New Information Emerges In Notorious B.I.G. Murder Investigation

A source tells CNN that the Notorious B.I.G. murder investigation has been 'reinvigorated' due to new information.

13 years after the death of rapper Notorious B.I.G., CNN reports that the rapper’s murder investigation has been revived due to new leads in the case.  

While CNN was unable to obtain the reported new information in the investigation they were informed by a source in law enforcement that the case was “reinvigorated” several months ago due to this new information.

The death of Notorious B.I.G. is currently under investigation by a number of organizations including the Los Angeles Police Department, L.A. County District Attorney's Office, and the FBI.

Notorious B.I.G. was killed in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997 following a music industry party. He was shot four times in the chest while being driven back to his hotel and was immediately rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he later died.

In the years following Notorious B.I.G.’s death a number of theories have emerged with the most popular theories revolving around issues between the East Coast and West Coast and possible LAPD involvement.

"I think I was getting too close to the truth," retired Los Angeles Police Detective Russell Poole revealed to CNN. "I think they feared that the truth would be a scandal."

HipHopDX will keep you posted as new information comes forward in the investigation. 



  • TM

    RIP Big. I loved his rhymes more than any rapper I'd ever heard before or since. He was amazing and miraculous all in one. You couldn't escape the hits because Big's rhymes and Diddy's music together was explosive during the Bad Boy era. In a club or at a party his music was so good everyone would rush to the dance floor just so happy to hear those hits because they were soooo good! It's nothing like that now. And the rap master is gone. I wish they would convict the person who killed him because he had a mom who grieved trememdously and children who coudlt grow up with him. Plus he was the best. Then and now. His being Black and a rappper I feel has delayed a true investigation and conviction. That is wrong and inhumane. I hope you are resting in peace Big The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). We and hip hop and the music world sure do miss you man.

  • yall niggas dum

    dat Illuminati shit got pac n biggie kilt suge no who did it and diddy gay ass da same shit happin wit pimp c

    • Winds of Change

      your a fuckin never ceases to amaze me how many fuckin retards troll this site...get an education you fuckin have no clue on what it is your even speaking on...idiot

    • Tidomann

      U's the dumbest mu'fucka with that shit talk...faggot

  • effect

    Like its been said below. Suge hired cops n bloods to make the hit on biggie, no question. This was dirty, it wasnt no next man just runnin up n unloadin cos he's was ridin for the west in the beef with the east. believe that.

  • cleezy

    suge probably did hire someone but all you dumbasses saying that suge killed pac are ignorant as hell. i mean suge was sitting next to him infact i think he got grazed. do you really think he said "hey pull up next to me and unload on my car while im sitting in the driver seat" lol not unless he hired sharpshooters lol thats the most ignorant thing i have ever heard in my life stfu

    • AnonymousUser

      I know I've been posting too much here (yeah, whatever), but check out a quote by this dude "Ha'mmonds". He seems like quite the credible witness. Make your own conclusions: "The murder of Notorious B.I.G. had taken place not long before Knight was moved to the Men's Colony, and Ha'mmonds recalled that Knight hadn't needed much time after his arrival to take credit for the killing. "He said, 'My people handled the business. They took care of him … and he took it like a fat bitch.' He started laughing, and he said, 'We just missed Puffy.'"

  • dmize-one

    i dont give a fuck what yall say.. the CIA set up pac and biggies death..

  • AnonymousUser

    You gotta give it up to Detective Russell Poole. Seriously. This dude will not give up, I commend that. This just proves not everybody's corrupt. He's willing to put his neck out to bring justice to these corrupt individuals. No matter how old this case is, hopefully one day it gets solved.

    • gimik313

      definetly dudes gotta book n been in several film/documentaries about pac n big (rip) hell get the truth before he leaves im pretty sure. if u havent tho u should peep the book i forget the name of it....its boss tho

  • AnonymousUser

    Hey, everyone. If you wanna read the comprehensive story of what happened, check out this Rolling Stone article I came across today. It shows a date of "January 7th, 2011", so the shit's new! It talks about new details (that I've never seen personally) and makes clear a lot stuff:

  • Anonymous

    This can't be solved legally but Suge hired blood/cops to kill B.I.G. Thats how it happened. Because cops killed Biggie the LAPD didn't go after the case because a huge dirty cop scandal would be the result plus it was young black male who died so that probably didn't help.

  • Nico 3

    The truth would have been interesting 10 years ago, but even if they find the shooter, it would only re-open old wounds for their families and create more tension in the hip hop industry.

  • milli

    Like Jay-Z said it must be a slow media day!

  • Anonymous

    SUGE KILLED PAC AND BIG! HE ACTUALLY ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE THING! Read this Rolling Stone article that came out today. BIGs murder was much more complicated than everyone thinks.

  • Son Fela

    SUGE KILLED PAC AND BIG. HE ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE THING. Read this Rolling Stone article. BIGs murder was much more complicated than every one things.

    • Anonymous

      just last month you were blaming the illuminati. Fuck you bandwagon no proof having youtube obsessed fag bitch.

  • fernandez

    why do faggots always want it to be suge if that nigga did it or there was a shredd of evedence he would of been on deathrow, obviously it's some cop!

    • anonnnn


    • Jay

      Suge did it, if you don't think he did then you are an ignorant peice of shit... or an incompetant spic. it rhymes. check yo syllables you stupid fucking SPIC. eat shit and die. faggot

    • anonymous

      you stupid as hell nigga, suge did that shit, and if you think otherwise you exactly what u sound u like.. A STUPID FUCKIN NIGGA. stupidass nigga. go fuckin make some autotuned shit and tryn get famous u stupid fuckin one minded nigga

  • Glenn Tucker

    it was the guy at Fat Burger

  • Sensaye252

    I think Coolio shot him.

  • thegreat

    Fuk this case. Its old as fuk. The dude who did the shit probably dead or chillin somewhere in Mexico. Its been 13 years, they not gone find out who did it. Be foreal about this shit. Why would hiphopdx post this shit? Dont post shit like this unless u found the killer. Nobody cares if new info emerges, if there aint no actual killer found guilty, then whats the point? Its fuked up yall still havent found a guilty person after all of these years. You take this case to a judge and he gone dismiss the shit before it even starts.

    • sum_body

      dont u think this might benefit those most closest to christopher, mainly this mom and kids, for closer? any detail that could help would be beneficial.

  • Teamjwoodz

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  • Kendall Walters

    I thought everyone already knew this?

  • Teamjwoodz

    J Woodz for 2011

  • Anonymous

    first suge killed pac, then suge killed biggie? Why cant people keep their bullshit straight? Then tomorrow they'll say the illuminati killed pac and biggie, then the next day pac will be alive again. And every new theory contradicts the last. People just run their mouth depending on the whether. I'm sick of it.


    why was this motherfucker so fat? damn americans, fat sons of bitches

  • Anonymous



    oh my god... so it was him who killed biggie.

  • Biggie's Angel

    COPS KILLED BIGGIE Folks... it's all right here... look no further than youtube. Suge Knight and corrupt cops took a hit out on Biggie: Part 1: Part 2: Simple as that.


    REALLY, I don't know if well ever know. The People that killed them are problly already dead. Tupac's killers will never get found, they never fuckin tried. Biggie tho was most likey killed by the police because it was basicly ran by the bloods in that time span, So the police gunna arrest fellow police. And Biggie knew who shot Tupac the first time, anybody who think differnt isn't looking at the facts, and how biggie acted about the whole thing

  • Anonymous

    Only the police can get way with some shit like this

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