. If you disagree with my words which most ignorant hip-hop fans today do just go on youtube and listen to interviews by nas, lupe fiasco, and young guru. These people are intellectual members of the hip-hop community who are in the music industry and are spreading knowledge on the disease that is the industry. Hip-Hop is in a terrible place right now and the truth will soon be brought to light. You can call me a hater if you want as that seem like the only comeback you young money fans have but im just trying to open your mind and realize what you are buying into. Dont become an industry pawn, think for yourself.

    • thinkharderdumbbitch

      ummm yes let see if you become relevant to anything in your whole life..nicki is an entertainer ..hip hop right now is so much more than being from the hood and having stupid feuds with other rappers..its at a very good place right now thanks YMCMB whom just shitted on the whole hip hop game in 2010 with weezy,jay sean, tyga, drizzy and nicki so suck that bitch and get ready for more in 2011

  • Anonymous

    CHECK THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Vanno Davis

    nicki didnt hit platnium yet and those 2 pieces of crap from wayne went gold aint that sad what hip hop is doing

    • Wreck

      You sound like a big nicki fan branon. I really hope your a female cuz i have yet to meet a man who likes her music.

    • branon

      Well you get you low life ass a notebook and start writing raps and stop being so damn negative towards people who are living life you scum bag...damn people talk so much shit on the net ,,,bitch you work at burger king..Shut up

  • Almar

    The Music industry is a joke these days, 10 years ago Eminem sold 10+ Million Records, He Only sold 3 Million last year, Nonetheless 3 Mil is an impressive number, but in comparison to going Diamond, Triple Platinum aint nuthin.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" (710,000) and "I Am Not a Human Being" (664,000), according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Billboard)........... 1,354,000 FROM RIKERS ISLAND IN 2010!!! PLATINUM FOR THE YEAR!!!!

  • adass

    fasf afdasfs asdfdsaf afsdaf

  • I don't like it when you call me big poppa

    Drake is not from the streets he's a rich jew from canada that is what i call a fake rapper.haha

    • Mrnoluv

      LOL, let me get this straight because he is a rich, jew that makes him fake? Since when do you have to be from the streets or been locked up to be a rapper? I've been listening to hip hop since it began, longer than you been alive, don't remember Chuck D back in the days or KRS being real niggas, they were kinda book worms but none of these cats today could fuck with them! I think you got you facts fucked up. It's all about what you say and how you say it, being from the streets, a thug, real nigga has nothing to do with skills. See this is why hip hop is dead, fools like this who think image is more important than lyrics!

    • Branun

      And you are what i call a middle school drop out..it clear that you have no type of education if your definition of a fake rapper is a rich jew.. rich or poor street or not..I'm not street but I will whip your ass if i had to..you internet thug..damn this site need to block the haters for real

    • I don't like it when you call me big poppa:


    • Heat357

      Drake isn't really Hip Hop... He's grouped with artitst like Justin Timberlake, Rihann, and Jamie Foxx... Drake is like Asher Roth with less rhyming skills..

    • Vanno Davis

      drake aint shit so why u even care

    • Nicoooo

      How does that make him fake dipshit ? drake doesnt rap about being gangster he raps about his life maybe you should actaullyy listen to drake bfore yue say anything cuss dumb as fuck niggah

    • trae

      canada is the best


    SHOUT OUT TO: EMINEM and KANYE WEST..... Both of Their ALBUMS Are On Point... and LLOYD BANKS Wasn't That Bad As People Was Saying Either.

  • Donnie

    You guys need to get some new writers, EVEN THE SOURCE YOU REFERENCED says Kanye had higher sales than Nicki, you're hurting Ye's reputation here, sort it out!

  • Steven Ireland

    lol wow even taylor swifts 1mill sellin ass couldn't save country music hahah! Also is it just me or does Nicki always look like she wants to suck dick?? I mean just look at the pic....

  • HRH

    2Pac was talkin' about jews

  • 730camp

    support the grind http://www.datpiff.com/GMOB_RADIO_730Camp_G-side_Story.m185673.html

  • 730camp


  • fgdfgdfg

    HIPHOPDX...you have TERRIBLE writers.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" (710,000) and "I Am Not a Human Being" (664,000), according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Billboard)........... 1,354,000 FROM RIKERS ISLAND IN 2010!!! (DID LIL WAYNE FLOP THIS YEAR??) LOL

    • bob9023

      both albums were trash, hoping wayne can rebound with carter IV

    • akawyteboy

      he still garbage son LOL

    • gimik313

      compared to other rappers that dropped this year no actually he didnt flop. compared to carter3 which everyone seems to compare his 15 plus year career to yes hes a major flop. oh well not a wayne stan by anymeans but i do enjoy some of his music. to each is own. good look for hip hop to sell more units then last year.

  • Hip-Hop

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